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AWS Kendra - Easy-to-Use Enterprise Search Service

Amazon Kendra is an intelligent enterprise search service fueled by exceptional machine learning (ML). AWS Kendra is available for websites and applications. It is one of the best web search solutions as it enables all employees and customers to search effectively. All end-users can easily search what they are looking for as data is located at different locations.

Using this intelligent search software, end-users can do the enterprise search without any problem. Amazon Kendra powers up your app or web to respond using a natural language search method. Through this service end users will find the necessary information from the ocean of enterprise data.

Do you know that AWS Kendra doesn’t require developers to set up servers or build machine learning (ML) modules? This smart enterprise search system can be used to search various documents, Including text, HTML files, MS Word files, MS PowerPoint, FAQ, and PDF Files. Use simple questions with keywords to use this powerful AWS search service.

AppSquadz Advanced AWS Consulting Partner

AppSquadz is a notable and advanced AWS consulting partner, offering cloud based solutions for AWS Media Live and AWS CloudFront. Our expert officials will help you in implementing the AWS Kendra services for your business. It permits your end-users to search both unstructured and semi-structured data within an organization.

This magnificent service will help to index the data which you consider relevant. Indexing in this AWS search service is necessary to make it searchable. This is an innovative technology, and AppSquadz Software is using it to help businesses to implement this AWS search service. Leave the stress and enjoy this hassle-free enterprise search service. This also increases the end user’s experience by providing the relevant search results.

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Benefits of using AWS Kendra

The benefits of AWS Kendra offer the best search results; know about it from the following benefits:


Get Quick Answers with Search Intelligence

Forget crawling through a gigantic list of documents and links to get the relevant information. Using the Amazon Kendra technology allows natural language to perform searches. This search is quicker and more accurate as it is server-independent technology. This enterprise search uses machine learning (ML) to deliver relevant answers to queries. To increase the relevancy, AWS Kendra uses deep learning semantic search model for precise document ranking.


Answers with Natural Language

Another great advantage of using AWS Kedra is the proper usage of simple keywords. Once you enter your search query, you will be rewarded with better answers. All this is available using the prudent enterprise search feature it offers. Moreover, it will also help you get suggested answers.


Access Centralized Content Index

The best-in-class enterprise search technology used by Amazon Kendra allows access to content irrespective of content repositories. Various content repositories it uses are Amazon S3, Microsoft SharePoint, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. Along with this, the Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) searches the enterprise data quickly. These repositories also help to get the most accurate answer or search query.


Best Search Results with Little Improvement

This excellent service uses deep learning models that allow a business to adjust the importance of data sources. AWS Kendra’s search intelligence makes it a great resource for extracting accurate answers from a great ocean of data. In addition, a business can fine-tune the search results using custom tags.

Features of using Amazon Kendra

As a responsible and advanced AWS consulting partner, we provide you with the services of Amazon Kendra having the following features:


Intelligent Enterprise Search

Amazon Kendra is a powerful search engine for the enterprise to provide relevant answers from unstructured data. Use general keywords with natural language for the search you are looking for. This is one of the best web search solutions that will help you to get either specific or descriptive answers. Also, it supports the extraction of answers from matching FAQs using a special model. For this, it uses deep learning semantic search models to get accurate answers.


Fine Tuning and Accuracy

Fine-tune the search results to enhance specific answers and some documents. This Amazon search service is well-known for understanding business-specific vocabulary. In addition, the manual adjustment in using the AI enterprise search is based on the custom tags and significance of the data source. Therefore, it quickly searches for your information to present the best answer.


Amazon Kendra Connectors

Use connectors for adding the data source to this smart AWS search engine. It makes it easy to synchronize data from various content repositories. Therefore, it boosts the secure searching through the updated content. For this, Amazon simple storage service (s3), MS SharePoint, SalesForce, Google Drive, and many more connectors are available. If no native connector is available, use the custom data source connector.


Autocomplete your Query

Kendra is intelligent search software that includes the excellent functionality to autocomplete the search query of the end-user. This feature is really important as it reduces the typing efforts of the user. Moreover, it helps the end-users get the answers to FAQs to provide the most relevant answers. However, the suggestions will be based on the AWS search database of a specific business.

A Glance of AWS Kendra


Helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Kendra is one of the best web search solutions for an enterprise that is easy to use and uses superior technology. It is an intelligent enterprise search service powered by machine learning (ML). Developers can add search capability to their apps and websites to allow end-users access to the relevant content. It includes data from manuals, reports, FAQs, vital links, customer service guides, etc. It always uses one of the best ML algorithms to provide the best and the most relevant answer.
The primary difference between Kendra services of AWS and elastic search is the use of the servers. To know about AWS Kendra vs Elasticsearch, the server plays the main role. Amazon search service does not use a server, while elastic search needs its developer to set up a server for using it.
The accuracy of answers makes this AWS search service one of the top-most search engines. Many enterprises around the world are using this intelligent search software. This search engine is unique and easy to use as it is backed by machine learning (ML) technology.
Kendra is one of the best AWS search tools, which is popular as it supports both unstructured and semi-structured data. It supports HTML files, DOC Files (.doc), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt), and Plain Text Files.
You can ask the following types of questions from AWS Kendra:
  • Factoid Questions: It includes the questions starting from What, Why, When, and Where.
  • Descriptive Questions: The answers to these questions could be in a sentence or passage.
  • Simple Keyword Searches: AWS search engine Kendra will use the deep learning models here when the scope and search intent are unclear.