Wearable Apps Development

What are Wearable Devices?

Wearables or Wearable Gadgets are technology devices used in the form of smartwatch, eyeglass, bracelet and fitness band. Wearable device is worn by a consumer to measure his health and fitness, to take photos by synchronizing it with smartphones and to make business tasks easier.

On Demand Wearable Devices?

Smartwatch is one of the most popular Wearables. When comes to example, Moto 360 and Apple Watch are the best examples that you can understand what is wearable device. Google Glass and Sony SmartEyeglass with Fitbit Devices are the top sold smart glass category Wearables. Wearable Puma Hooded Sweatshirts and Puma Miscellaneous Wrist Band are the popular wearable clothes that you can use to measure the number of steps you’ve walked, to measure heart rate and to get known how many calories you’ve burned.

Our Wearable App Solutions

We build robust, customizable wearable platform that can be used for developing business apps for Android, Apple, Sony, Google, Pebble, Puma, ARM, Fitbit, Philips, Samsung and other wearable devices. As an emerging wearable solution provider in India and the world, FuGenX delivers technology-driven wearable solutions to bring your business to the next level
Appsquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is here for Developing Apps For Wearable Devices, We have conducted Research into Wearable Technology and how to design and Develop perfect apps for this growing area of Wearable Devices. Today We are at Top Mobile Apps Development company India. The Global wearable market is expected to reach $19 billion in 2018. Wearable apps run directly on the device, giving you access to hardware such as sensors and the GPU. Our Apps are Interactive and ambient and will play a major role in near future

 Our Services -Wearable Technology App Development

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a reputation for being a proactive member of the technology solutions market around the world and in order to keep this reputation polished, we have conducted through research into wearable technology and how to design and develop the perfect apps for this growing area of wearable devices.

Our dedicated team of wearable technology app developers offers the following services:

  • Custom App Development for Wearable Devices
  • Android App Development for Wearable Devices
  • Upgrade Existing Apps for Compatibility with Wearable Devices
  • Develop Glassware for Google Glass
  • iOS App Development for Wearable Devices

Implementation of wearable technology decides the success of your wearable effort. Most importantly, you need a skilled wearable solution provider who can understand your business better and help you to implement your wearable ideas. Since wearable technology is in budding stage, you could be a trend setter.