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OnePlus 3T Smartphone – Sooner than Expected!

OnePlus 3T

OnePlus 3T Smartphone

OnePlus has always been among popular choices of people. From the hardware startups close connection to a well-built fanbase, OnePlus  3T is surely a great bet. As other new brands such as Le Eco on the Smartphone scene brags to be the flashiest and biggest, the company has been bringing remarkable handsets from the inception.

But OnePlus 3T is a bit of mystery. The new device is surely keeping with OnePlus’s focus on the quality, however for those who went all in with the brand’s last flagship a few months back, the phone may feel like a little disappointing, increasing the specifications and replacing the phone half-a-year after its launch. The OnePlus 3 is undoubtedly an exceptional phone and a strong nominee for 2016’s best Smartphone. But, apparently the title now clearly belongs to another. ---------