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Introduction to AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) began its journey of providing fantastic cloud services in 2006. It uses the pay-as-you-go pricing model to offer its on-demand cloud services to various businesses. As a result, many businesses of any size use AWS cloud services to upgrade their operations and earn more revenue.

AppSquadz is an AWS consulting partner in India capable of designing and developing applications using the cloud services of AWS. Our team has many professional developers to design and implement 100+ AWS cloud services. Before this, they need a business to migrate all its assets to the AWS cloud if they are already using any third-party vendor to stream the videos.

What is cloud migration?

Cloud migration is the process of transferring digital assets, including data size, existing users, transaction history, and many other IT resources of a business. Cloud migration is a helpful tool for many businesses to safely transfer their cloud data without hampering or losing it.

In simple terms, cloud migration refers to moving the IT tools and vital data from old third-party vendors to new ones. Businesses often use cloud migration to successfully transfer their data with utmost security to the cloud service, especially the AWS cloud services. AppSquadz also helps migrate cloud services from the current cloud platform to the AWS cloud.

Generally, cloud migration refers to the process of transferring data from on-premises to cloud. However, it also refers to the transfer of existing data from one cloud to another cloud. Migrating to AWS cloud provides every business with a feature of saving cost and providing greater flexibility. Moreover, migrating to the AWS also offer a business some fantastic features, including app scalability and enhancement in performance.

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Why should I migrate to the AWS Cloud?

Businesses are often confused because they don’t know the best cloud platform. The AWS cloud services are vital for them as it provides these businesses with an opportunity to grow in this competitive era. Businesses choose AWS cloud migration due to various reasons.

A notable reason is working on the AWS cloud that gives you access to limitless computing resources. Your business will obtain cloud computing services without buying and managing the hardware. Leverage unmatched experiences to achieve your business goals swiftly and reliably with AWS cloud migration solutions. More than a million users rely on AWS cloud to upscale their business with more agility and lower price.

Moreover, we know the eight reasons to migrate your workload on the cloud using the AWS Migration Services to accelerate your business growth.

Reducing the IT infrastructure cost is the primary reason to migrate to the AWS cloud. This cloud platform can be sized according to the need of a business to reduce extra expenditure.

Improving the flexibility of a business is necessary to thrive in this competitive era which provides access to customized on-demand cloud services.

AWS cloud contributes significantly to the modernization of cloud infrastructure. It provides security to their apps from malicious hackers.

Using the AWS cloud service provides a facility in which businesses no longer have to manage on-premises data centers. Businesses can access cloud services when needed to improve efficiency.

Organizations can become more productive and enhance their ROI by enabling digital transformation. This transformation is possible using the AWS cloud services.

The flexible data management system offered by AWS is one of the biggest reasons for businesses to migrate to the AWS cloud. In addition, the auto-scaling feature also boosts the performance of business operations.

Businesses are migrating to the AWS cloud to knock on various doors of opportunities by levering new technologies, including ML & AI.

AWS cloud can help organizations terminate end-of-life concerns about the app lifecycle. They can use cloud-based technologies to bypass this issue.

What is the Process of Cloud Migration?

Businesses of all sizes can use the cloud migration process provided by various AWS cloud partners to move their IT resources. There are three main steps of the cloud migration process. These steps are cloud readiness assessment, mobilization of the current data, and migration & modernization stage.


Cloud Readiness Assessment

In the beginning, AppSquadz assesses the readiness of a business to use the AWS cloud platform. It helps to identify and detect the desired outcome of a business and develop the migration strategy.

Mobilization of the Current Data

In this phase, we create a cloud migration plan for your business, including every detail. Fill any shortcoming suncovered in the previous phase and develop cloud skills for proper data mobilization.


Migration & Modernization

This is the final phase of the process in which each app is designed and migrated. Accelerate and simplify your journey with AWS cloud to shift a large number of physical or virtual servers from any other cloud platform to AWS.

How AppSquadz can help in the cloud migration?

Being one of the leading AWS advanced consultants in India, AppSquadz has provided many facilities to various businesses, especially the EdTech and OTT platforms. AppSquadz used its expertise to securely transfer the whole data of the previous cloud streaming platform.

Moreover, AppSquadz can handle the data transfer of all the users (existing users) with its AWS migration services. Handling data of any size and using it for cloud migration is also helpful. In short, AppSquadz can assist a business in transferring the data without losing it and streaming its videos to existing and new users.

AWS Migration and Transfer Services