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Optimize your cloud infrastructure to ensure maximum efficiency

Augment your digital innovation with lower capital expenditures using the same state of the art cloud infrastructure as used by the security-oriented organizations like the Department of Defense and CapitalOne and ability to attain global scalability in minutes.

There is one thing in which you can lift-and-shift your workload into the cloud. Another one is to analyze whether that workload is optimized for the cloud or not. But once you’re in the cloud, how will you know you’re getting all the benefits? Here comes an innovative Well-Architected Review.


The Well-Architected Framework Structured Around 6 Pillars

AWS Well Architected Review evaluate your cloud solution against these 6 key areas:


Operational Excellence

The fundamental goals of your cloud strategy are to improve business outcomes and deliver value to customers. To achieve these goals, we examine your processes against a set of design principles and industry best practices. We do it by identifying any gaps in your operations and recommending measures to monitor and constantly improve operations.



Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving over time. To stay ahead, it is crucial to have a constantly evolving cloud security strategy with security insights, automated monitoring, and continually enhancing the business’ operations. With a strong foundation of security measures, we ensure that your enterprise is protected against the potential online threats.


Cost Optimization

It is imperative to have a clear understanding of your business goals to know the effectiveness of your cloud strategy. In other words, it is about how much your business is getting and not how much are you spending. For instance, do you want to optimize for speed to market or for cost? It’s best to prioritize the former one, which involves launching new features quickly and meeting tight deadlines–rather than investing in upfront cost optimization.


Performance Efficiency

Today, the cloud is ever-changing with new capabilities, enabling new strategies and implementations. To ensure you are keeping up with the constantly evolving AWS cloud, it’s crucial to review your choice on a cyclical basis. The optimal solution for a particular system can vary depending on the type of workload, often requiring a combination of multiple approaches.



Disruptions are costly for your business. So, we conduct assessments to ensure your cloud infrastructure has the ability to acquire computing resources and diminish disruptions like misconfigurations. When an outage occurs, we evaluate how quickly your system can recover & get back online. Neglecting the requirements for sufficient network bandwidth to your data center can affect the system’s reliability, and it's crucial to avoid it.



Attaining sustainable operations continually improves the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure by reducing energy consumption. Moreover, optimizing resource utilization across all components of workload is also vital.This involves maximizing the benefits from the provisioned resources and minimizing the total resources required to accomplish your business objectives.

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How does an AWS Well-Architected Review work?


Initial Review

To begin the Well-Architected Review, we first require to identify the workload to document. Now, we will assess its architecture against the six pillars established by the Well-Architected Framework.

Who is involved

  • Innovative Cloud Architect
  • Innovative Account Executive
  • Your project team

Time Commitment

  • 30 minutes

Well-Architected Review

Leverage the AWS Well-Architected tool to evaluate and assess your current solutions. Then, we will assist you to architect new products and services. To gain a complete understanding of your process, we will engage with the people involved in maintaining and developing your current solutions.

Who is involved

  • Innovative Cloud Architect
  • Your project team

Time Commitment

  • 2 hours

Findings + Reports

After conducting a thorough assessment of your environment, we will present our findings and reports, which includes an analysis of which parts of your environment are well-architected, where improvements can be made, and areas that require immediate attention due to critical issues. We can also work collaboratively to remediate 45% of the critical findings from the Well-Architected Review.

Who is involved

  • Innovative Cloud Architect
  • Innovative Account Executive
  • Your project team

Time Commitment

  • 60 minutes

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The Well-Architected Framework is intended to be a scalable and iterative approach to improving your cloud infrastructure. It provides a standardized mechanism identifying areas for improvement at every stage of the process, from development to production and beyond.

Have an Awesome Idea? Let's Discuss the Project!

We Will Provide a Quick Analysis and free Proposal for it. Don't Worry, it is Secure and Confidential.