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DSL Krantikari English App Case Study

English for competitive exams gets improvised with study materials and complete course coverage.

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One-Stop English Learning Online Platform To Crack Competitive Exams

Competitive examinations require dedication & resources. DSL Krantikari app helps in providing the best material and guidance to students preparing for such examinations. It is an online English learning platform that streams competitive English courses. Additionally, it live streams English classes, provides test series, e-books & other resources to students.

DSL Krantikari app used a third-party cloud platform but they were facing problems with content streaming. Also, live and recorded content streaming along with uneven billing from third-party platforms were their major concerns.

That’s the major reason they turned towards AppSquadz, a leading and certified AWS partner. The brand has positive word-of-mouth in e-learning app development with certified AWS cloud services. The case study shows how AppSquadz helped DSL Krantikari App with their content streaming problems.

About DSL Krantikari Application

DSL Krantikari app provides English examination solutions to students preparing for competitive exams. The company’s motto behind providing quality education is “distance must not be the barrier to access quality education.” It offers complete solutions in online and offline mode so that no student remains left in accessing the education for their examination.

They provide complete solutions; from doubt sessions, improving writing & spoken english skills, test series to providing innovative & unique methodology for better exam preparation. Helping students in qualifying their exams with top rankings has always been the highest reward for DSL Krantikari’s founder Dharmesh Sir.

Challenges faced by DSL Krantikari App

DSL Krantikari requires specific solutions for their application upgradation. They were facing issues related to content streaming on their e-learning app. Though, they did have second major concern related with live & recorded online-streaming.

These were the major areas that required instant solutions for better performance. As they did not want any reason that hinders students’ growth. That is why they collaborated with AppSquadz.

Why Amazon Web Services?

AWS supports ed-tech businesses that aim at providing educational content to upskill students & society. There are more than 200 services that enhance the overall productivity of educational apps. Moreover, from custom online learnings, analytics, to app’s security measures and content storage on cloud, AWS has proved to be the best possible solutions for e-learning brands.

Similarly, it enhanced the online content streaming for DSL Krantikari app that resulted in better productivity of students. AWS proved to be a cherry on the top of ice cream for DSL Krantikari app.

Why DSL Krantikari App Chose AppSquadz?

DSL Krantikari collaborated with AppSquadz to get specific solutions for these major problems. AppSquadz is a certified and leading AWS partner that offers AWS media services along with its tech support. It smoothened the clients’ app performance of content streaming.

AppSquadz prefers creating a roadmap of work structure and how they would help their clients. Thus, the company updates its clients to make them aware about the prepared roadmap. The support team helped them understand how AWS would help improve their platform’s productivity. Lastly, with the tech expertise & proficiency, AppSquadz delivered solutions that met DSL Krantikari App’s expectation.

AppSquadz Solutions for DSL Krantikari App

AppSquadz worked tirelessly to give 24*7 tech support to DSL Krantikari App. It helped in removing the existing technical glitches in the e-learning app. Additionally, the client needed robust work methodology, thus, AppSquadz with its planned roadmap resolved their technical doubts.

Besides, AppSquadz implemented multi AWS services in DSL Krantikari app to improve online content streaming. By analyzing their requirements, AppSquadz developed a roadmap of productive solutions. Thus along with AWS Media Convert, AWS S3, & AWS Media Package. AppSquadz helped them improve their live & recorded content streaming.

Here are the details regarding users & data migration that AppSquadz delivered:

  • Number of users migrated: 100,000+
  • Number of videos migrated: 3000 Hours+
  • Data Size: 5 TB

AWS Simple Storage Services (S3) helps in data storage and gives every user the access to highly scalable & inexpensive data storage infrastructure. Thus, AppSquadz provided necessary services to DSL Krantikari app for maintaining their data storage. Additionally, the AWS Media Package provided by AppSquadz helped the client with content distribution of video content. For its recorded sessions, AWS Media Package helped recorded content to reach various devices.

Since, DSL Krantikari App was using a third-party cloud platform for streaming the videos. It faced many challenges in content streaming along with expensive billing. Therefore, AppSquadz provided simplified & cost-effective AWS cloud services.

Results & Benefits

The mentioned services solved the challenges that DSL Krantikari app was facing. AppSquadz helped the client to cope up from the tech glitches and content streaming problems. It helped in boosting the overall productivity of the e-learning app.

About AppSquadz Software

AppSquadz, a leading AWS certified partner, offers custom mobile application development solutions. It has a proven track of creating the best performing mobile apps for several brands & customers. Established in 2014, the company has successfully delivered more than 850 mobile applications solving complex business requirements. Along with AWS partnership, it serves multi-features to ed-tech and related industries with content streaming requirements.


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App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology

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  • PM: Uneeb Ur Rehman

  • UI/ UX Design: Sachin Kumar

  • Frontend Designer: Praveen Kumar

  • iOS Development: Suryamani

  • Android Development: RajKamal

  • Backend Development: Deepak

  • QA: Himanshi

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