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Reasons to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers in the UK

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Hire PHP Developers

In this virtually linked world, crafting an online presence is one of the most vital things for all sorts of businesses. This requires developing a website for your business which is unique and is capable of attracting as many clients as possible. When it’s about unique web applications comprising diverse nature, PHP web development has been considered one of the most preferred choices of business holders for years. This vibrant virtual platform of PHP development is capable of solving complex business challenges and this is the reason companies hire dedicated PHP developers in the UK. PHP programmers take pride in bringing some of the most brilliant websites and apps using PHP. ---------



Android is as Safe as its Opponent iOS


Since very long, Android was being criticized for lack of security. Even after the deployment of patches directly by Google every month, the sluggishness of intermediaries such as OEMs and carriers has put the entire platform in a position of ambiguity, particularly when compare with the more vertically integrated iOS platform.



Adobe Working on an “AUDIOSHOP” Just Like the “PHOTOSHOP”


Slowly and steadily, technology is advancing day by day. It is become unbelievably capricious. Take an example of Adobe only, the company Adobe is known to be working on software which is on the same platform as Photoshop but it’s going to be especially for audio. No, it’s not called Audioshop! The code name given to this new software is Project VoCo. The USP of this software is that if offers you the ability to add words which are actually not present in an audio file.

Although it’s not clear whether this product will be made available commercially or not, it was confirmed by the Adobe about the existence of the project to The Verge. It was clarified that it was shown off as part of a sneak peak program at the MAX conference. The project is in its developmental stage and it’s as part of collaboration between members of Princeton University and Adobe Research. ---------



Should You Go With Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime?

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fire fiasco, last few months have not been “GOOD” for Samsung Mobiles. Even after the company recalled the flagship device and exchanged them with the “safe” Galaxy Note 7 devices, customers still experienced the fire issues. This eventually made the company discontinue Note 7 completely. Considering that fiasco a thing of past, the company launched a mid-range Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime in September and today we are going to help you a bit in deciding whether to go for it or not. ---------