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iOS 9 Apps Development

Within a period of 3+ years, AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has evolved as one of the Top iOS 9 App Developers. The unmatched assistance provided by 80+ dedicated employees has enabled us to engage visitors from the US, Canada, UK, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and across Globe.

iOS 9 Mobile Application Development

iOS 9 is full of enhancements you’ll appreciate every day. Your apps become more essential. New multitasking features on iPad make you even more productive. Siri can do more than ever, and new proactive suggestions help you get things done before you ask. And improvements at the foundation of the operating system enhance performance, battery life and security. The more you do with iOS 9, the more you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. OS 9 has everything that your business enterprise needs. In-house apps can be easily built and distributed. iOS 9 has always provided IT stakeholders with the powerful technologies to manage all their needs.

iOS 9 is the ninth major release of iOS, the mobile operating system by Apple Inc. It is the successor to iOS 8 and focuses less on new features and more on under-the-hood optimization, as well as battery improvements.[1] It was announced at the company's WWDC 2015 keynote on June 8, 2015, and released on September 16, 2015.

iOS 9 Features:

  • A complete new notification center with two different tabs for “Today” and “Notifications”.
  • More photo editing functionality like cropping, desired coloration, etc.
  • A new predictive keyboard which allows guessing the word as soon as the user type in.
  • A new file hosting service, iCloud Drive, that allows the users to save documents, music, images, etc.
  • A HealthKit service that provides a new interface for the new health application. This allows the users to track their sleep, movement, walk, etc.
  • The Spotlight is another cool feature that allows the integration with Wikipedia, Google, through web services.
  • Improvements in Mail and Safari browser

iOS9 Advantages

Interaction between iOS Apps: The launch of iOS 9 allows a more powerful user interaction with the apps that involves much more engagement of the users within the apps. Family sharing, one of the most convenient apps till now allows up to six people from your family to share each other’s purchases from the app store. The entirely new health apps make the user stay involved in the activity tracker, monitor for heart rate, etc. A number of such fitness apps are available in iOS 9.

Customized Apps: iOS 9 comes up with a handful of customized apps like Notification Center, a brand new widget. Widgets are enabled by default in this latest version.

Compatibility Issues removed: There are around 4000 new APIs that allows adding amazing features and functionality to the iOS apps. The app content and the functionality can be extended to create more responsive and incredible game apps.

Game Development: The improvements in iOS 9 have made the developments in the game more powerful. A number of frameworks are available for the game development. Scene Kit is one such framework that allows creating 3D animated scenes. This makes you enjoy the 3D technology in a click of a second. Other frameworks like SpireKit and Metal are also available that allow adding more new interactive and intensive features to the apps, making the iOS 9 developments more versatile.

Built in Security: Every element built in the iOS app development is built keeping in mind the security. Advanced security technologies have been used by our experts to protect the corporate data. This ensures that our developers are always focused. iOS devices are known for integrating their hardware, software and services. This makes their system fully protected by staying up-to-date, all the time. Our belief is that the corporate data is very important. It is as important as a user’s privacy and iOS 9 has managed this very beautifully. Apps security is also a major concern and our team of developers here is proactively involved in managing the security of your apps. Run time protections are one of the great features of iOS 9. We assure the use of secure technologies and always allow the data to travel securely on the network. IOS 9 ensures a high level of protection to the apps. The best part of the iOS development is that it does not allow the OS to be downgraded to a lower version, thus remaining temper-free. Why wait more when we are here for your iOS 9 app development. Feel free to inquire about the iOS 9 development for your apps.

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iOS 9 application development

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Most individuals in the industry believe that iOS9 is one of the most advanced version of iOS mobile operating systems as it allows developers to get precisely what they desire. We tactfully utilize this potential of the platform to develop innovative and functionally superior applications. Also worth taking pride in is our team, which takes up all requirements; right from simple application development to iPhone games development . It follows an established procedure which enforces standardized quality standards. This way our clients can envision the final deliverable even before it is delivered. Our team of mobile developers is made up of those street-smart individuals who are in love with technology and are passionate about what they develop and deliver. They help us be a renowned player in the domain of iPhone apps development India.

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