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Make a giant impact of your Small Business with a Responsive Website

responsive website

To transform one’s small business into an extensive, successful one, he/she needs to have a responsive website. When a developer follows a responsive website design, the website displays different sized layout for various devices. A responsive website should ensure that A series of necessary modifications in the Google search algorithm is required to make its presence significant in an all-inclusive google search. Optimizing your mobile site is the best way to get noticed and attract more users to engage in the website.  ---------


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Why Businesses prefer Progressive Web Apps over Native Apps?

Progressive Web Apps

According to the data from Statista, nowadays, mobile currently accounts for over 60% of total internet usage. The chief reasons for it are ease in accessing the internet, portability and cheap hardware. In this situation, UX obtains huge significance, and progressive web apps can aid in enhancing UX as they optimize websites on Smartphones. Flipkart, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more big businesses generated progressive web apps. These PWAs integrate characteristics of the web along with the mobile app, delivering the native or hybrid app-like User experience. Applications that offer an optimized website for mobile devices are referred to as Progressive Web Apps. ---------