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Xiaomi Introduces Wireless Mouse with Dual-Mode Option in China

Wireless Mouse

Inspired by Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 design, Xiaomi has now introduced a lightweight Mi wireless Mouse. For now it has been introduced in China only but soon it will be made available in other market as well. The unique thing about this device is that it features an added functionality named as ‘dual-mode’. The “dual-mode” allows a user to use the mouse on two devices at the same time. This Portable Mouse might be inspired by Apple but it is considerably cheaper than the one offered by Apple. It is priced at CNY 99 which is around Rs. 1,000 INR. The sale of this device will be starting from November 11 in China.

The portable mouse connects to other devices via Bluetooth (version 4.0) and wireless adapter having radio frequency of 2.4GHz. The device weighs just 77.5 grams (with batteries). It can be easily connected with the Mi tablets, TV, laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and other devices. The Mi Mouse offers wireless coverage of up to 10 mtrs, and requires AAA batteries to power it.

As said earlier, the USP of this mouse is that it supports two devices at one time. You can connect one with the Bluetooth and the other one via wireless adapter. The dual-mode option not only enables the Mi Mouse to connect to two devices, but it also makes the switching between the two an effortless task. Moreover, a dedicated button at the bottom of the mouse is present for switching function. A user just needs to press the button to shift the mouse from one screen to another. In addition, the device features a high-speed laser pointing which offers accuracy of up to 95% and 1200dpi.

The Wireless mouse comes with an anodised aluminium covering, measuring about 10.2×57.2×23.6mm. Xiaomi claims that the device is totally compatible with Windows 7 and above devices. LEDs, Function keys, positioning groove are all are fixed at the bottom of the mouse.

Furthermore, Xiaomi has also introduced an anti-pollution mask in China. This anti-pollution mask is powered by a rechargeable air filter, and is priced at CNY 89 which is around Rs. 900 INR. However, it is yet to be known as when these devices will be launched in Indian market.

Source: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/others/news/xiaomi-mi-portable-mouse-with-dual-mode-feature-launched-1622901



Finally Samsung Galaxy Note7 Stops Production

Galaxy Note7

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Samsung has started the long and excruciating procedure of reviewing its defective Galaxy Note7 gadgets. What’s more, in light of the fact that the gadget is so unstable, the organization is avoiding potential risk by sending buyers an uncommon warm defensive box.

The Smartphone was formally launched mid-August to incredible audits. In any case, Samsung was compelled to review it comprehensively in September after a few dozen client reports that the phone was suddenly bursting into flames. The substitution program began a week later; however some substitution gadgets that should be protected displayed the same blazing conduct.

Samsung said on Tuesday that it has made on an official decision to stop generation for purchaser well being, the AP wrote Tuesday. “Taking our clients’ safety as our first priority, we have chosen to stop deals and generation of the Galaxy Note 7,” said Samsung.

The phone was authoritatively propelled mid-August to incredible surveys. In any case, Samsung was compelled to review it all around in September after a few dozen client reports that the telephone was suddenly bursting into flames. The substitution program began a week later, yet some substitution gadgets that should be protected displayed the same red hot conduct.

Throughout the weekend, major U.S. bearers ended the substitution program (which hasn’t had room schedule-wise to try and begin in Europe), and it’s just as simple as that.Aside from the damage Samsung’s Galaxy brand of being connected with detonating batteries, the cost of pulling back the Note 7 won’t come modest. Reuters refers to investigators assessing that a lasting end to Note 7 deals could cost the organization up to $17 billion.

In the meantime, the organization’s stock cost has likewise taken a generous hit on the news of the Note 7’s nixing: falling by 8 for each penny today, its greatest rate decrease since October 2008, as financial specialists wiped some $19 billion off the estimation of the organization.Samsung will remain focused for premium Smartphone sales, experts said. LG’s V20 smart phone won’t not arrived in the United States until the end of the month. Google’s Pixel Phones don’t send until Oct. 20, and might be accessible in the United States at Verizon.

“For the benefit of consumers’ safety, we stopped sales and replacement of the Galaxy Note7 and have consequently decided to stop production.” Rumors suggest now company target the Galaxy S8 in Feb 2017.