What Extended Reality is & what all We can be Done with It?

Extended Reality

Statistics demonstrate that the market share of augmented and virtual reality is suspected of surging by 2022 – it will scale eightfold as corresponded to 2018, amounting to $209 billion. At the same time, extended reality (XR), the new family member to virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) is also gaining steam & driving various processes and events.

Let us figure out what exactly XR is, what its core abilities are, and what market value it has.

The Genesis of Extended Reality

XR encompasses virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, and the reason why XR has emerged is their (AR, VR & MR) proliferation and convergence. So in order to get a thorough understanding of this platform that fuses above-stated terms, we have to discuss them separately. ---------



How VR Apps are Navigating Mobile App Development Market?

VR Apps

The advent of virtual reality and augmented reality in the field of mobile app development has upraised the expectations of the app users. The increase in the demand for superior user experience has led to a rise in the need for VR app development.

App users are now aware of technologies and look for groundbreaking applications for their use. Consequently, the entrepreneurs have shifted from traditional mobile apps to apps that offer technical user experience to the end-users. The majority of industrial companies that deal with manufacturing of units, retail, and fashion technology have applications based on virtual reality. ---------