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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) Case Study

Get Answers at ICAI website with Intelligent Chatbot and Smart Enterprise Search

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Take a Step Forward to Enhance Your CA Preparation With ICAI

Preparing to become a professional chartered accountant in India is simpler with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) website. AppSquadz, in collaboration with AWS, has worked to upgrade the ICAI’s website by implementing various AWS services, including AWS Lex, AWS Kendra, and other AWS media services.

ICAI is a well-known institute to get the necessary skills and become a notable chartered accountant. It has a significant website that is the main face to present it online. With the AWS services, it enhanced the operations of its website for the benefit of its customer. It was crucial to develop a great platform for improving its outreach with notable scalability.

About the Customer: ICAI

ICAI is a statutory body established under the chartered accounts act of 1949 (by an act of Parliament). It is the second-largest chartered accountant professional body in the world. Therefore, ICAI is popular worldwide to maintain the highest standard of CA education.

It provides e-services for students, firms, members, and examiners. All of them can access the resources of ICAI using its state-of-the-art website. Moreover, this site is useful for providing various important details to users with its notification and other online services.

Challenges Faced

It was not easy for ICAI to function smoothly using its website without cloud features. There were many problems that they encountered while providing impeccable service to users. They were not able to improve the ROI because their website was unable to reach scalability and handle heavy traffic.

In addition, they needed to get the option to use the AWS services at an affordable cost. Another challenge for them is to improve their ROI by investing correctly in the proper maintenance of the ICAI website.

Why Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

ICAI was facing a lot of issues; a major one was the problem of not providing the correct user experience (UX). However, it was essential for them to ensure their growth which is possible only by offering great service to the website visitors.

With AWS services, ICAI can achieve insurmountable scalability. ICAI used Amazon Lex, Amazon Kendra, Amazon Pinpoint, Amazon EC2, and Amazon RDS. All these AWS services were crucial for them to resolve the problems of being unable to handle significant traffic to their website. Moreover, they also ensured that the users will get proper answers through a smart chatbot (Jagruti) and state-of-the-art enterprise search engine.

The AWS services were available to them at a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which is suitable to their budget to improve its website operations.

Why ICAI chose AppSquadz as an AWS partner

Before ICAI adopted the cloud-based services of AWS, AppSquadz ensured that they knew all the pros and cons of using AWS. ICAI can then make informed decisions regarding the selection of the AWS cloud services. ICAI chose AppSquadz by seeing its expertise in the implementation of AWS services at an affordable price.

AppSquadz, a certified AWS consulting partner, helped ICAI to get an upgraded website. For this, AppSquadz doesn’t charge a high amount. In fact, its reputation of being an advanced AWS consulting partner helped ICAI to get AWS services at a reasonable cost. Moreover, AppSquadz offered ICAI a way to get rid of the challenges it encountered with its 24/7 technical support.

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Solutions Offered by AppSquadz to ICAI

AppSquadz software offered its assistance to ICAI by allowing it to get an innovative solution. The technical assistance of the expert AppSquadz team was the most important one for ICAI. Application of the Amazon Kendra and Amazon Lex provided an over-the-top user experience (UX).

In addition, all the AWS services to improve UX, including better searchability and chatbot answers, were available at an affordable cost. AppSquadz being one of the advanced AWS consulting partners, provides AWS services to improve the performance of the ICAI official website.

Results & Benefits

There are various problems that ICAI encountered. However, AppSquadz helped it to resolve all of them and provided state-of-the-art AWS services to optimize the operations of the ICAI website. Moreover, another incredible benefit with ICAI, is the ability to use AWS services at an affordable price. After using the AWS service, ICAI ensured better outreach with insurmountable scalability.

About AppSquadz

AppSquadz Software is one of the leading web & mobile app development companies. It has been operating since 2014 to enable various businesses to get digital transformation. AppSquadz is a certified AWS consulting partner providing its services at an affordable cost. In addition, AppSquadz has a dedicated team that provides necessary technical support and information to other businesses so that they can make informed decisions.