8 Technology Trends to watch in Covid-19 Pandemic

Technology Trends Technology Trends to watch in Covid19

As the COVID19 pandemic has affected a lot of segments whether it is a business or a school or universities or any other. The technologies are significantly playing a vital role in day to day lives and have impacted in better ways in this covid19 pandemic which has created a fundamental impact on business and its working standards. Technologies have accelerated the entire growth and market scenario of the business in one or another way including digital payments, healthcare industry and robotics. The technologies are playing a crucial role and are assisting us to reduce the spread of this crisis while helping businesses stay open.

It is really important to understand how to trade your business, how to produce goods and how to make sure that your business is moving in right direction which can create a vulnerable experience in the growth of your business. Therefore, let us have a look on some of the 8 technology trends that will create an amazing experience in COVID19 pandemic and help to make your business much better as below:

Remote Work

There are lots of companies who have asked their employees first before they have taken a decision to do work from home in coronavirus pandemic. This decision has been made by the business so that their work will not be disturbed in this crisis. There are lots of tools that have enabled the work from home technologies so far such as work collaboration tools and facial tools. In addition to all this, the preventing of covid19 pandemic or can say the spread of the virus has also reduced and has saved the commute time and provide more flexibility.

Yet remote work can be quite challenging for some employees and employers too but it has also complicated the labor law issue. After the spread of virus, if the remote work will become more common than the employees will be more secure in working for the organization and this will increase business growth. Hence, there will be decrease in the hiring process and retention rate will become quite high.

Distance Learning

As of in the mid of April, many of the countries have announced that implementing a school or university closures and have started the learning procedure online. There are many educational institutes who are offering online learning material to their students which have not affected the working process in quarantine. The technologies involved in this distance learning process include virtual reality/ augmented reality, and 3D printing. The possibility of distance learning will be even more in this crisis and hence the working standards will increase.


Telehealth is another one of the prominent sectors which are being affected by this COVID19 and can be a very effective way to contain the spread of COVID19.  The wearable devices and the chatbots can help the patients to identify the preventive measures and diagnosis in better ways. Telehealth also needs a certain level of tech literacy to operate and also a good internet connection.  The medical service has acquired the entire business and the way doctors are helping patients in relieving them from this crisis.

3D Printing

3D printing has acquired the entire market and has been becoming one of the major sources of working in this quarantine. 3D printing technology provides flexibility in the production and the same printer can also help to produce different kinds of materials and can design files and materials differently. With creating a lengthy procurement process, the 3D printing challenges can create a devastating experience.

Robotics & Drones

We all know that it is a lockdown in the entire country and therefore, to keep up the eye on the people at make them aware and stay away from the COVID19 pandemic, the use of drones and robotics technology has taken place. Through drone cameras delivery of food items and keeping an eye on people to prevent the spread of the covid19 has made it possible and useful for the people. The rolling pushout of the robots and research on robotics has also made COVID spread quite decreased.

Online Entertainment

Being in the lockdown since long time has decreased the measures of human creativity and their entertainment ways and has brought everything partly online. The cloud waves and the production companies have also realized their films online which has created a devastating rise in online entrainment. Due to this lockdown, everyone or the other person is making themselves entertained by watching films and other stuff online that has created a great impact on technology.

Online Shopping and Robot Deliveries

COVID19 has transformed the online shopping and robot deliveries standard which has surpassed all around the world. Retail industry has been supported by the robust logistic system through robot deliveries. There are many deliveries which companies and restaurants in China and the USA are proving through robotics standards and hence the technology has taken a boom in the same.

Digital Payments

As we know that cash can carry the spread of COVID virus, and therefore, the digital payments or the contact payments have taken place in almost the entire world. Now, digital payments such as e-wallets, cards, Paytm, and many other modes of payments have been introduced and people are constantly paying their stuff through the same. This has decreased the spread of COVID19 and has made people aware of the same which has resulted in growth in the digital and online payment modes.


COVID 19 has demonstrated the impact and the importance of digital readiness and hence allowed some organizations to continue as usual which will not affect the business success and standards. The impact of these technologies is quite strung on businesses as well as people and has created human-centered solutions promptly.

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