The Recent Hike of AWS Q2 Outgrowing Sire Company Amazon

AWS Amazon Web Services

AWS Partner, aka Amazon Web Services, is snowballing and has developed its own pace among companies and businesses and has bounced for the second quarter. At the same time, sire company missed analysts’ revenue expectations and credited its performance to users retorting normalcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

AppSquadz Education the education segment of AppSquadz Software partner of Amazon Web Services, provided the AWS media package to eCareer Point

The Media Package included the services such as:

1. AWS CloudFront

2. AWS ec2 Server

3. S3 Storage

4. AWS Media Live

With the help of the AWS media package, the Career Point Institute for Medical and Engineering entrance exams like IIT-JEE, NEET & NTSE was able to scale up their services. Likewise, Amazon was able to outgrow its numbers significantly within Q2. 

The CloudFront services from AWS are of top-quality, hence eCareer point was able to speed up its website services. Integrating the AWS ec2 server helped them with security and computing in the cloud. For content delivery and storage services, the S3 storage was installed and this allowed them to deliver online videos to students at a faster rate. Hence, to deliver content directly to students hassle-free the AWS media live services came into use.

However, the revenue for AWS partner, Amazon’s industry, is a renowned name in the cloud computing division, which has risen 37% to $14.8 billion for the second quarter, contrary to the revenue of $10.8 billion in last year’s second quarter.

In a report, Amazon’s chief financial officer, Brian Olsavsky, quoted, “AWS development has been of 15 years, with our scale and experience pays profits,” “If you study the last quarter, AWS had more revenue year over year than any quarter in our history. AWS is a $59 billion annualized business, compared to $43 billion last year.”

AWS development has done an excellent job in terms of companies and businesses and has been appending novel capabilities and working with customers to resolve problems, according to Olsavsky.

As Olsavsky quoted, taxation growth of AWS development is stimulated across a wide array of end-users, with the sturdy transition from government, enterprises, educational, research institutions, startups, and digital-native customers.

The recent new commitments and migrations from AWS partners like Bell Canada and Swisscom in the telecom industry, Bancolombia and BMO Financial Group in financial services, and Ferrari in the automotive sector.

Thus, AWS customers know that AWS services are beneficial for their businesses in the long run,” Olsavsky added further. “In addition, the global pandemic COVID-19 has let many people evolve strategically, which concluded that companies and businesses do not want to run their own data centers. Instead of that, they’re opting for AWS development which is more agile and innovative.”

Further, Amazon’s new CEO, Andy Jassy, quoted, “AWS growth has been accelerated this year as more companies transformed their businesses and moved to the cloud.

On comparing to AWS’ 37% second-quarter revenue with 33 percent growth rate in the first quarter of 2020, which was dropped to 29% growth in the second and third quarters, and 28 % in the fourth quarter amid the global pandemic.

According to Olsavsky, Last year, lot of companies were putting efforts in order to curb their spending and operate more efficiently as the time demanded an unknown demand curve,” Further, “A few industries tried their hand with consumers to help them modify their demand for AWS development services as best they could to match any new demand patterns.”

Amazon’s overall second-quarter performance was able to knock their average earnings projection.

Amazon witnessed revenue of $113.08 billion, with a hike of 27.2 % from the second quarter of 2020, while customers were confined to four walls of their home and turned to online shopping.

Quarter 2 of this year was a turning point for many companies and businesses. However, the quarter progressed while people were at their homes under restrictions. Although, as a result, Prime members continued to spend more being AWS partner, growth in Prime members’ spending was seen more during the peak of the pandemic.


AWS has predominantly outgrown and is serving half of the globe with its various cloud and link services. It has been a blessing to gigantic companies who were looking out for safe storage of their data. However, the recent global pandemic has changed the way companies, businesses, and services like Amazon used to serve their consumers. As a result, people are leaning more towards online shopping and online companies to secure themselves and the market.

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