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Get Tally on your mobile today with Customized interface

A customized mobile app solution for Andriod & IOS connected with tour own tally

Your tally your data your license is completly secured

No Local Server No Maintenance

Tally Products

  • Tally .ERP 9
  • Tally .ERP 9 Auditors
  • Tally Shoper 9
  • Tally Developer
  • Tally .ERP Plus

What is Tally Customization?

Every organization during its journey creates its own niche which puts them into the growth path. This leads to unique business requirements which require to be incorporated in to the standard Tally software. Business Growth demands change in business processes, securities & controls, Management Information Systems (MIS), automization at various levels, integration of different functions & software.The default Tally ERP 9 is packed with powerful functionalities & feature which would address 90% of the businesses. The balance unique requirements can be incorporated by customizing Tally. In a way Tally provides best of both the world i.e. Packages software & customized software.

Customize Tally to fit in exactly the way your business or organization wishes to operate.

Benefits of Tally Customization

  • Effective use of the Power of Tally ERP 9
  • Increases user Performance & productivity
  • Reduce cost of Business Operations
  • Create significant business advantage over competition

Why Appsquadz?

AppSquadz Given our experience of 20 years in Tally across many industries & regions, AppSquadz minimizes the complexity and risk of Tally customization. We also understand the importance of retaining the upgradability of Tally for the future. Many parameters, fields, and workflows can be configured to match your company’s requirements as part of a customisation project. Antraweb can significantly add value to your company by understanding your business needs, suggesting alternatives, improvements and by acting as a source of advice and information. Our experienced team in Customisation is most competent to extend the capabilities of Tally products. These product enhancements get plugged in seamlessly to deliver a great user experience. AppSquadz has provided Tally Customization services to customers in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Dubai, UAE & Nigeria.AppSquadz has provided Tally Customisation to various industry verticals which includes manufacturing, Engineering, Chemicals & drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Schools, Government institution, freight forwarder, Retail & many more micro verticals..

How is Tally Customization done?

AppSquadz interacts closely with the customers, understand their business functions, specific needs, processes & documents it. The team then checks how much of the requirement can be satisfied by using the default functionality of the Tally software. If there is a Gap, it is identified and taken up for Tally Customisation. In a way AppSquadz make sure that the customer takes maximum advantage of Tally strengths.

How is Tally Work from Mobile?

Tally ERP 9 is architected to be a platform and is designed to support extensive Tally Customisation. Tally ERP 9 comes with an execution Kernel, an interpreter and a development language Tally Definition Language (TDL). Using TDL, you can enhance or change the default behavior of Tally ERP 9. Extend core functionality by interfacing a bespoke application facilitated by Tally ERP 9’s support for custom built DLLs and XSLT.Tally ERP 9 supports ODBC and import & export of data in standard data formats like XML & CSV. Tally ERP 9 has a SOAP listener, which helps in online integration and with other business tools.

Customer Profiling App

This App helps perform a complete profiling of the customer and presenting it to you in a simple and organized way. It gives business analysis of the customers wherein it displays the cyclic performance of the customer related to sales, payments and out standings.


Transaction Approval App

This is a module where the effect of the transaction appears in the books of accounts. Many companies maintain a approval system where entries are created and sent for approval to higher department. The actual authentication of the transaction is done here.


Business Dashboard

This is an information Management tool for Business Owners who want to be regularly updated with their current progress. Periodic comparative performances, Graphical representation and Business performance in Brief are maintained in it only.


Sales Order Booking App

Feed and manage your sales orders easily through your device using sales order feature of this app. It assists in faster booking of orders by the sales person from anywhere and anytime. The order booked in the device will automatically get created in the system.


Tally Report App

Different types of reports are required at different times in order to make effective business decisions. In Tally, there are many reports like Statutory Reports, Job Work In and Out Reports, Payroll Reports, Exception Reports. All such reports come under Tally Report.



Access from anywhere

Hosted and available through standard secured RDP protocol. Can be accessed from any OS any device. You may use Thin Clients, Fat Clients, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS anything, It just works. Ideal for branches.

Super Secured

Every Instance has its own Virtual Machine. Data or Tally cannot be accessed from anywhere else.

Seamlessly Scalable

If you need more users in year ending or when your audit is in progress. No problem just increase number of users for those months. Scalability at your finger tips.

Access Anytime

Hosted on world class data centre infrastructure with 99.99 percent uptime. Your Tally ERP up 24/7 available always from anywhere.


The Protocols and Technology used in AppAnywhere that is powering TallyERP on Cloud is fine-tuned and optimized for remote performance even on low bandwidth. You can connect using any CDMA 1X or higher network, 3G / 4G, or any Broadband. It simply works perfect!!

Backup of Data

Backup Space is provided on the NAS at the data center wherein you can take regular manual or automated backups of your TallyERP or Files. Our team will help you in setting it up.

Tally Customization

Use your Tally Licenses, Customized TDL/TCP on our infrastructure. Our support team will help you in setting it up.

Why Appsquadz?

  • Incepted in 2014
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • Microsoft Certified Partner
  • Accreditation from NASSCOM
  • 80+ Employees
  • 120+ client base across 20 countries
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Company India
  • 33+ Industries Served
  • Secure Development Area
  • Total involvement and control on your team
  • Track team's performance with Porject Management
  • Tools like Basecamp, Jira, Redmine
  • Expert Team of Developers
  • Competitive Price
  • Well Tested and Proven
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Transparent Communication
  • Team Monitoring through Daily Reports
  • Adhere to Deadline
  • Stringent Quality Control Measures
  • Source Code Authorization

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  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured (Strict NDA Terms)
  • 100% Customer Experience

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