Internet Of Things and other Trending Technologies- How are they Connected?

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things has finally entered into many of the industries, and it has popped the bubble of buzz around the same. As of now, there are around 31 billion devices around us that are connected and help in performing daily tasks for us. It is because the products are completely focused on the needs and the requirements of the customer, it is extremely popular. The development of IoT product has taken over the world and many app development companies now, are providing that as a service.

There are typically two types of devices in IoT, one is a device that will read the data around you using sensors and it will provide that as the data. For instance, the thermostat of the air conditioner. The second type of device is the one that actually performs some action and these could include the actuators and locks for instance. Since IoT is not the only prevalent technology in the world right now, let us see the magic it creates when combined with other trending technologies.

  • IoT combined with Artificial Intelligence

These are two broad fields which have common use cases. The former deals with capturing data and the latter, with making the devices that capture data smart. Thus the overall process becomes much more efficient and readily usable by the user, the technology companies are working with these two to create products like never before.

The customers can now learn more about the industrial equipment that they hire or buy so that it can be assessed thoroughly before it starts to impact the on–time. The downtime can be reduced to a large extent. IoT can provide the data that can make the business understand the needs of the customer and AI can be used to automate the solutions for the same.

  • IoT combined with AR/ VR

When these two technologies combine, they can create solutions just like the real world. AR/ VR deals with providing a new world in front of us that overlaps in the real world. The IoT can be used to enable the objects in the real world to work exactly the same when they are placed in the virtual world. This is causing major leaps in how the world is viewed and worked with.

The concept of telepresence allows people to be present at locations that are distant. The combination of these two technologies can also change the way, video conferencing is done and we can then move freely with the connections of the mobile data. The network of transportation in cities can be made more efficient.

  • IoT combined with the Blockchain

Many people say that the combination of these two technologies can be deadly but it is yet to be proven. Separately though, these two are causing the major impact in the business world. Internet of Things is basically the merging of everyday devices into our life which can now use sensors and actuators to detect and work with data. On the other hand, blockchain works on the principle of having a filing system that can be used to manage records that are real-time with more security. If you combine these two, then you would have a smart solution that can capture and store the data obtained from the smart devices.


One can install a system by which many organizations can track the activities that are happening in the supply chain. The machines can then store the data in them which are accurate and does not require the intervention of humans. Also, contract facilities will ensure that the contract is placed when certain pre–determined agreements are fulfilled.

  • IOT combined with Big Data

This use-case is almost obvious because IoT involves sensing and capturing of large amounts of data, and how can it be possible without introducing the concept of Big Data? They are connected so closely, that is almost impossible to separate them out for different functionalities.

Because of this merging, companies are now able to work with more data which makes their business more efficient and powerful. Also, business can visualize their supply chain from one end to the other end, and they can assess the success parameters of their business and take the required measures.

  • IoT combined with Machine Learning

IoT when combined with Machine learning provides a significant solutions because the latter, deals with knowing when to shift certain parameters so that the end goal is achieved the most efficiently. IoT cannot be always static, it will need something to understand the change in environmental factors and parameters and then adjust the data accordingly.

The industries can save their costs massively if they install ML along with IoT. For example, it can warn the users when the machine needs maintenance. The ML can also help the businesses understand the psychology of their customers and they can tune their businesses accordingly. Further, the ML can help realize the temperatures that you need when you enter a room and the Internet of things technology can help provide it.


The Internet of Things are transforming our life, one app at a time. Companies around the world are innovating every single day by combining these technologies, with others, to create solutions which one would have conceived to only exist in novels before!

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