Top 6 Listed Visual Design Tips for Effective Learning

learning Tips for effective learning

Design and in visual form at online learning platforms. Traditional learning is no more effective numerous drawbacks can be seen accordingly from the several research studies present on different platforms like the internet and social media. There are numerous reasons why eLearning is important and attractive as well on the Elearning mobile app development.

Why designer integration important?

Designs are the overall look of the software; it is very similar to the framework that encompasses the better functioning of a car but the model above fit that gives a look that makes a car worth billion is just the body above it. Otherwise, the buyer will not agree to pay such a huge amount for a model without cover. This is how a designing process worth enhancing the value of things. The first impression is 94% dependent on the design that is why design can make a powerful impression.

The old-style traditional methodologies of learning used to be the reading and writing process where the student had to write as well as learn the thing but this is a high IQ oriented learning process where an average child has no surety that it can get it or not. Because a synchronized activity of writing and learning is not possible for every child of every age.

Now the new aspect of education where technology has integrated it into online learning is imparting equal education to all. The design makes learning more engaging children from the very start to find studies a point of fun and interaction, let’s explore up the importance of design and how it should be used to make eLearning app perfect:

Keep the design minimal

Educational things or the process related to learning or writing are always suites to the simple criterion in the perspective of design or layout. It reduces confusion in mind and keeps the students engaged to the point it is using for. The entire design is made a bit easy and simpler interface. The whole is aimed to reduce clutter and minimize space coverage. A simple, distraction-free modish design is expected to be in the eLearning software. Unnecessary images, text, border, and colors are avoided. Mostly white space should be preferred.

Use design to guide learners

A design with white color mixed with the integration of another light color. Course navigation and content highlighting become easy with the bright colors over a light background. Attention crawling tactics like motion graphics, highlighting, and annotations can be effective. Most students find studies boring but a focused designing of the educational software can create an urge of learning in them. Simplicity with tricky ideas will surely engage users with its interface improving the user experience.

Only use a handful of colors

Colors act like triggers for the human brain, colors can enhance concentration and power of memory also. Different text in different colors acts as a good dose of concept from the course content. A cohesive set of content indifferent colors attracts children as well as mature students. Differentiation between the content according to its importance and level of difficulty becomes easy with the help of colors. Guidelines for color usage will surely help you out to get a new palette in software.

Choose the right fonts

The Font is a very significant and effective speaker of the emotions in the text of the writer and gives a volume to the brand. A simple font in case of eLearning app is perfect, it should be easy to understand not too stylish. Mostly the fonts like Calibri, open sans, Roboto, and Arial are used to the extent. A readable font that would be able to understand in both standard small and capital. Avoid fonts like Papyrus, Comic Sans, and Impact can decrease the value of the content you use. Maintain size for heading and menu, font plays an important role in making the context attractive.

Be thoughtful about image choices

The choice of the image is very important, images are the most attractive point of the content you put in the software. Image is a simpler way, to represent the context you want to show. An image should support the content you are adding and it should be attractive and simple as well. Do not just use an image to fill the blank space, put some effort in section of the image. Use clipart, arrows, punctuations, for better representation. make a good effort to the educational development with software design and engaging user interface. Attractive AI integration and UX that can surely make your software interactive.


In an eLearning app development process, the better representation of the content that is the core of the software should have a good description. We have world-class skilled developers and designers work in synchronization for better app completion. Contact us for any kind of assistance for eLearning app development.

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