Delhi High Court Asked WhatsApp to Delete User Data Collected Before 25 September

Delhi High Court Asked WhatsApp to Delete User Data

The most popular instant messaging software, WhatsApp is directed by the Delhi High Court to delete the data and information of users who stopped using the app before September 25, when its renewed privacy policy comes into effect.



Google’s Pixel to be Launched on 4th October 2016

Google’s Pixel

On 4th October 2016, when Google will reveal its Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphones, there will certain thing that you won’t find in the Google’s latest offering. This includes vanilla Android experience, Nexus brand name, and much more. Recent leaks of Pixel uncovered almost everything which one likes to know about the new Google phones. While certain things are going to be omitted from Pixel, there are certain things that will be added in it. And, it seems one of the additions is in its software part. ---------


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Can Google’s New Messaging App Compete With Facebook and WhatsApp?

Can Google's New Messaging App Compete With Facebook and WhatsApp - mobile application development

After the recent release of end-to-end encrypted video calling application Google Duo, today Google launched Allo.

Allo is a mobile-only messaging application available for Android and iOS devices. But does Allo have what it needs to beat competition from other already popular messaging applications – Facebook and WhatsApp?

Well, we can say “Yes” as Allo’s main feature is a Google assistant which is inbuilt right in.