Google Pay users can transfer money from USA to India & Singapore now

Google Pay

Google pay users are no more dependent on third party specialized mobile application for payment from USA to countries like India and Singapore. The tech and IT giant Google’s payment app will now have access to the top authorized payment gateway that will let users living in USA send money to their friends and families in India and other countries. 

Google has collaborated with Western Union and Wise to enable payment service via goggle pay application. Although foreign fund transfer via Google pay has been initiated in India and Singapore. The company has planned to expand this service by the end of the year in 280+ countries globally. Google pay is expected to engage a large number of migrants in USA with its latest update will be shortly available on the play store. ---------


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Near Field Communication in Mobile Apps Mending Payments System

Near Field Communication

With technological advancements, the daily activities carried out by the users are undoubtedly getting easier. Here we will talk about the modern technology named Wireless Sensor Network system, which was only possible due to the tremendous growth of Near Field Communication. This system uses smartphones to carry out an extensive array of recreation & business activities on all the possible levels allows users to conduct payments and transactions over mobile phones. With this, the requirement for smartphones that imbibe NFC is augmenting. ---------