How to choose the best certification between AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud?

Google Cloud Aws vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Cloud platforms are vastly trending for data storage and computing services in the IT industry. All of the IT companies and individuals themselves are dependent on cloud software for safe data storage for a long time without any damage to the risk of loss. No tension of maintenance or care. Your all data is safe in an ID and password.

From the view of the cloud, AWS Development Company (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are the largest cloud platforms used by numerous IT companies across the globe. Professionals are looking for training and certification from theses platforms providing companies to upgrade their skills and enhance their career opportunities. Now as all three are amazing and better in every particular feature so which is best this is the question.

In this latest blog post, we will discuss the benefits and differences between the AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. This comparison will help you to choose a better option as per your skills, goals, and experience.

What is a cloud platform?

Collection of services, applications, and sometimes hardware like remote servers are included in cloud platforms to use for own service without the risk of any data loss or harm. Entire database management is encrypted including cloud storage, IoT services, security, and more. This can be called as Infrastructure-as-a-service.” Also.

AWS certified partners provide data storing, retrieving and manipulating expandable, services to the businesses. this helps out to grow and reach customer demands. Every cloud platform has a different plan and cost according to the accessibility businesses demand in a particular resource. Nowadays most businesses rely on cloud services.

The IaaS market is thought to be worth $50.4 billion

According to research from Gartner, the IaaS market is estimated to be worth $50.4 billion, makes it the worthiest skill as compared to any other IT platform.

AWS vs Google Cloud Certification vs Azure

Which certification is relevant and best, which has major scope, which has great future stability, which will get you greater pay these all questions might come to your mind?

AWS has the IaaS market since its rollout in 2006 among all the top IT companies in the market. Today Microsoft Azure at 16%, AWS maintains roughly a 33% share, and Google Cloud at 8%. In terms of pure numbers and demand, AWS CloudFront partner in India is the best platform and professionals can get the best returns.

Moreover, there is no right answer for any cloud platform. The final decision on any cloud service is not defined because every certification has a different specialization. We cannot consider that which is more relevant and which is not. To find that which is best suited you should know about your employer and find out which particular web service they work for and their business rely on.

AWS comes out on top with over 175 services in terms of the sheer scope of services, including:

  • Developer tools
  • Analytics
  • Storage
  • Database management
  • Compute
  • Networking
  • IoT
  • Security
  • Management
  • Enterprise applications

These major services make AWS certified partner in Noida a strong option for all the companies and make it a one-stop solution. Popularity AWS is going to make it the most expensive and complex pricing for the future.

Microsoft Azure is another popular platform with versatile services. Offers such as Office 365 and Teams with a wide range of services.

Google cloud has less focused on cloud computing but more versatile service in the world of machine learning via its powerful Tensor Flow platform. google cloud is an amazing option for futureproofing your skills and employability because machine learning has focused n modern businesses. the main thing is Google cloud has enhanced the open-source business services that are a good opportunity for any individual.

Which platform should you learn?

Still, confused? How to choose the best certification between AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud? Let’s take a look at AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud certification.

If you choose machine learning for the career that time Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure certification makes more sense, AWS certification is most preferred and on-demand nowadays of seen from the view of career and other aspects. Amazon Web Services CloudFront is the most trending platform tending for best job opportunities. For a better career here are the points.

A good option to start further is with the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification.

Microsoft’s Certified Azure Solutions Architect is additional support to your career. It will encounter all the opportunities relying on Microsoft services in the IT world. Microsoft’s Certified Azure Solutions Architect is a great certification in the world of machine learning you just will have to complete the AZ-300 and AZ-301 courses.

If you have the et of both AWS and Microsoft certification then why not complete your skill belt with Google’s Professional Cloud Architect certification. Businesses looking for machine learning have this certification on top priority. You should get thorough research over google cloud before attempting the exam.

When you are confused between AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud certification, then you have two options either you can do all three courses together or you should opt for AWS certification that is the best option from the view of career scope and demand in the market.


Generally, certifications alone are not enough for professionalism for working in the cloud. This is the reason people try to do all the three courses but still if you want to choose one the AWS is the most trusted IT firm and top listed under best companies from the item it entered to the IT world. It never has fluctuated its position from the top so you can larger salary with this certification.

There are numerous options to get the best certification and training. AWS Development Company like AppSquadz software are leading certified AWS partners for CloudFront are willingly supporting the best strategies for AWS certification for professionals.

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