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Microsoft’s Math Solver App is out, applies AI to solve Mathematical Problems

Math Solver App

Microsoft has launched the Math Solver app, which is an app-in-one solution to solve mathematical problems instantly for Android or iOS devices. The app runs by applying artificial intelligence (AI) which identifies numerical questions and suggests solutions for an extensive array of mathematical concepts. The users of the Microsoft Math Solver app need to add their mathematical questions by drawing, scanning, inserting pictures or typing on the screen. Additionally, the app is composed in a way that presents graphs and a step-by-step explanation of the answers. ---------


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Various Phases Involved in Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Developing an app might sound pretty straight forward, but might not be that easy at the end of the day. Simply, you have a clear case for the development of an app, it doesn’t warranties that you should go ahead and develop the app. The app as a business idea might be a lucrative option since millions of apps are listed, both in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The best part is, these apps are generating revenues for the developers.

Since the app is software that is run on the mobile, one should adopt the conventional framework provided by the software development life cycle (SDLC). This will ensure that you develop an app with a systematic approach, right from the inception of the idea to app testing. Mobile App Development is not a difficult task but adopting a systematic approach based on SDLC, can ensure the successful development of an app for a mobile app development company. ---------


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An Overview of EHR Development for Healthcare Mobile App

EHR Development

The healthcare sector is extensively using EHR software, and the reason behind it is it was touted as a key to increasing of quality care. An electronic health record is a systematic compilation of patient and community electronically-stored health data in a digital form. As per the reports of Grand View Research, in 2018 the global EHR market worth $20.4 billion and by 2023 it is anticipated to touch $33.294 billion. As of today, the EHR technology has grown as an upper-level system that assembles, interprets, and maintains information for prompt treatments, medical prescriptions, and much further. The application of EHR development has got lots of potentials, and we will be discussing it in detail and unveil various aspects here. ---------


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Role of Mobile App Analytics in App Engagement

Mobile App Analytics

Nothing is more challenging for businesses than to engage the users and retain them, despite many app downloads, and how to boost the app performance today. In the struggle to resolve user engagement & retention and app performance issues, mobile app analytics is regarded as the authentic rescue system. Though app analytics tools are robust and offer insightful details about the app-user association, at times, they turn out to be an obstacle for mobile app developers and stakeholders for several reasons. Since app analytics is data-driven, the data-driven strategies and arrangements always come up with more pragmatic and more potent results. Tracking app downloads and rankings in the app stores have a substantial role in measuring the real performance of the mobile application. ---------


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Updates to your Android Apps Will Now Be Half of What They Used to Be

Android apps

Android Apps Development Updates

Lack of storage in your Smartphones will no longer be an issue as Google has made a significant change in its Play Store app delivery system which will help to boost up updates and lower data consumption by shrinking their size. Now mobile app development companies will have something more in their hand to play with.The number of mobile application updates being given by Android apps developer has been seen on a stable rise. An updated algorithm will lower the size of updates by as much as fifty percent by downloading only the necessary changes to APK files and integrating them with current files – introducing a far more proficient system than earlier implemented. ---------