Five Mobile App Testing Mistakes, you should Avoid

Mobile technology and Smart devices are the trend and will change the future of the world. The growth of mobile applications continues has shown a tremendous growth in the past years. Mobile app testing is as vital as developing an application. On it, depends on the Success and Failure of an App. According to data, 20% of apps are never used after being used once.

Today, Applications are built so many in numbers and users want equally fast performance. If your apps have the right look but don’t live up to expectations as they scale, users will simply dump your apps and switch to a competitor. The only way to avoid this introduces testing into the development process at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, many developers are in rush to finish developing the app on time, and therefore taking the shortcut method to test an app is not surprising. As you perform the process of Mobile app testing, here are five common mistakes which are as follows-

  1. Testing without a Concerted Strategy-

    As chosen new platforms and technologies, and you have a world-class development team. This happens when developers decide to conduct only cursory testing and expect bug reports after launch giving no scope for beta testing. The choice of test approaches is one of the most powerful factors in the success of the test and the accuracy of the test plans. Developers while using this strategy need to consider factors such as the market, region, and user experience and network coverage. As it shows company professional integrity and commitment to its customers.

  2. Networking Issues-

    If an app is tested without taking into account the need, the end user experience is likely to be quite underwhelming, which will naturally affect your company image. The app needs to be tested into two areas- the app is operating in its own, and the behavior of a certain network. It affects performances because a poor quality bandwidth and also seems to affect service provider, region etc.

  3. Testing an App without in Depth Knowledge of it-

    This is one of the biggest mistakes that most app testers do. They have the responsibility of testing an app. Mobile applications need to be updated every month. The tester should have in-depth knowledge of the app- its functional requirements, features, and business logic. This way a tester will cover all functionalities and user flows in the app, and make sure it performs optimally and as per core business requirements.

  4. Keep it Short and Simple-

    Every long test is complicated and the user will have a tough time to stay focused and interested in longer apps. If there are too many test parameters, they’re fewer representatives of actual end users. With every usability test you conduct, for a functional app on a smartphone or just a prototype, one should provide guidance so that you can detect genuine failure points. Short and simple always produce the best insights.

  5. Test your App on Emulators and App GUI-

    All mobile application platforms, support different emulators and simulators for app testing on devices. One can test changes quickly and easily. Mobile users prefer using a GUI that is simple to operate. If they not clear on how your app functions they will immediately uninstall the app too. So it is essential to have an app that boasts of a user-friendly interface.

For successful app testing, finding bugs and maintaining crash logs is as important as sending accurate reports. Unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge, time constraints and other factors, app testers fail to send the reports correctly and commit mistakes. It is impossible to test a mobile app against every device, location, Operating System or network, and that is not surprising. However, to know how your customers would use your app, it is vital to have objective visibility of what you are testing and how well it can target the customers.

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