Merits & Demerits of Android Application Development

android application development

With the increasing number of Smartphones selling in the mobile market globally, the number of OS for app development for the Smartphones has also risen. As it was anticipated earlier, Android has gradually replaced iOS in terms of the most popular operating system for development of mobile applications. Though Google’s Android faces tough competition from other major modern platforms, it has grown as the highest selling OS of 2016. Well, there are pros and cons of everything; similarly Android has its own. Below we have mentioned merits and demerits of android application development.

Merits of Android Application Development:

Programming Language is Easy

Android application developers just need to learn the programming language of Java in order to build effective and engaging mobile applications. This is the reason that most application developers want to work on the Android platform, as it is easy to operate and build apps.

Open Development Platform

As Android is an open source app development platform, every developers has the freedom to use multiple third party tools for easing of the development process. Several features of such tools can help developers to add to the functionality of different Android apps.

Flexibility of OS

The flexibility of the Android helps app developers to develop innovative mobile apps, that serve varied purposes after getting installed in the device. The flexible nature of the Android also helps developers in learning more from the designing process.

Excellent Testing Environment

Android offers one of the best application testing environments compared to other major Operating Systems. The testing tools available for this platform are indexed neatly. The Android IDE provides top quality source codes. These features enable developers to test apps & mend completely.

Demerits of Android App Development:

Bad Arrangement Life

It has been observed that the best Android accessories present inferior arrangement activity. There have been many complaints of Android Smartphones dying bottom-ward aural after a day of full use.

Unclear Multitasking Features

Though innovative applications can be built on the Android platform, amateur developers find it hard to learn & understand the varied features of the OS in order to be able to make the most of it in the development process.

Presence of Abortive Apps

The Android Market offers users access to an all around arrangement of mobile applications. This implies that the Android applications’ features are quite resourceful. However, most of these applications are abortive apps, as Google does not review applications before they are published in the mobile market.

Hardware Limitations

Though the Android applications come with numerous features, but they are not utilized effectively as the mobile devices in which they are used don’t support every feature. It is generally due to the hardware limitations of Android Smartphones.

The Android operating system is undoubtedly more handy to use when compared with rival OS. It is up to the developers to experiment with the benefits of the android app development platform so that the minus points of these applications may be minimized.

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