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Hemkunt Foundation Case Study

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How AppSquadz helped Hemkunt Foundation to make an impactful online presence?

The helping hand; Hemkunt Foundation, uplifts & upskills weaker sections of society. From healthcare and education to quality food distribution, it does all!

The case study sheds light on the challenges that Hemkunt Foundation faced with the objective of serving society. Here are the ins and outs of solutions offered by AppSquadz and the productivity of Hemkunt Foundation.

An overview: Hemkunt Foundation

In critical situations, life-saving kits are very helpful. Hemkunt foundation is a helping hand that not only provides relief commodities to economically weaker sections but also helps society in crisis-hit situations.

The NGO was lacking in its online presence and required web creation with specific updates. AppSquadz along with its development solutions helped the foundation with tech/ website development support.

About the Customer: Hemkunt Foundation

Established in 2010, Hemkunt Foundation is a non-profit organization that solely works on the motto “Sarbad Da Bhalla,” meaning, “Welfare for all.” Additionally, it provides a necessary commodity to the economically weaker section. For instance, the Hemkunt Foundation Gurukul provides a 3-year skill development training program to uplift their livelihood. Moreover, from its “Langar” program, “Dhabba Nhi,” and “Beach Clean-Up Drive,” etc. the foundation provides free aid that enhances the living standard of the weaker section of society.

Challenges Faced By Hemkunt Foundation

The foundation has been serving society since 2010, but it was missing out on an important factor, i.e, online presence. It required a website to connect with more public to serve them better and provide free aid. Nonetheless, apart from web creation, the NGO also required to add relevant features to the website like AWS implementation.

Moreover, the non-profit organization eventually faced server load issues on its website. Therefore, it, turned to AppSquadz to redevelop the overall website & to resolve loading issues.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Hemkunt Foundation was in need to get robust development solutions that could boost their productivity to serve society. Moreover, using the AWS media services, the organization made the most of AWS by providing free aid to economically weaker sections.

Why Hemkunt Foundation chose AppSquadz as AWS Partner

The experts at AppSquadz understood the need/ urgency of the NGO and helped them create the best website along with AWS implementation. As the foundation deals in multiple services, AWS proved to be helpful in providing relevant information about various campaigns they created. It helped in connecting to the broader public at the time they needed the help.

AppSquadz Solutions for Hemkunt Foundation

AppSquadz helped Hemkunt Foundation with website development. It helped the organization connect with more people who required life-saving commodities.

Additionally, AppSquadz resolved its server loading issues by analyzing the website. Also, added critical factors according to their data. Nonetheless, the foundation’s site got fast loading and the public got necessary support through their redeveloped website.

Results & Benefits

After adopting & implementing the web development solutions, Hemkunt Foundation boosted its productivity. As it was more helpful for them to connect with the public instantly through the website & e-mails. The rebuilding of their website with faster loading speed & AWS media services resulted in better work performance & public connections.

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