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eVidya Online Learning App Case Study

Prepare to Clear Competitive Exams with eVidya Online Learning Platform.

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About eVidya Online Learning App

A one-stop eCoaching platform with a user-friendly interface for the facility of the end-users. Any aspirant who is preparing for SSC, Banking, UPSC, State Police, or other exams. It is a test-prep-publishing EdTech platform with the best Windows and android app. eVidya is one of the ideal platforms to take your preparation for competitive exams to the next level.

The Challenge

eVidya EdTech platform was suffering from the problem of lack of exclusive features. These features mainly include pre-recorded videos on their app and website. They were also willing to create their application (Android) and Website (Windows). This was creating problems in providing the flawless experience of its end-users. In addition, being unable to provide recorded classes was a concern of eVidya.

AWS Media Package Includes

AWS Media Live

It is a broadcast-grade video processing service for creating HD-quality videos. It is useful for creating pre-recorded videos. eVidya uses it to compress the video size to change them into smaller versions.

Elemental Media Convert

A video transcoding service to prepare on-demand content. Create and deliver multi-screen Video-on-Demand (VOD) content. It has pay-as-you-go pricing, which is one of the best choices for eVidya.

AWS CloudFront

A global content delivery network to reduce latency with a high transfer speed. It is well-known for the creation of secured and high-performing videos. It uses 410+ POPs in 90+ countries worldwide.

AWS S3 & EC2

Amazon S3 is the cloud storage service built to save the eVidya’s data on the cloud. AppSquadz used it along with the installation and management of the server with AWS EC2 compute capacity at an affordable price.

Why AppSquadz Software

Like other EdTech businesses, eVidya also wants to avoid the problem of paying a high price. However, this comes with limited features. At the time of prospect, AppSquadz Software made them aware of the AWS services. In addition, AppSquadz Software is one of the advanced AWS consulting partners. This is the major reason for building the Android and Windows app by AppSquadz.

With the required skills, AppSquadz successfully integrated AWS services with eVidya’s app and website. With the support of various AWS services, including AWS Elemental Link, AWS Media Live, AWS CloudFront, Amazon EC2, etc. Moreover, adding other additional features is also possible with the expert developers of AppSquadz Software.


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Important Features

Online Test Series

Access the live test using the Android app or feature-rich website of eVidya. This series comes with a special feature of having a predefined time for every test. This gives all end-users a perfect opportunity to prepare for the competitive exams, including UPSC, SSC, and Banking Exams.


eVidya also gives an opportunity to all users to accelerate their preparation for the competitive exams. This is provided through the relevant online courses available on both the Android app and its website. Users only need to log in to their account to attempt these feature-rich test series.

Online Study Material

Using the Android application and the website of eVidya allows all its end-users to get eBooks and other online study materials. They can download it directly to their device and use it without any hassle. This special feature is available on the app or website of eVidya, developed by AppSquadz.

App Customization

Customizing your eVidya application or account at the website is important to ensure optimum usage. In addition, this boosts the preparation for your examination of UPSC, SSC, or Banking. It allows the end-users to make their selection regarding the products and services of this EdTech platform.

Easy App Update

The android app of eVidya always provides a top-notch experience to all the end-users. These app updates always introduce new and improved features to the Android app. This update helps enhance the activities of this EdTech platform. This lets an application become less susceptible to crash while using it.

Video Course Availability

With the AWS services, eVidya is capable of providing video courses to its end-users. Enroll in the exclusive video course of eVidya and prepare for the competitive exams. eVidya uses the AWS media package to play and pause the pre-recorded videos related to the UPSC, SSC, or Banking exams.

Why AppSquadz Software

Info Capsule now has a fully secured mobile app and a website built by AppSquadz Software. They have the benefit of being online and constantly expanding their operations. It is a perfect method to earn more revenue and become successful. Another benefit that Info Capsule enjoys is the benefit of being online. This asset helps a lot in increasing its user base. It has a separate website and a dedicated mobile app to notify end-users about their upcoming and existing batches.

Technical Benefits of using AppSquadz Software

  • A presence over the online platforms with its website.
  • Facilitate study on the go with its Android mobile app.
  • Providing technical benefits of saving cost in website maintenance.
  • Giving security to the application and an app to avoid piracy.

App Flow & Structure


Latest Technology

Highly professional team that follows up latest trend and modish technology

evidya evidya


  • PM: Shreya Tondon

  • UI/ UX Design: Sachin Kumar

  • Frontend Designer: Deva Sheesh

  • iOS Development: NA

  • Android Development: Dhurav Sharma

  • Backend Development: Amit Kumar

  • QA: Shreya Tandon

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