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Interview with Jeetendra Singh
the Founder at InSwipes
on 23 Jun 2017

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Appsquadz delivered the mobile app in high quality and completed on time and within budget. The app is now live in the App Store and is fully functional. The team demonstrated their dedication and stood to their reputation for being low-cost and agile. ?

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Please introduce your business and what you do there.

InSwipes is driven by an innovative vision of infotainment-on-the-go and provides news and interesting reads to people right on the lock screens of their mobile devices. As a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, I look after all the development and business expansion.

Opportunity / Challange

What challenges were you trying to address with AppSquadz?

Our first and foremost challenge was to transform our idea into a fully functional application, which proved to be a challenging task. Since this is primarily a lock-screen application, we wanted a partner who was skilled in handling the intricacies of such an application. AppSquadz Technologies fit the bill perfectly.


What was the scope of their involvement?

The project included the various functionalities needed to accomplish our infotainment goal. AppSquadz was responsible for the design, implementation, and hosting of the app.

How did you come to work with AppSquadz?

Our primary focus was on a vendor’s long-term reputation and quality of work. Two companies were shortlisted, and we conducted a two-week evaluation project. We found that AppSquadz took more initiative and showed more resourcefulness than the other company.

How much have you invested in AppSquadz?

We have spent something in excess of $10,000 working with AppSquadz.

What is the status of this engagement?

The project was successfully completed over a four-month period in early 2016.

Results & Feedbacks

Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work or the impact of the engagement?

The app is live on the App Store. We planned for the release for May, but a limited variant of the app was released the previous month. The project stayed within budget, and the quality of the app was quite good.

What did you find most impressive about AppSquadz?

I was most impressed by their innovative approach during the entire project and the dedication of their workforce.

Are there any areas AppSquadz could improve?

It’s hard to identify any areas for improvement since AppSquadz seems determined to constantly improve themselves.

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