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Five Mobile App Testing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mobile App Testing

Mobile technology and Smart devices are the trend and will change the future of the world. The growth of mobile applications continues has shown a tremendous growth in the past years. Mobile app testing is as vital as developing an application. On it, depends on the Success and Failure of an App. According to data, 20% of apps are never used after being used once.

Today, Applications are built so many in numbers and users want equally fast performance. If your apps have the right look but don’t live up to expectations as they scale, users will simply dump your apps and switch to a competitor. The only way to avoid this introduces testing into the development process at the earliest opportunity. Unfortunately, many developers are in rush to finish developing the app on time, and therefore taking the shortcut method to test an app is not surprising. As you perform the process of Mobile app testing, here are five common mistakes which are as follows- ---------