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Leverage AWS services for better results

Manage cloud resources effectively and improve efficiency for your business.

We are an Advanced AWS Partner making it smoother for streaming platforms, applications and websites, to deliver flawless content with AWS CloudFront. Engage users and provide seamless experience to drive user engagement by as much as three times.

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Terms and Conditions

  • Invoices will be generated on the 10th of every month, which shall be cleared immediately by customer.
  • Appsquadz will provide billing support free of charge, other support services will be chargeable. Offer is valid for Self Served Customers. For Managed Services, client has to pay for the services.
  • Deployment & Solutioning Services will be chargeable additionally.
  • Appsquadz will not be held responsible financially or otherwise for any security compromise of the customer project.
  • The data contained in the technical and commercial offering shall not be disclosed, duplicated, or used in whole or in part for any purpose other than to evaluate the Commercial Offering.
  • If any reservation/commitment is put for any of the services, the client is entitled to pay for the entire reservation/commitment period. If is required to be dissolved in between, and a penalty will be charged.
  • The offer is valid till (TBD)

  • *NOTE: Invoice will be generated by Appsquadz on behalf of AWS.

    Consumption may vary based on USD conversion rate, resource modification & OEM Price variation.


Why AppSquadz

AppSquadz is a trusted brand providing discounts on overall AWS pricing.

AppSquadz provides you with an opportunity to get free access to all our products and services.

Access technical support specialised to ensure the customer success.

AppSquadz is an advanced AWS certified partner known for delivering AWS media services at an affordable price.