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Shubhra Ranjan IAS Academy Case Study

Now Prepare For The Competitive Exams With Secure HD Video Streaming.

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Boost Your Preparation With Shubhra Ranjan

Preparing for the UPSC CSE examination has become simple due to the availability of the Shubhra Ranjan IAS EdTech platform. With cloud-based technology, it has been one of the best platforms to hone the preparation skills using the learning on-the-go feature. Therefore, it is correct to term it the future of learning.

Shubhra Ranjan IAS, which is one of the most renowned institutes having an online presence, was already streaming using other cloud platforms.

Shubhra Ranjan IAS chose AppSquadz Software to solve the technical issues and improve its EdTech business. AppSquadz Software, one of the best partners to provide AWS services, helped this institute to go online and adopt a better cloud technology to enhance its business.

About the Customer: Shubhra Ranjan IAS Academy

Shubhra Ranjan IAS Academy has been working since its foundation in 2014. This institute has a great reputation for providing the best coaching to UPSC CSE aspirants. It has 16 centers with more than 60 courses to prepare for the competitive examinations. With its expert and dynamic faculty, it has been one of the most preferred EdTech platforms.

Having both online and offline presence, Shubhra Ranjan IAS has been one of the notable learning providers. It has now augmented its online presence with the adoption of AWS cloud computing services.

Challenges Faced by Shubhra Ranjan IAS

Shubhra Ranjan IAS encountered a lot of problems in operating its online classes, especially with limited features and low video streaming quality. It always wanted additional features for its website to provide a better experience to all its end-users. In addition, the third-party cloud platform was expensive for them to use.

Shubhra Ranjan IAS was not leaving any stone unturned to leverage the online presence through its website and application. The cloud platform they were using earlier was not providing adequate technical support. Moreover, the low video streaming quality was also a significant concern for this EdTech platform. They wanted solutions for all their technical needs and built a robust user experience (UX).

Why Amazon Web Services?

AWS has more than 216 Points of Presence worldwide, making it easy to deliver your content. In addition, it has notably decreased latency. The service of AWS CloudFront was tremendously vital for the smooth functioning of the video content of the Shubhra Ranjan IAS EdTEch platform.

The Amazon S3, AWS EC2, and AWS Elemental MediaLive were also the essential AWS media services used by Shubhra Ranjan IAS. Moreover, AWS worked perfectly for Shubhra Ranjan IAS as it always followed the pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Why Shubhra Ranjan IAS Academy chose AppSquadz as AWS Partner

It was crucial for AppSquadz to educate the customer regarding the benefits of migrating the data from any other cloud to AWS. In addition, AppSquadz resolved all the technical issues faced by Shubhra Ranjan IAS, by meeting all the requirements and providing the customized AWS cloud solution.

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AppSquadz Solutions for Shubhra Ranjan IAS

AppSquadz Software assisted Shubhra Ranjan IAS in providing groundbreaking solutions. This includes the use of technical assistance with 24/7 availability. This technical support turned out to be helpful for resolving many complex streaming problems. In addition, using its expertise, AppSquadz Software resolved the problem of high pricing with its billing management and optimization service.

To get rid of the low quality streaming and feature-less website and application, several AWS cloud services are used. It includes the use of the Amazon CloudFront (CDN), Amazon S3, AWS EC2, and other AWS Media services.

Amazon CloudFront (CDN) resolved the latency issue along with the high transfer speed of data. As a result, it enhanced the quality of live/ online video streaming. Moreover, the secure cloud-based data migration and use of additional services of AWS also improved the online performance of the Shubhra Ranjan IAS EdTech platform.

For Shubhra Ranjan IAS (customer), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) was used which makes it easier to operate and scale a relational database in the AWS Cloud. We have created the database in the private subnet which reduces the attack surface, shielding it from external threats and potential exploits. This configuration limits access to authorized entities, typically internal systems like application servers, enhancing data privacy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Results & Benefits

The problems faced by Shubhra Ranjan IAS needed unique solutions. AppSquadz Software offers its AWS and data migration services to provide the best solutions. This resulted in a lowering the price that was high earlier for providing lower quality live or on-demand videos. In addition, it helped to add and manage the new AWS media services.

About AppSquadz: Who Created a Perfect Cloud-based Environment for Shubhra Ranjan IAS

AppSquadz Software is one of the best app development companies and an advanced AWS consulting partner. AppSquadz is revolutionizing the IT industry around the globe. It is well-known for providing flawless live/ online streaming services to all its customers. With a spectacular record of developing more than 850 apps, AppSquadz Software is a pillar of the IT landscape.

In this age of digital transformation, having an online presence using cloud-based technology is crucial for every business. One of the prime examples of the cloud-based technology is Shubhra Ranjan IAS online platform. AppSquadz is elated to be the driver of this technological revolution, including cloud migration.