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Gujarat Samachar Case Study

Gujarat Samachar is a leading Gujarati language daily newspaper in India

  •   5.0/5.0 on Clutch Review
  •   5.0/5.0 on GoodFirms Review

About Gujarat Samachar

Gujarat Samachar is a leading Gujarati language daily newspaper in India. As per the Indian readership survey, it has a daily readership of more than 4.6 million. It is famous for providing the latest and breaking news to cover all segments of society. It only provides factual information without any prejudice. To match the digital world, it has started a digital portal to share news quickly with its audience. The primary objective of publishing this newspaper on a digital platform is to provide the news the earliest to the readers.

The Challenge

Gujarati Samachar was publishing news using its website, but they had an issue. Its main concern was the higher cost of publishing news over a digital portal. Gujarati Samachar was already using the AWS services when publishing their online content. However, it also wants to get more features that help in publishing its online content. The main objective is to provide smooth navigation and expand the existing readership network.

Why AppSquadz Software

Gujarat Samachar has a strong presence over the online portal, but the cost was a cause of concern. In addition, the availability of limited features was also creating a problem. Thus, it was looking for a company that offers AWS services at a competitive price. They chose AppSquadz Software which allows them to get AWS services at an affordable cost.

AppSquadz Software is an advanced AWS consulting partner in India. That makes us an ideal choice to get the AWS services, including EC2 and Amazon CloudFront, to provide a great experience to the end-users of our clients.

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AWS Services Includes

  • AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront is a global content delivery network (CDN) to ensure high performance and security. It can deliver content at low latency and has a high transfer speed. With this, data is being delivered using 400+ PoPs with intelligent routing. Improve content security using traffic encryption and access controls.

Moreover, the non-profit organization eventually faced server load issues on its website. Therefore, it, turned to AppSquadz to redevelop the overall website & to resolve loading issues.

  • Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides a highly scalable computing capacity in the AWS Cloud. This service is helpful in launching many virtual servers to configure security and networking. It gives virtual computing environments, and instances. With this, anyone can use secure login information for instances with key pairs.

The Benefits

Gujarat Samachar has a website that runs properly after the application of AWS services by AppSquadz Software. These services by AWS are available to them by paying a lesser amount. With AWS, their website performance has increased significantly with the features of CloudFront and EC2. The readers of Gujarat Samachar's website now have great online content.

Technical Benefits of Using AppSquadz Software

  • Addition of EC2 and CloudFront services to their website
  • Faster online content delivery using the delivery network
  • Security and Flexibility with the Amazon EC2 services
  • Works with an origin server that holds a definitive content version