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Major challenges Startups face after Mobile App launch

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As an increase in smartphone users, the mobile app industry has gone broaden with time. These are a list of uncountable reasons that can readily explain why mobile apps are so incredible. Software installed in a smartphone can avail you the proper service any time, like pop up notification, regular updates representing changes and modifications in services as well as the app design.

Business startups are now widely opting the service of the mobile app development company. Every young user and the well-settled person that s dependent on itself and no lack of money is using a smartphone and prefers almost remote services on its doorstep because no one has much time to visit the place. Most of the working people stay busy in making life simpler. These all are enough reasons why people look for online services, mobile apps are the best platform for both to opt as well as provide services online through the web or native mobile apps. ---------


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Forthcoming Mobile App Development Trends to be followed in 2020 and Ahead

Mobile App Development Trends

Technology has continued to grow at a rapid pace and disrupted our lives by presenting us with smart solutions that fulfill our demands. Things that were science fiction till yesterday are today’s reality. From the advent of the personal computer, smartphones to the ascent of technologies like AI, Wearables, Beacon, and IoT technology has been exponentially progressing. As of now, when talking about the fastest-growing areas of technology, mobile technology is one of the fast-growing areas. Organizations are harnessing the power of technology, especially the mobile application industry is revamping their reality. ---------


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How Microservices are Remodelling the Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile devices are rapidly growing as the user’s most preferred choice for internet browsing. Amidst the market leaders focusing on furnishing customers with superior user experiences, presently, we are observing an accelerated rise in user expectations which mandates the modification of the user experiences you present. Adopting only a mobile-first strategy is not acceptable anymore. A shift to mobile applications presents you ample advantages over your competitors as in the initial days’ users make-do with a responsive website. ---------


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Flutter 1.12 highlights and what makes Flutter App Development Popular

Flutter App Development

Google announced the newest version of its cross-platform development framework with new partner Adobe, Flutter 1.12 and its plans for the future. Since the initial release, Flutter has flourished in a short time. Millions of mobile app developers are using Flutter for app development purposes. From the last one year, the Flutter app development framework has emerged as the fastest-growing language and open-source project.

This time the latest release Flutter 1.12 may not appear to be a significant release. Still, Google has proclaimed that the fifth stable release of the Flutter framework will bring in subtle improvements. These enhancements cover the beta version of web support and the alpha release of macOS support. Furthermore, it also combines iOS 13 Dark Mode support, enhanced Add-to-App experience, and much more. ---------



MongoDB Vs. MySQL: Which Database to opt for adding proficiency to your Business?

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Choosing the right DBMS (Database management system) from a business prospect may end up having a dilemma in your mind. In recent years, DBMSs like MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and MySQL have been dominant.

As a relational database, MySQL database has become one of the inexpensive choices for companies searching for a relational database around the world. A non-relational database like MongoDB attends the enterprise’s needs concerning fluid data because of the variety and volume of data. ---------


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Small Business Owners: Utilizing Mobile App Technology to increase profits

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Mobile app development is on high trend from the day smartphones came in to existence and in reach of most of the users. A current study reveals the dependence of small businesses on mobile technology. The AT&T Small Business Technology Poll of 2013 states 85% of small companies now employs smartphones for doing business. Furthermore, the survey also showed that 80% of small firms established two years ago or fewer use tablets. Nowadays, smartphone users are increasing exponentially day by day. People stick to their mobile phones at least for 2 hours in one day. So, if you utilize mobile app technology, it will boost your business profits. ---------


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Mobile App Security Checklist: Best Practices to Secure a Mobile App

Mobile App Security

Several cybercrimes arising has brought the mobile app security into suspicion, and if you also wonder whether your app is reliable or not, think about security assessment. Since several apps demand access to user data, mobile app developers need to implement optimum security for their respective platforms. Today, each organization, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, are progressing and moving towards getting their mobile applications developed. It is not that easy to outshine others in this dog-eat-dog competition in the mobile app industry. ---------


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Everything you need to know about Live Streaming App Development

Live Streaming App Development

With each passing day, technology is expanding more electric and faster, and people are just accustomed to it entirely. In the past few years, video streaming apps have popularized because of the growing penetration of smartphones. The limitless border of live streaming has now enabled people to attend events, conferences and concerts and all by staying at home. With live-streaming apps, there will be an ability to perform video broadcasts and share globally in real-time to open up new experiences for the other users. As far as the live streaming market is concerned, by 2021, it is projected to plunge to $70 billion. ---------


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Waterfall Vs. Agile: Choose The Right Development Methodology

Right Development Methodology

As a business, if you are about to get an application developed with a vision that it would enhance your operations, managing productivity, and your workflows. The very first thing you will encounter will be to plan out your approach for development. It needs a lot of discussions, often a heated debate that you should follow Waterfall or Agile. If you have no idea where to begin, It is best for you to think about the project as a whole and then choose the right development methodology.

What is the Waterfall methodology?

Waterfall Model methodology is also termed as Liner Sequential Life Cycle Model which is followed in sequential order. In this model, the development team only proceeds to the succeeding phase of development or testing after the previous one is completed successfully. ---------


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Why Food & Beverage App Development Getting Fabulous Response

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Everyone loves eating, and nothing is better than sitting in comfort, reading your favorite novel, watching some show or movie or just gossiping with your family & friends, but thought of cooking food for everyone makes you sometimes unhappy. The days have gone when you have to dine in or visit hotels or restaurants for having your favorite food and beverages. With the advent of food & beverage app, all can be done in seconds with a few taps on your mobile phone screens now. Applications like Zomato, Foodpanda, and Swiggy has transformed the business processes of the restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels. ---------