The entry of Technology in our life – Learn the pros and cons


From the existence of life, human beings are dynamically using their brainpower to make their life easier. This is what gave rise to technology and enhanced it from the roots of human existence to the very end. From the invention of basic tools to the robots that work for us, all are outcomes of this regular effort toward a simpler and comfortable lifestyle. Whether we accept it or not but the existence of technology in our lives is irreplaceable and unmatchable.

Although technology has gifted us electricity, modern machinery, internet, also we can see the nuclear weapon lead to world war, lots of distractions, cyber threats, etc. so deciding that whether we are emerging toward boon or bane is very difficult. Let’s check out the major pros and cons, we got from technology in our life. To develop better technology in entire human welfare, check out the major terms that represent both faces of technological inclusion in our lives:

The Pros of Technology

More access to the information:

The Internet has increased the reach of everyone to everything. It has offered us a vast range of informational resources. When you experience surfing the internet, you get to know different ideas, perspectives, and cultures as well. Realtime updates of new stories and affairs, connecting with people, knowing about their lifestyles like what they are up to this include profession, creativity, hobbies, pictures, etc. collaboration through new platforms, chats, and feeds are available on internet to know much more.

We should be thankful for the incredible gift of technology that is Internet of Things (IoT) development, you can access a set of services on it. Connecting with people worldwide has made us explore the world from one corner itself. Maximal data can be transferred through the internet from one device to another easily in very less time.

It helps you save time:

Technology saves your time, must think about the older time when people had to write a letter to send a message, the letter used to reach to the receiver in a minimum duration of 2-3 days. And it used to take the same time in reply. You can analyze the total time that is about 1 week used to be consumed in the entire process of a message and its reply. Now various messaging apps are available where people chat and share numerous messages sometimes in a minute even. This represents a huge difference in the ratio of time consumed and saved by technological ideas.

If you wanted to travel somewhere before, it used to take a lot of time in searching for a way that is quite unsafe and time taking also. Now numerous navigators like google maps are there for you to show the entire route and get a better evaluation of the best-suited way for you to reach easily. Upgraded features of Google maps also let you know the traffic on different routes now.

Communication turned easy, fast and efficient:

Over a long time, artificial intelligence has improved our way of communication and information transmission every decade. At the time of the industrial revolution, we developed great resources for better communication because of excessive requirement. As the need give rise to the invention. We invented the telegraph, which gave rise to the landline telephone, then we developed cell phones and now we are living in the smartphone era. The invention of fiber optics enhanced the data transmission process well.

Technology decreased the cost of many things:

One of the major advantages of technology that has benefited lower class people most is the decrease in the cost of things and resources. Manufacturers all over the world can produce different things in a high amount and in less time through the help of technology. This has raised the competition and competition led to a decrease in the cost of things. Now people can access everything easily as compared to before. Now with the assistance of technological ideas and smart machinery more and more businesses are heading to the market with versatility. This pool of idea has suppressed the cost of articles and services in the market.

The Cons of Technology

It created a dependency:

No one can deny that they cannot live without electricity, smartphone, automobiles, the internet, as well. Less than 5% of people will hardly agree to live without these things worldwide. Most of us have lost our mind power to a level due to technological assistance. People do not remember phone number due to mobile, all the documents and details are handled by your smartphone this is the reason you have nothing on your mind related to such perspective. Calculators prevented mental calculations; these all things represent that we are dependent on technology somewhere.  

Data storage brought security concerns:

People use banking and UPI apps for easy transfer of funds, but this also raises the security risk because you have all the credit and debit details of your bank on the mobile app. A hacker can clear your account in seconds if it gets the access credentials. Firstly, the software is designed and then a security check, flaw penetration, testing, bug fixing, source code security, watermarking, etc. processes are performed further on it. Our almost information from details, photos, videos, audios, docs, all are on the server in a risk.

It is being addictive:

Technology gives you comfort, it often introduces new topics and slowly you become addicted to these things, technology is so amazing the user starts loving it. The major example of this is a smartphone, People are addicted to them, even we spend an average of 3hr45min on screen and it becomes different when you change the field like, an IT person spends more than 12 hours in front of the screen.  

There have been several things that turned user flinched when they asked to leave like video games, smartphones, WiFi, and more. Moreover, fake news or twisted truths spread so fast with technical assistance and people trust it due to a deep trust in tech assisted things.

Summing up

We discussed both advantages and disadvantages of technology and its integration into our life. We cannot deny that technology is very good to us but cannot ignore its negative impacts also. For this, we have to solve this problem we need to consider everything carefully ad use it in a limit as well. Perhaps the comfort of life lies with technology now.


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How Customer Reviews are effective in businesses?

Customer Reviews

Live referrals and suggestions are the best methods of advertising and the most successful pathway for a business to reach their customers most of the times. Sharing reviews and saying something about the services and products are some of the most common habits of social people using the internet actively. This is the habit of all customers after they receive the product or service, they speak up themselves if it is good or bad additionally some of them share on the internet or any other platform and some not.

This is with every business whether it is a shopkeeper or a big IT company. You can face it mostly in case of mobile applications. These customer reviews work everywhere whether it is a five-star hotel or a street vendor. Whether it is about a cobbler or a jeweler shop. Customer reviews are trusted 12 times more as compared to the description given by the description given by the business owner or popularity.

Every business owner takes reviews very seriously, you might have observed service providers and even delivery agents ask for the review after completion of the service. Customer Reviews play a 10% role in google search engine result page ranking that is quite interesting. Users trust online posted reviews whether they are buying a property or a smartphone. People have on their mind that a personal experience is better than any illustration. A bad review might affect business very badly, a good review is like potential and more if it is original. The review is very effective in dropping or raising the ratings that prove vitality to the sales enhancement. According to the studies, a business gets a positive review on every star that is about a 5-9% increase in revenues.

Reviews are contributing to business predictions like the way nothing is right now. Transparency is the greatest strength of any business showcasing the strength. Many application optimization techniques are used to improve the user experience that enhances the rating on platforms like PlayStore and AppStore. Now we will get to know how businesses are affected by customer reviews.

People trust online reviews

More than 72% of customers accepted that they consider reviews while opting for any service or product. Most of the businesses are performing this customization to get ratings. Better online visibility comes from higher ratings and brings more customers. The review takes around 207 million website visit aloe every month. People use reviews to decide whether they have to buy the product or not, as the internet is an ocean of opportunities.

Negative reviews appear more than positive reveiws

This is very obvious and confusing as well that negative reviews work more effectively than positive. In frustration, people give a negative review quickly. Even users think that it is important to share the bad experience as compared to the bad. A single negative review is just like loss of at least 30 customers. The worst part is a negative google review is considered about a 70% potential decrease. But still, negative reviews help raise product awareness therefore it is helpful in many cases.

The positive review helps a lot

This is common human nature that hearing or reading something from someone about some product or service make us trust on their thoughts easily. 90% of customers make up their mind for a business just by reading even less than 10 reviews. Customers are commended to spend 31% more on the business with positive reviews. We can see the hotel businesses people are likely to choose the hotel with good ratings, the same thing is seen in food. These reviews boost the competition between businesses they follow up on what others are doing. Numerous mobile app development companies optimize your app to get positive reviews as per user suggestions. You might have seen that popular apps reply from the developer section.

You can Turn the negative review into positive

As this is very obvious that reviews affect a business image deeply, this is the reason you have to concentrate on the business proposition. The interoperability of the reviewer with your business is very important. The negative reviewers can be original or maybe your opponents, this is the reason they do not have any right to handle your business. A review is just an experience and thought, this is not the entire customer base. If people are replying with a bad review you can talk to them make an apology and change it into a positive review this is what successful app developers are doing. This shows how you value your customers and make sure a positive effect of a negative review on your image.

Most of the time, the businesses with an application put major efforts into maintaining a good brand image on the PlayStore or AppStore. They keep checking the reviews on the app and reply immediately as soon as possible. Because reviews are very effective for the number of downloads of an application. You have seen after downloading and pp and running it for 5 minutes, the system asks for a review this is because reviews are a major factor in the popularity of an application.

Want is an app?

Application is the software installed on the smartphone from PlayStore or AppStore, this works like native to the device but users keep proper choice while choosing an application. Getting eyes on the app is very important. AppSquadz Software is a leading mobile app development company that has catered to more than 650 clients across 30 countries that creates good trust in our service for app development solutions with improved user experience.


The Internet has improved the customer reach to every service, this has affected many businesses. Reviews have made it easy to win trust for businesses but also, they have made it difficult to prove themselves in between the competition. The positive and negative values given by customers are relevant and malicious as well. This is very mandatory for the business to get reviews and positive reviews as far as possible. For this, they need to keep modifying the website and pages.


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7 Popular Cross-Platform App Development Tools That Will Rule in 2021

cross platform app

With the quickly expanding advancements in innovation, developers are ceaselessly sticking their eyes to the app development tools or frameworks that can make their occupation simpler and limit the app development time. Regardless of whether you are an ace developer or an apprentice, here are the 7 most mainstream Cross-platform app development tools that you need to know in 2020. 

Today, in the exceptionally serious market, where developers are searching for incredible app development tools; then again, businesses are chasing the most ideal approaches to improve their businesses. From new businesses to multi-million organizations, applications are someplace adding a huge edge to the business development and causing them from numerous points of view. 

Presently the focal inquiry is, how might you get the privileged app development framework for your business? 

So what are the main cross-platform frameworks that you ought to pick in 2021? 

Before you burrow profound and dedicate enough time to exploration, we have gathered together a couple of best cross-platform mobile app development frameworks dependent on beneath referenced boundaries: 

  • Performance and Popularity 
  • Code reusability and rich-vault 
  • Easy to learn and uphold all parts of Cross-platform app development. 
  • Strong people group backing and reasonable documentation of framework for amateurs 
  • Ability to get to gadget capacities. 

Here is the rundown of best cross-platform mobile development tools 2021 leading the era with smart integration of coding languages: 

1. React Native (A Top Choice of Cross-platform framework among developers) 

React Native was dispatched by Facebook in March 2015 and has immediately gotten an ideal decision for developers knowing JavaScript. Moreover, planning the app with React Native is very quick and more agreeable for the developers as it is an open-source Hybrid app development and permits you to reuse the codebase for app development. 

2. Flutter (Ideal Framework to Develop Cross-platform Apps with Clock-Challenge) 

Flutter is one of the high-level degrees of UI kit dispatched by Google in 2018, and appropriate to the cutting edge app development climate. It is an open-source Software development kit (SDK) that offers a wide decision of UI components, gadgets, and a superior delivering motor that permits developers to tweak the application with smooth movements. 

3. Ionic (A Popular Cross-Platform Based Framework Based on Web Technology) 

With the critical market offer and web utilization insights of Ionic, developers are forcefully picking this framework to assemble native apps and reformist web applications. 

4. Xamarin (prominent Tool used to Develop Cross-Platform Application) 

As per the review, Xamarin is one of the fifth most famous tools for making superior cross-platform application development. Being sponsored by Microsoft, Xamarin underpins C# codebase and appropriate for .net developers. Building elite applications with Xamarin is very quick and more agreeable as it has a Test Cloud highlight that consequently tests your app and guarantees 100% code reusability. 

5. Cordova (simple to Learn Mobile Application Development Tool) 

As per Stack share, Apache Cordova has gotten 818 GitHub stars and 336 GitHub forks and urging developers to make all the more impressive applications by utilizing the properties of Native assets including Phone’s camera, accelerometer, compass, contacts, messages, geolocation, organizations, warnings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Building up an application with Cordova is time and savvy as it uses high caliber and various arrangements of highlights that help in creating apps progressively. 

6. Appcelerator (Most Popular Mobile App Development Tool) 

Another advantage of utilizing Appcelerator is that it empowers you to reuse 90% of the code across various platforms which come out as the main bit of leeway when creating native apps. Thirdly, the platform gives admittance to different APIs through an element considered Hyperloop that empowers you to utilize APIs of iOS and Android utilizing JavaScript straightforwardly. 

7. Corona (A Perfect Cross-Platform Framework for Gaming Apps) 

Corona is allowed to utilize and simple to introduce platforms that permit developers to quickly see changes in Lua codes through the implicit Corona Simulator, so there’s no compelling reason to keep up the toolsets. Regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner developer, each degree of development is permitted to get to the center usefulness of this framework. 


Toward the finish of this article, it merits referencing that despite having all these cross-platform app development frameworks with broad advantages, native app development frameworks have their coding favorable circumstances. 

There is no performance correlation between Hybrid app development and cross-platform development apps. In any case, with regards to sparing app development cost, time, and market time, an enormous fragment of SMEs, new businesses, and even million-dollar undertakings are picking cross-platform frameworks for their next app development venture. 

If you have a complex app development venture that requests the most recent specialized highlights, at that point, it is prescribed to hire a mobile app development company for additional help.


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Apple renovates user experience now in iOS 14

iOS is the most engaging and popular operating system in this world. Apple has its tagline “think different” the iPhone app developers at apple company are motivated to think differently from the world that has resulted in the apple’s amazing status in the gadget market. The devices and operating system of apple make it unique this is the reason the apple company has sold its device more than the people living on this globe. Well, the company has sold its Phones alone more than the population of earth that is 7 billion. The company has worth more than 29% in the international market.

How iOS different from other operating systems?

Apple always thinks of user experience, it has always eyed on the user experience and user interface. iOS app Developers at the apple company only think of giving the feel of safety and cyber protection of their data. People love to use iPhone devices in well-developed countries there are 90% iOS devices including MacBook, iPad, etc. Users and on another hand 100% iPhone users. Similarly, the youth of this country always reams for iOS devices only. Once the person opts for any iOS device it never thinks of switching operating systems. Apple has everything unique, despite these things’ apple has the largest number of customers in global market share. The market size of an apple is beyond our imagination despite the costliest products. Apple devices are a gamut of amazing features and integrity. The level of comfort appl provide keeps the user engaged to it for a long time.

iOS 14 vs previous versions

With this status apple always thinks of introducing something new, in its new operating system version or a device like the iPhone model. Whether in terms of model design or features trend in the iOS, apple always stays unbeatable. Now have a look at the iOS 13 that was released last year, it had camera improved and other features that iOS 13 users might have experienced. Likewise, now apple is going to launch iOS 14. Every company and iOS software development research persons are making several assumptions on expected features of the new iOS model and version. Now as iOS is famous and popular. A maximum number of people use the iPhone, that the businesses and enterprises that stabilize their market by the help of applications must make their app compatible with iOS 14.

To keep business as it is for the years it was, your iPhone app needs to have features to keep it synchronized with the iPhone. For this, you must know the new features. All the iPhone app development companies look for such research reports. Go through the context you will know about the expected features your app should be integrated with to run better in iOS 14.

To understand the needs of iOS 14, what changes and features need to be added to your application are can be understood by the help of points mention here.

Dark Mode 

The dark mode is the greatest client confronting change that we saw, bringing a framework wide appearance that fulfilled the evening people among us. Actualizing it very well may be amazingly simple, and it allows you to refine your advantages, evacuating copy hues as you make new ones that can react to the framework interface mode.

Modal Presentation Styles 

You’ll see when you utilize the framework applications in iOS 13, or anything that has been upgraded, that modals present somewhat better at this point. This is because the default introduction style has changed from UI Modal Presentation Full Screen to UI Modal Presentation Automatic, which changes depending on its specific situation. The default introduction style for programmed is UI Modal Presentation Page Sheet.

Scene Delegate 

iOS 13 carried with it the spic and span Scene Delegate and backing for numerous windows. You ought to consider if your mobile app development is one that may profit by this — most efficiency applications will see an incredible improvement by permitting clients on Mac and iPad to open various occasions. Take a gander at how notes act on your iPad, permitting you to open two one next to the other.

App Library 

The new iOS 14 brings a genuinely necessary design to patch up to the home screen. Rather than utilizing old fashioned school-home screen with all the symbols masterminded in lines and segments, iOS 14 will permit sorting these applications in envelopes. It incorporates organizers like Suggested Apps which are applications dependent on the client’s use. At that point there are a lot of different classes of organizers with application symbols inside that clients can just tap and open.

App Clips 

One of the promising highlights that iOS 14 shows up with is App Clips. The element lets clients use applications that they would prefer not to introduce however attempt previously. It is a lot of like Google’s Instant Apps where you look at a good application on Play Store, give it a shot and download it on the off chance that it merits your time.

Changing Default Apps 

For a considerable length of time, iPhone clients needed to depend on a default application, for example, Safari for perusing, etc. With iOS 14, Apple has changed the viewpoint by offering clients alternatives to switch its default iPhone app development however they see fit. Even though the component is restricted to program and mail applications as of now, one can anticipate that it should turn out for different kinds of applications too. 

The changes in iOS 14 can give a solid idea to come up with a unique and productive iOS strategy. These points are mixed up with the changes coming in iOS 1 and the changes required in your iOS app development


The content is an analysis over expectations from the iOS users and the pattern with which iOS has introduced itself in its every new version till now. the company introduces something new every time. iPhone app development company, AppSquadz has a professional iOS developer team that keeps coordination over new ideology. Contact us now.


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Typical flaws to avoid before and after Mobile App launch

Avoid Before and After Mobile App Launch

Does not matter where you are getting your app developed, by chance wherever you are getting your application developed there are always some points which you have to take care of. Because whenever you get eyes on the mobile app development process for your business, sometime it may cost high to you if you are thinking the first time. Must have a better knowledge to avoid such loss.

Have a look at the points you need to ponder before and after mobile app development and release:

1. Pick a stage 

In a perfect world, with interminable assets, you’d dispatch on both Android and iOS simultaneously with a completely highlighted local application. You’ll need to consider which stage to dispatch on first, and each has its arrangement of advantages and disadvantages. Android is presently the market chief as far as reception and maintenance, however, iOS application development is increasingly beneficial, so if your adaptation system is reliant on paid-for applications or in-application buys, at that point iOS may be your smartest option. Besides that, there are various advancement contemplations to consider before picking a stage:

2. Recognize your beta clients and test, test, test 

Your beta clients will fill in as a definitive experimental group and will be probably the most legit and exact pundits of your new-to-the-world application, so finding the correct gathering is significant. You can decide to do an open beta dispatch, which is available to everybody to acquire impressions or do a private dispatch by a welcome in particular. To start with, consider what your vision is for the application, and alongside that who your optimal client would be: if it’s truly anybody, open beta could be fine. If you incline toward more focused on beta bits of knowledge, locate the nearest conceivable variant of your optimal client, and welcome them.

3. Plan your securing efforts 

Each application will have natural procurement, however, just some will have paid obtaining. Facebook’s foundation is at present the most-utilized, however, utilizing web crawler advertising and other portable advertisement stages ought to be considered in the arranging stage. Versatile promotions function admirably to drive clients since they’re as of now in the portable attitude. Also, when advertisements are served to the correct crowd (by focusing on explicit interests), you’re paying to acquaint your application with your optimal clients.

4. Recognize what’s working and so forth 

In particular, which highlights are your clients reacting to, and what usefulness resounds most? The objective here is to know precisely how clients are connecting with your mobile app development and to twofold down on that usefulness, improving the experience, and giving clients what they need. It may even be that your essential element isn’t what the client’s interface with most, however which will help illuminate your methodology pushing ahead and develop your application further.

5. Take a gander at your underlying App Store achievement 

Downloads aren’t the most significant measurement to quantify with regards to your application achievement long haul, yet during dispatch, it without a doubt becomes the overwhelming focus. You need whatever number eyes on your application as could be allowed, which means following downloads as an underlying pointer of intrigue and use. Likewise, on the off chance that you chose to fabricate applications for different stages, you’ll need to consider precisely how you’ll draw experiences over the different application stores. Application Annie is an extraordinary wellspring of statistical surveying, and their examination stage can gauge your downloads by source, show in general income, and track your App Store positioning.

6. Examine first week standards for dependability 

Are the channels you picked during pre-dispatch conveying in the numbers you needed? The appropriate response lies in procurement and maintenance follow. Go past recognizing the downloads from each source and take a gander at the main week information around standards for dependability: which channels conveyed the most drew in, significant clients? This will assist you with approving the correct sources and quit paying for the ones that just aren’t working.


We are established globally; we are trusted by large and small enterprises for cost-effective and punctual mobile app development services in all the well-developed major countries. The company is stable at the international level due to a highly qualified and professional team.


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Ways to overcome your Mobile App Development Cost by Hiring a Dedicated Developer

Mobile App Development

The process of mobile app development is done strictly according to the technological aspects of trending ideas. As smartphones are highly trending in the market all youngsters love to use apps that provide amazing startup follow-ups. No one can think of better technology and strategy for mobile app development than a professional developer. The benefits of hiring a mobile app developer personally are beyond your imagination. Behind the visible points, there is a hidden gamut of features that you get after hiring a dedicated mobile app developer.

Reasons why custom app development cost goes over budget:

  • As per the Harvard Business Review, app development projects go over budget over 27% of their proposed price.
  • Generally, one in every six projects encounters an over-budget of 200%. 
  • IT breakdown rates are assessed to be within 5–15%, accounting for damage of $50-$150 billion every year in the US only.
  • Organizations waste the budget due to poor project performance, even if 80% of the project is being completed on time.

Every point and beneficial trend you get is better for your business in some way directly money saving. When you think of getting an app there are two different ways of getting an app, maybe you can hire an app developer or contact a mobile app development company for better assistance. There is a different impact of contacting a company or hiring personally.

Firstly, you have to consider your purpose that what kind of app you need to develop, and how big your project is. What level of versatility your idea has, and according to your thought how many professionals are enough to accomplish your expectations? These things matter a lot.

Now have look what benefits you will get if hire a mobile app developer, mentioned below the further context:

Better for startups and big projects:

As already here mentioned whether you are going to get startup, where you are going to invest, and taking risks without knowing the results, you need to opt for a low-cost option where it is best. And on the other hand, if you have a successful business and now thinking of a big project, there also will be a person who will be better suited.

Availability of technical expertise and resources:

A person working for you only will be available for you all the time and provide better assistance in every perspective whether it is technical or about design and layout of the application.

Tuned workflow:

You always have eyes on your project and stay tuned about the status of the work process over your app development project. The developer hired by you will work for you only and will accomplish the project at a faster pace than other options.

Less legal issues:

When the mobile app developer is working for your project only, everything is clear and mirror-like clean in between your ad the person going to help you in the project. Then any kind of legal issue like late delivery, duration swings, payment issues, etc.

Long-term relationships:

When someone works with you for a long time then it is always aware of your thinking pattern, and your choices. Similarly, whenever you will get to develop a new project you can contact it again, this is cost-effective, time-saving as well as you can get a better help as compared to contacting new platform evetime. You have a surety all the time regarding the project and have to get fewer eyes overwork process than before.

Companies care about their products and they might not let you get your delivery on time but when you get your project it will perfectly be programmed and teste both manually and technically. As well as companies take responsibility for the modification and bug fixing for a limited period. On the other hand, hiring a dedicated mobile app developer is Budget-friendly in every aspect.


The mobile app development companies have professional teams and not even they provide the services only, but also the leading mobile app development companies like AppSquadz that are trusted globally or the incredible services. We have a team that is always ready for your assistance, you can also here the developers personally for your projects. Professionals here are highly experienced in working for huge projects and startups.


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Things to consider while Planning the Budget for On-demand Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

On-demand mobile apps are building a niche in the world, and have grown as a rising trend in the mobile application development market- this is not an overstatement. These types of mobile apps are in demand due to their convenience and availability features, conclusively meeting the requirements of the users. Today, most of the new businesses are looking forward to getting an on-demand mobile application developed. Post success of on-demand business apps like Airbnb, Uber, and Postmates, it is evident that these apps will skyrocket your business in terms of revenue generation and profits.

A study suggested, by the end of 2025, on-demand market revenue is estimated to touch $335 Billion.Moreover, with each passing day, the number of users of on-demand apps is rising exponentially in recent years because of its accessibility. So, with these stats in hand, it won’t be wrong to say that on-demand businesses will be ruling the digital economy in the years to come.

The beauty of on-demand apps is that it allows performing tasks within seconds. With the advent of On-demand mobile apps, smartphones seem like a magical instrument and making life much more comfortable.

Why are On-demand business apps getting popular?

Applications that are exclusively built to meet the particular requirement of the users are referred to as on-demand apps. Basically, these apps emphasize on consumer demand and reshaping the living habit of urban elites by providing accessibility and convenience. From food deliveries to laundry pick-up, chauffeur-driven vehicles to plumbers, all activities can be materialized instantly within seconds. On-demand apps offer gratification, superior shopping experience, mobility, and quickest delivery, making it a more viable option for users. Numerous tasks consume time, efforts and energy if all such tasks can be accomplished through technology, why not to go for it and just hit the jackpot.

The Structure of a Typical On-demand Mobile App:

The structure includes three components:

User app

App for the customers who will be using the services. In the user app, a user has got the search option for products & services, reviews, map navigation, shopping cart, order history, pricing details, tracking orders, product recommendations, best sellers, alerts and other services. For the user app, the overall cost incurred for the development scales from $10,000 to $15,000 for iOS or Android.

Service provider app

It is for service providers which consist of profile, portfolios, active orders, product description, chat history, and offer an interface to clients. You may expect that the cost of development can be around $6,000 to $8,000.

Admin panel

It is a maintenance element which efficiently maintains users and services providers. It answers all the queries and abuse reports to offer a seamless experience to services providers as well as users. Also, it adds news feeds, track payments and user access. Development of this panel will require you $4,000 to $5,000 approximately.

Why Budgeting is necessary for On-demand Mobile Apps?

The cost incurred on an on-demand app depends on several factors and considerations. Budget planning may give a rough idea of the estimated cost that you will need for your on-demand application development. Not only a rough idea, but it also helps you prepare a blueprint of the development process. Budgeting is tricky; still, undoubtedly it will provide you with an insight into the project’s technical and business feasibility.

By any chance, if you are planning to get an on-demand app developed, then you should strategize its development budget properly. Here we have specified some guidelines and the information for you that must be applied while planning the budget of your on-demand business app. These tips will help you make the best estimate of your budget to get started with your project within no time.

Factors that are to be considered while planning the budget of an on-demand mobile app:

Identification of your market domain

Before you get started, think once for which specific industry you are getting your app developed. It is to be done at an early stage as on-demand services include multiple sectors viz food industry, transportation, laundry services, and so on. As soon as you are done with the identification of the market domain, your budget planning becomes a little bit easier.

The platform for on-demand app development

Here, you will be deciding the platform for which you want your app to be developed if you wish for native platform or cross-platform app development. You may choose the one which best suits your requirements based on the concept of your on-demand app as both native and cross-platform have got certain limitations.

Prepare a product requirements document

It is a technical requirement document which is to be prepared while estimating the budget the app. This document covers the whole on-demand application development process, including the micro details. This document helps mobile app developers in determining the cost at each development phase like back-end development, testing, design, and other processes involved in the development process.

Outsourcing or In-house development

It is crucial to decide whether you are outsourcing the project or developing it in-house while preparing the budget for an on-demand application. This decision significantly impacts the overall cost of the project. In case you want to outsource, then you should find a mobile application development company with the quality of work, experience and expertise. Here, the cost of development is much higher contradictory to when you are developing in-house.

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On-demand apps are in vogue and trending nowadays. All thanks to its usability and the accessibility it offers to its users. By understanding and applying the points mentioned above, you can get a detailed insight into the cost incurred in the development.

On-demand application development is quite a challenging task but at the same time retrieves maximum revenue. If you hire a mobile application development company for the development purpose, there is a low chance of suffering losses.


Web App Development

Why Businesses prefer Progressive Web Apps over Native Apps?

Progressive Web Apps

According to the data from Statista, nowadays, mobile currently accounts for over 60% of total internet usage. The chief reasons for it are ease in accessing the internet, portability and cheap hardware. In this situation, UX obtains huge significance, and progressive web apps can aid in enhancing UX as they optimize websites on Smartphones. Flipkart, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more big businesses generated progressive web apps. These PWAs integrate characteristics of the web along with the mobile app, delivering the native or hybrid app-like User experience. Applications that offer an optimized website for mobile devices are referred to as Progressive Web Apps.

PWAs gives access to the users to content via browsers and letting users download the content whenever and wherever they browse. Native app development is suitable for a specific platform, whereas Progressive web apps are devised for usage in a browser. PWAs function similar to native apps almost, but they don’t command the complete hardware of the device.

Real-Life PWA Cases

Numerous well-established businesses adopted PWAs. The following case studies will present you with a better insight into the effectiveness of Progressive Web Apps.

Twitter Lite

Twitter ranks amongst the most popular social apps, with 328+ million users per month, and approx 80% of them access Twitter on mobiles. In April 2017, Twitter named PWA the default mobile mode for producing mobile quicker and more trustworthy for users.

Doing this, they realized:

  • A decline in Bounce rate by 20%
  • Posted Tweets progressed by 75%
  • Pages per session multiplied by 65%


Moreover, as PWA is just 600kB compared to the downloaded version, which is 23.5MB, Users save on their data plan with Twitter Lite. It takes only 5 seconds on a 3G network if you are downloading the first time and the app loads in less than 3 seconds for each return.

Pinterest is an image-based platform; assisting users in making their catalog of ideas and has more than 200 million active users each month. In order to enhance user experience and augment the conversion to higher than app installation, the application development team revised the mobile website as a PWA.

They got tremendous results:

  • Weekly active users rose by 130%
  • Pins views number improved by 401%
  • Logins raised by 370% and new sign-ups rose by 843%
  • Page payload deducted from 490kb to 190kb
  • User engagement grew with an average session period surging by 296%

Flipkart Lite

Flipkart decided to close their mobile website tentatively and offer an app-only interface when India’s largest e-commerce website suffered the issue of addressing users with seamless experience because of various variables of network connectivity. They rethought their strategy and developed Flipkart Lite, a progressive web app as the PWA features replicated the native experience, and the consequences were significant.

The results were:

  • Time the users spent on the site increased by over 3x.
  • The re-engagement rate raised by 40%
  • Data usage diminished by 3x among users who visited the site through the option of Add to Home Screen
  • Conversion rate advanced by 70%

When to Consider Progressive Web Application development?

PWAs may not be a good option for the business whose customers don’t visit their website often as the app is not evident on app stores. Users become urged to download PWAs only if they are on the home screen. You must consider these points before deciding whether to go for Progressive Web Apps or not.

  • Customer acquisition cost: PWAs are vital for businesses looking at minimizing customer acquisition cost. Not all company can bear the high cost of user acquisition that native apps necessitate. PWAs can lessen customer acquisition costs can be reduced by ten times approx.
  • Importance of app store presence: Games and social apps that are special categories of apps are likely to be downloaded from app stores. Hence, if your company falls in a category that has more probability of displaying in web searches by keywords, then PWAs will helpful.
  • Processing requirement: While PWAs are accessible offline, so they are available in a limited version. They work well for e-commerce platforms, education portals, and other business websites that can operate with offline content.
  • Dependence on native features: PWAs gives push notifications that let businesses in reminding customers each time they advertise new content to launch a new product. In terms of accessibility, PWAs have limitations to access features like geofencing, accessing contacts/calendars or mobile payments and if these features are necessary for your app, go for native apps over Progressive Web Apps.
  • Existence of a mobile-optimized website: If your business has a mobile-optimized site already, then it would not be much expensive to convert to into a progressive web app as compared to building a native app from scratch.

How Do Progressive Web Apps Work?

Native apps can work without internet connection as basic elements like UI components and data are stored on the device when a user downloads and installs them. Same goes with PWAs as well. By saving CSS files, HTML files, and images in the cache of the browser, Service Workers can be employed to provide developers full charge over the network call. When a user visits a website more than twice or thrice times, it implies they are interested in seeing content from the specific page. Browser is authorized to verify if the user visits adhere to decided frequency standards, following which the user gets a message to preserve the website as the app on the home screen. The user can visit PWA any time once the site is collected, even if they are offline, giving them responsive and fast experience.

Will PWAs Replace Native apps

With a responsive design, the mobile web experience has significantly enhanced. However, many website designs are not conceived as mobile-first as of which the experience lags in terms of speed where PWAs can help you to bridge the gap. Undoubtedly, Native apps provide superior experience on mobile, but until your app stands amongst the top in its category, the high development and management cost is justified.

Progressive Web Apps: The Future for the Web

Despite the growing prevalence of native apps, there are numerous causes why Progressive Web Apps will be the future of the web.

  • Mobile websites with native-like experience: Native apps are preferred interface for seeing content, and this is likely to change as more businesses are adopting PWAs. They offer it all that users admire about the native interface like Offline access, app shell, navigation bar, and telephony, with other features.
  • Congested app stores: Competition is intense in the app stores, and almost impossible to compete with the giants like Facebook, YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Google Search, Google Maps, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Google Play. Leading categories of apps when talking about share of minutes are Entertainment, Social Media, Instant Messaging, and Games. If your app does not fall in one of the categories stated above, it doesn’t make sense to spend on native app development.

Progressive web apps rank in Search:

The main advantage of PWAs is they rank in search engines, making it simple for businesses practicing SEO services for their website ranking. New apps won’t have the harm of the shortage of reviews/rating, as well as the link of the website can be shared efficiently.

  • User retention and commitment: Native app development demands a substantial investment, and it isn’t simple to retain users, even if the initial downloads seem much promising. Native apps are reliant on users. Progressive web apps are more convenient as users not require to commit to downloading or to maintain the app in their home screen.
  • More revenue generation: Besides in-advertising, in most native apps, the app owners suffer a sizeable reduction in revenues as a portion of it is being payable to the app store owners for paid downloads, subscriptions and in-app purchases, among other sources. But with PWAs, all the revenue produced rests in the hands of the business.

Native, React-native or PWA, what to choose?

All frameworks have pros and cons that are to be evaluated before deciding on the most suitable option for your app.

Native Apps: Pros

  • As native apps development employs a language that is simple for the hardware to get, it makes it effortless for the developers to build features that the OS allows.
  • Performance is superior

Native Apps: Cons

  • As each platform expresses a diverse language, you have to study the language that the platform demands.
  • The app has to be developed independently for all platforms.

Progressive web apps: Pros

  • It runs across all devices and platforms
  • No limitations in style or design
  • Runs on all types of hardware
  • No requirement to be on the app stores

Progressive web apps: Cons

  • The app stops when the user closes the browser tab
  • It isn’t possible to administer background processes, so features like geofencing cannot be included.
  • It cannot be found on the app stores except Windows App Store

What features should Progressive Web Apps have?

Let’s see why web app developers are talking about progressive web apps being the future of mobile and the ones which are missing in non-progressive apps. Following are the features making the experience much better:

  • Reliability: Loading of pages is almost instantaneous, even when the device is not connected to the internet or connected on a low-speed network.
  • Speed: The transition and scrolling within pages are very smooth, accommodating users with a more satisfying experience.
  • Responsiveness: The app can respond across various devices, allowing fluidity in the design irrespective of the device utilized.
  • Easy to install: For PWAs to match native-like app user experience, they should be installable and accessible on the home screen of devices like native apps, enabling users to access them by a single click.
  • Splash Screen: The appearance of a splash screen at the startup can provide the PWA the native-like feel.
  • More engagement: PWA must have characteristics such as offline first, push notifications, and home screen icon that magnifies user engagement.

Technical components that form the foundation of PWAs

PWAs demand some components that run in sync to power them, which include Service Worker, Manifest file, and HTTPS.

  • Service Worker: It is a JavaScript code that works as a proxy between the browser and the network which stores resources in the cache of the browser during the first-time load. It also handles push notifications & works towards creating an offline-first web app by applying cache API, which speeds up the app performance.
  • Manifest file: It is a config JSON file with information for the application that could include details like featuring the icons on the home screen, when the app is installed, background color, theme, or any other information.
  • HTTPS: Service workers conduct actions on the client-side, like intercepting network requests and modifying responses. So, all PWAs require a secure protocol HTTPS.


If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, this blog will help you allocate, which is better for your business. Progressive web apps have a bright future in the tech world, and this could be observed as businesses prefer Progressive Web Apps over Native apps. Before heading towards progressive web apps development, contact a mobile application development company that understands your client’s needs and your business needs. The company must be such that it can recommend the best framework for developing your app as per your budget and app strategy.


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Apple Introduces New UI to help iOS Developers to Build better Apps with Less Code

iOS Developers

One of the latest announcements made by Apple at the Worldwide Developer Conference 2019 which gained the maximum popularity is for the iOS developers that are Swift UI which is a declarative syntax tool for developing a native app for Apple users with actually less coding.

The Swift UI code has already been doing much good to the iOS app developers. Being fast and easy to use, it produces clear and crisp, to the point code. The cutting-edge UI design will establish a new standard for the already existing visual coding model, which has been in use successfully for the past many years. The latest UI design will provide the apple developers with the ability to develop applications for iOS, macOS, and tvOS. It works by saving time and resources required by the app developers by providing them with various tools and application programming interfaces. The features like the increased speed of the mouse and Track-pad, Touch Bar are icing on the cake.

The original plan is to bring the Swift programming language into the market for developing cross-platform applications. Its many features attract Apple developers to work on the language for the development process. Various features that have and are still entering the Apple app development market are as follows:

Native-like features

Swift is a native programming language, and it is even designed to work effectively on all platforms. So it able to access all the native features of any platform and deliver interactive user interface at a quick pace. It is also integrated with application programming interfaces like ARKit and automatic language optimization to enhance the user experience as well as the developer’s job.

Declarative Syntax

The syntax is simple to comprehend and easy to write, which makes it easier to decide what functions the interface must perform. The declarative syntax as is the nature of the code lets the developer even mention the items he wants to fix like font, alignment, color, etc. There is a gradual shift in the time taken, performance and maintenance of the programs, for instance, in the case of Animation. There is even availability of a collection of ready-made effects and features that are written using just a few lines of code.

Select, drag, and drop

Another impressive feature of the Swift UI is that that the developers can now easily select a feature they want and drag it and drop it on their canvas. Not just that the developers can then even customize and modify its properties and arrange their controls. The best part of Swift is that these visual editor codes are also available in the code editors which let the developer modify each feature when they are writing the code on their own.

Preview the development

With the Swift UI, the developers can easily create several previews of the UI/UX development and then have it run of various displays with varied orientations. This allows the developers to fully play with their creativity to design and develop new features and functionalities.

Presenting dynamic preview

In Apple’s WWDC 2019 it was declared that the Swift UI compiler and its run time will be embedded with Xcode 11. This has allowed developers to develop and run the applications in real-time. In simple words, the design canvas will not just present the image of the app developed, but instead, it will play the live application of it to the developers.

Compatible with iOS 13

The technology comes up with a default provision for the Dark Mode, Dynamic type, and accessibility options to have a smooth Framework to write the code.


The latest generation of Swift UI has reduced a hundred lines of code to just a few lines of code. With the new XCode11, a preview of the most recent changes is available immediately on the device. With the facility to add graphical modules to add a segment of codes, it can merely modify and control the features. Along with these and many other features, the Swift UI has transformed how the developers develop the applications to enhance the overall experience of the app without losing and native app detail. Contact our mobile app development company to build your latest mobile app.


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How’s App Quality an Inseparable Quotient for Mobile App Development

Around 5 Millions of apps are available in the market, and it’s a big figure in the mobile app development world. Many apps of food delivery, booking cabs, bank transaction, e-wallet, social networking, as well as for shopping are available on play store, but all of them don’t gain the same importance or same appreciation or number of users. The straightforward reason for that is the quality of an app because the popularity of any app is judged by its quality. And the irony is that people don’t even use the apps having low app quality, so to make an irreplaceable place in the world of apps it’s mandatory to develop the high-quality & feature-rich apps.

Why craze of apps took an instantaneous rise

Users love using apps for their various day-to-day activities as these apps allow them to perform several tasks sitting back at home with just a few taps. From paying electricity bills, to order food all can be done within seconds, but when it comes to quality users don’t wish to compromise/settle. Quality of the app is to be given prime attention while developing an app else user will keep switching to another app, just to find the most suitable solution. For mobile app developers, it’s a crux point to focus on the new and cutting edge technologies to deliver a quality-rich app that is apt to fulfill all the user requirements.

One thing that we can’t deny is the constant evolution of technology. This clearly signifies that apps also need maintenance and regular updates which can be another factor that defines the quality of an app. Not only the expertise of developers, strategies, tools, frameworks, and technologies used are the factors responsible for app quality but also some other factors that have a direct impact on the quality of an app. Here we’ve mentioned some of them:

Effective planning of the app

Planning before you initiate is extremely crucial in achieving the outcomes you desire to attain as you remain more cautious during the development of an app. Sometimes there are last-minute additions to an app which can agitate the design of the app. So planning should be done in such a way that it doesn’t hinder the development process at all. Healthy planning is beneficial to have an assessment of the required resources that’ll be necessitated for further accomplishment of the project.

Elegant app design

The design of the app must be simple though elegant, and with best UI/UX designs you can evacuate any complexity that users usually confront and provide better usability. The key to having a good app design is maintaining a balance of simplicity and elegance. The simple design influences the customer manageability of the application & easily enhances user interactivity. Henceforth, we can say that the design of an app also impacts the quality of the app.

App features

For a high-quality app, having top-notch features is a vital factor. The number of features and the type of features determines the quality of the app. It might be expensive for you to have various features loaded on your app, but users prefer to visit apps that offer multiple features. If the features of the app are low, then it seems that the app is of poor quality and users may leave your app. So, it’s again a relevant factor that determines the quality of an app.

Agile development process

Process one opts for developing mobile app matters a lot. Many mobile app development companies follow a different agile development process for their projects. An app with high-end functionalities does find numerous users for it, and people attract towards those apps because of its stunning expressive design. Following an Agile methodology will undoubtedly help you deliver outcomes that suit the taste of the users, which conclusively helps you to increase your customer engagement and improve the quality of your Mobile app.

Security of the app

Security is also a viewpoint when it comes to the privacy of the customers. Confidentiality of an app establishes the belief among your users towards your app. The data theft and hacking is a concern for users if they don’t find an app with great security features they won’t appreciate your app. Consequently, it is imperative to safeguard users’ information to retain your users and to make your customer stay safe so that they don’t disappear from your app. 

App testing

As far as Testing is concerned, it’s the final phase of Mobile app development as well as determines the app quality and strictly suggested for the quality of the application. An app with zero-error or a bug-free app delights the users as it conclusively enhances the performance of the app. Addressing bugs and solving them is done in this phase, likewise enable you to enhance the nature of the application to render satisfactory end results.


Success & Failure of an app completely depends on its quality. Not just coding but the quality of the Mobile app development solution is impacted by several components. To enhance the quality of the app above-stated aspects are to be examined so that more users visit your application.