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Top Android Application Development Company

Being a top Android Application Development Company, AppSquadz Technologies don’t need any introduction. When talking about different Android application development companies, this company name always charts the list. The services offered by the AppSquadz undoubtedly are the best in class. The company accommodates industry’s best Android experts to stay ahead in the stiff competition of mobile app development.


iPhone Apps Development

Hire Top iPhone Application Development Company UK

iPhone app

iPhone Application Development Company

IOS applications development has redefined the concept of mobile application development standard all around the world since its inception. And, AppSquadz has made its mark in offering world-class and distinct iPhone application development services globally. Being an abode to talented minds, this iPhone Application Development Company in the UK has catered wide range of iOS applications for various devices such as iPod, iPhone, iPad, and wearable. Along with the flexible workflow and remarkable knowledge base, AppSquadz Technologies offers comprehensive iPhone applications which can automate every sort of job related to professional and personal lifestyle.

The company employs a dedicated team of iOS app designers and developers, who leverage proven methods and technical expertise in rendering out-of-the-box iOS mobile applications. Our team members are well-versed with different iOS technologies including Objective C, iPhone SDK, Webkit programming, Swift Programming, Xcode IDE, and others. Their programmers have the ability to understand the exact requirement of the client and deliver the envisioned applications efficiently and effectively.

The company’s developers asses every perspective of an app in order to plan and execute effective strategy which leads them to code and business the business-centric apps that can meet the demand of today’s customers adequately.

If you have any idea that you think is perfect for an iOS application! Without thinking a lot, just drop an email or reach to AppSquadz and share your idea with them. The company has been in this industry for years and has successfully met every requirement of iOS applications for the clients all over the world.

The workflow at AppSquadz has been designed to cater all sorts of businesses prolifically and effectively. In addition, it empowers the clients to work with them without any major worries. Being a premier iPhone Application Development Company in the UK, they do their best to ensure that the clients receive finest application in minimum duration and minimum budget.

AppSquadz Technologies always believes in maintaining quality and standard. And, this is the reason that the company tend to develop iPhone applications which are flawless, engaging, entertaining, and interactive in performance and interface.

Get your idea discussed with AppSquadz Technologies via E-mail – or can visit their website at



Mobile App Development

How to Select a Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Company

There are a number of mobile application development companies in present time. This has made it really difficult for the users to get mobile app which works well for them. Because to this fact, most of the users have given up in disappointment after using irrelevant applications. This dilemma can be resolved by hiring a good mobile app development company. Considering a few aspects a company can engage their customer significantly.

Firstly, one will need to look for a experienced mobile app development company. Presently, there is plethora of companies that claims to provide reliable apps with low cost. But most of these companies are not able to withstand the stiff competition and dissolve their company. So, it is very important to hire a company which have been in the industry for fair amount of time. As such companies can be relied upon because of their considerable reputation.

An experienced mobile app development firm doesn’t mean that it will be perfect. It has been found that not every experienced firm have achieved reliable proficiency. So, it is recommended to rely on companies which have built its reputation by doing some renowned projects over time. Clients and online reviews can be helpful in clearing this aspect. One can simply check a company’s portfolio to check whether they have genuinely developed applications or not.

Another factor which should be considered while hiring a reputable mobile app development company is the customer support service offered by it. As apps are always vulnerable to damage or becoming obsolete, so it is important to maintain and update the apps timely to keep users engaged. Keeping this fact in mind, it is recommended to develop applications from that firm which offer great customer support services such as upgrading, bug fixing, etc. This will keep your app up-to-date for reliable use.

Last but not the least; app compatibility is also a crucial factor that should also be taken in consideration. Otherwise publishing an app which doesn’t fit on the smart phone may end as wastage of both time and money. This issue can be solved by getting the application build by a reputable Mobile Application Development Company in UK which will give you a compatible app that fits each and every mobile screen.


Mobile App Development

Know About The Different Mobile Application Development Technology

Mobile Applications Development

There are plenty of reasons to develop an app: maybe your business need an app, or maybe you have a great idea that you think can be the game changer. But irrespective of the reason, you will always need to start from the beginning. So firstly, hire a mobile application developer for your project. The next step after hiring a mobile applications development services is to understand a little about the technology choices involved so that you can be more informed when you discuss the project with your mobile app developer.


Mobile App Development

A Frontrunner Mobile Application Development Company UK

Application Development Company UK

Whether you are planning to improve customer relations or want to have ways for better business planning; AppSquadz Technologies is always at your disposal to help you achieve your objectives through mobile Application Development Company UK.

Those days are gone when mobile applications were limited to games and a few simple solutions; Technology has transformed completely and now there is a whole ocean of mobile applications in which you can dive to maximize the profit for your business.

Application Development Company UK

The demand for applications is increasing day by day, so are the providers. However, prices, quality, and services are some of the criteria that can help you in hiring the best mobile application development company in the UK.

AppSquadz Technologies is simply the top when it comes to bringing quality solutions. We have a dedicated team of experts who are well-versed in technical knowledge and well-experienced in crafting innovative applications, to cater to your specific business’ needs.

AppSquadz Technologies deliver mobile integrated solutions in Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Commerce and Mobile Marketing. The company is known for designing, developing, marketing and distributing digital content and interactive services to the clients as per their requirements.

Our Mobile Application Development Company in the UK Provides

  • iOS Mobile Application Development Services
  • Android Mobile Application Development Services
  • Blackberry Mobile Application Development Services
  • Windows Mobile Application Development Services

Our Team at AppSquadz Technologies is specialist in:

  • Native Applications Development
  • HTML5 Applications Development
  • Hybrid Applications Development
  • Cross- Platform Applications Development

We assures the unbeaten combo of exceptional quality and cost-effective pricing. Till now, we have developed custom mobile solutions for small businesses, to emerging organizations and great Fortune 500 companies. No matter the type of business you are into, we are always here to help you.

From Idea to execution, our distinctive way of developing application is simply better than the rest of the Mobile Application Development Company UK. Our work is the best example and proof of our excellence in the field of mobile application development worldwide.


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Amazon Web Service Drops Price for Its Storage Services With Introduction of New One

amazon web service

Amazon Web Services

Today, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a significant drop in the price of its storage services. The company also introduced several new features for developers who wish to use the Glacier cold storage service of AWS.

The new prices which most of the developers will be concerned about are of S3, which is AWS’ primary cloud storage service. Unlike the six pricing tiers previously, S3 will now feature only three: 0-50 TB; 50 TB-500 TB; and 500+ TB. In most of the places, the prices for S3 will fall by about 20 percent.

In case of Glacier, which AWS’ cold storage service for data that one want to keep in a safe spot but would not be using too much, the price drops are even more significant. In three of the AWS regions (Ireland, Oregon and Northern Virginia), you can now store your data for a mere $0.004 GB/month. This is a straight 43 percent drop in the price of Amazon Glacier.

The more important news for Glacier user is the addition of 2 new retrieval choices. Glacier is set up in a way that it usually takes a while before a data is ready for download. And, this is what lets AWS to provide the service at a very low price; however it can only be used for cold storage and nothing else. Now, Amazon is introducing 2 new option to Glacier which lets users to pay a little extra to receive their data quicker — or one can save a little more by receiving it even slower than Glacier’s default 3 to 5 hour waiting period.

Now, with the new ‘expedited’ option, you will just need to pay $0.03 per 1 GB and $0.01 per request when you get back data and you will get your download within 5 minutes. Amazon Web Services claims that this feature will work best for users who have data in TBs in Glacier.

Moreover, there are 2 types of expedited data retrievals: one is on-demand and second is provisioned retrievals. While On-demand retrievals functions as per the rules mentioned above, Provisioned retrievals are different from it. They will cost about $100 per unit making sure that the facility for your expedited retrieval is available whenever you require it. Every $100 unit promises that you will be able to perform 3 expedited retrievals every 5 minutes with up to 150MB/second throughput. In case you don’t go for these extra units, the expedited retrievals will only be allowed when the capacity to accomplish them will be available.

Furthermore, in case you don’t mind how much time it takes to retrieve your data out of Glacier, then the latest ‘bulk’ options is perfect for you. In bulk option, you retrieve requests may take about 5 to 12 hours, but it will only cost $0.0025 per 1 GB and $0.025 for every 1,000 requests.

Well, a really great news for folks looking to or already are taking services from AWS.



App Developers

One Billion More Mobile Users By 2020

Mobile Users

It has been expected that India is likely to have about 1 billion unique mobile users by the year 2020. At present India is the world’s 2nd biggest Smartphone market, surpassing the USA in the first half of 2016. According to the report, till the end of June 2016, 616 million new users subscribed to mobile services in India.


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Ola and Uber Shake Hands with Google

Ola and Uber

After Google joined hands with Ola and Uber, cab booking is now going to be even more trouble-free. This partnership means that one can now look for directions before choosing the taxi service directly from the Search app or mobile search browser.


Android Apps Development

For the Best Android Application Development Services

Android Application Development

Google’s Android is an open-source mobile platform for developing innovative, and engaging mobile applications. Android has evolved as the most dominant app store in terms of popularity; the close rivaled only being the iOS platform. AppSquadz Technologies is an Android application development company in India. Our dedicated Android apps development squad creates apps that are built for exceptional performance and great functional features which make them stand apart from the crowd. AppSquadz crafts innovative and rich Android apps and ensures that our concepts are of international standards.

Why Android Apps Development?

  • User-friendly mobile applications.
  • Google Play App store helps you have worldwide reach.
  • Android is an open-source mobile platform offering great opportunities to both developers and end-users.
  • Huge demand for applications in Google Play Store – you can find both paid and free.
  • Fast growing market share of Android apps indicates its immense potential and vast reach.
  • Huge following and great market penetration of Android apps.
  • A vast range of features and libraries supported for development.
  • A Large majority of people own Android devices.
  • Easiness in customization and integration of android apps to suit one’s requirements.

Android offers developers with vast scope for Mobile Apps Development with distinctive functionalities and features. This, in turn, eases the process of mobile app development for a wide range of businesses. With the right combination of tools and technologies, we have been able to craft inventive mobile applications for significant numbers of domains and businesses.

AppSquadz Technologies Android Application Development Services

  • Custom Android Mobile App development
  • Android Games and other Entertainment Apps Development
  • Enterprise Applications Development
  • Web-based App Development
  • E-learning application development
  • Multimedia App Development
  • Location-based App Development
  • Migration of Existing Apps to Android
  • Android App Testing Services
  • Android Social Network Integration

Our proficient development squad provides assistance all through the idea conception phase, development, deployment, and support to submission of the app to Google Play store.

Why AppSquadz is the Best Android App Development Company in India

  • Affordable mobile apps with quality
  • Fresh and innovative approach
  • Thorough testing to create bug-free apps
  • On-time delivery of mobile apps
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Client satisfaction is our motto
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Well-versed with porting of existing apps to Android platform or vice-versa.

AppSquadz Technologies is a well-known Android Application Development Company in India. AppSquadz Technologies builds Android apps that are appealing, engaging and provide maximum ROI to the clients.

To know more about our Android Application Development Services, feel free to submit an enquiry on


Android Apps Development

Android Application Development Services

Android Application Development Services

Despite the fact that android application is exceptionally adaptable to work by everyone, moreover individual’s affection to utilize android instead of whatever other applications. Be that as it may, an android application is difficult to plan or create. In this way, it is extremely vital to get android application who can deal with all undertakings effectively. Also, we have confirmed and talented engineer with us. That is the reason we are the top driving Android Application Development Services providers Company in India. Our android applications engineers need to make test and investigate such applications. Our entire android applications developers are experienced to finish any difficult work.