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ExamPur Government Exam Preparation App

Crack Competitive Exams Using the Improved Android Application of ExamPur Using Its Flawless Video Streaming.

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Accelerate Your Competitive Exam Preparation with ExamPur

Preparation for the competitive government examination has now become simple with the ExamPur eLearning platform. The cloud-based technology has improved the performance of the ExamPur application to stream the videos without any problem and provided a learning anywhere feature to its end-users.

ExamPur, one of the greatest eLearning platforms, offered all its end-users a flawless online presence by streaming videos through cloud technology.

AWS cloud services enhanced the performance of the ExamPur application and resolved its issue of expensive video streaming. AppSquadz helped ExamPur to boost its online presence and chose a perfect cloud technology.

About the Customer: ExamPur

ExamPur is a one-stop solution to cater to all your eLearning requirements. It is one of the leading online platforms to boost your preparation for Government competitive exams with top educators.

This platform believes in providing studies to all without worrying about geographical boundation. With multiple years of experience in teaching, ExamPur can help its end-users to enhance their preparations for competitive exams. Moreover, end-users can also use ExamPur to prepare for competitive examinations using the free study material and PDFs of current affairs.

Challenges Faced By ExamPur

ExamPur was using a third-party platform for the streaming of its videos over the internet. But, absurd billing was one of their main concerns because it was expensive to handle. They were looking to upgrade the application and provide a better experience to the end-users.

Additionally, they wanted to improve cloud scaling by optimizing the performance of the ExamPur application using fantastic AWS services. They also wanted an impeccable UI/ UX is also a key factor in contributing greatly to writing the success story of ExamPur.

Why Amazon Web Services?

The cost incurred by the ExamPur eLearning platform was high; on the contrary, the features they got were not up to the mark. Using the AWS cloud services was essential for them to grow their online assets and stream video with more security and less latency.

The AWS Elemental MediaLive, AWS CloudFront (CDN), Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, and Amazon SES were some of the key AWS cloud services for ExamPur. The services of AWS were perfect for them because it has a pay-as-you-go model, which is reasonable for ExamPur to stream its live/ pre-recorded videos.

Why ExamPur chose AppSquadz as AWS Partner

Team AppSquadz provided ExamPur with information about the benefits of using the AWS cloud services. It was crucial because this helped ExamPur to make an informed decision and chose AppSquadz Software, an advanced AWS consultant, to avail of the AWS cloud services.

AppSquadz Software, a certified AWS consulting partner, offered fantastic AWS cloud services at an affordable rate. The development & technical assistance team at AppSquadz helped ExamPur to stream all its videos flawlessly using its application. The problem of high-pricing video streaming was also resolved by AppSquadz.

AppSquadz Solutions for ExamPur

AppSquadz successfully migrated the cloud data of ExamPur from an old, third-party streaming platform to the AWS cloud services. In addition, AppSquadz ensured that the older data also works perfectly after completing the cloud migration process.

Following are the key points about cloud migration:

  • Number of user migrated: 10,00,000+
  • Number of videos migrated: 20,000+
  • Data Size: 20 TB

Moreover, the transaction history and various courses were also transferred successfully.

ExamPur overcomes the problem of expensive streaming using the expertise of AppSquadz to optimize the billing. AWS CloudFront (CDN) and AWS Elemental MediaLive played a crucial role in the development of the ExamPur application by removing the error of low-quality video streaming.

Results & Benefits

The problems encountered by ExamPur in streaming its live or pre-recorded videos always required a special solution. AppSquadz brought this solution by offering AWS cloud services at an affordable price. These services helped ExamPur to enhance the performance of its application by providing cloud scalability. Moreover, the inappropriate billing of cloud video streaming was also resolved by AppSquadz.

About AppSquadz

AppSquadz Software is a leading app & web development company. It is an advanced AWS consulting partner and provides AWS services at an affordable price. The dedicated team of AppSquadz helped all businesses to revolutionize the EdTech industry worldwide. It has a dedicated team that helped in the development of more than 850 applications.

AppSquadz is aware that digital transformation is always necessary for all businesses today. Only having an online presence is not enough without cloud-based technology. The migration of the ExamPur from 3rd party cloud platform to AWS is the latest example of the commitment of AppSquadz to expand the cloud platform.


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