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Facebook Modestly Launches Whale, a Unique Meme-Creation App for iOS


A week ago, Facebook unobtrusively released a new meme-making application named Whale for iOS, especially iPhone users. The app is presently available on the app store, and for now, the users in Canada only can download it. Its listing declares that you can make use of it for editing your photos or pictures of a library of stock photos. Along with this, you have an option to share your made creations with your friends on social media app platforms such as Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

The app’s listing validates that it is created by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) association, which was set up in July this year. The NPE group aimed at creating different experimental apps for the social media giants available today. Facebook stated it was employing various brand names to establish the belief that the apps could adapt quickly, or shut down if it didn’t gain traction (if the organization discovers that they are not helpful for individuals). By releasing two different apps Bump and Aux, NPE is credited. A Facebook representative revealed that the apps are proposed to enable the organization to find new features and services that individual’s desire. ---------