iOS 13: Most Prominent Features Coming to Your iPhone

iOS 13

Apple recently launched iOS 13, which will make the iPhone faster, smarter, and more secure. However, the iPhone users have been using the beta software since it was available in June at WWDC. This beta version was accessible to induce a transparent image of how the new OS updates will operate. The latest version is damn pretty and has now come up with many improvements. Earlier this month, Apple introduced iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, which are Apple’s new top-of-the-line smartphones. Sounds dramatic, but with iOS 13, Apple once again takes on Google’s Android 10 in a constant battle of being the most dominant, private, and adaptable OS. iOS 13 is packed with dozens of killer features, and here we will be discussing all the significant features of iOS 13. ---------


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Android Q vs. iOS 13-Which One Makes a Difference?

Android Q vs. iOS 13

The two most popular platforms, iOS, and Android are contesting ever since their genesis. Both the platforms are always in constant debate as and when new iOS and Android operating systems are launched every year by Apple and Google. None of them is in the shade due to the launch of a new feature in an opponent’s platform.

The consistent strife among the two platforms leads to the development of new features without fail, and their launch in the market makes it challenging for iOS and Android app development companies to figure out which is better. As per the latest trends and features prevalent in the market, there is similarity in the list of features found in both the apps developed by the iOS and Android app developers. The latest software updates of both, i.e., Android Q and iOS 13, which are in beta stage as of now launched by Google and Apple respectively, are currently in the market. The mobile phones are a slab of metal and glass without the operating systems that powers them. ---------



Apple’s Next-gen iOS Operating System: iOS 13 Preview Expected in June

iOS 13

The whole world is set to witness the launch of the latest operating system, Apple iOS 13 at the annual iOS app developer conference. The WWDC known as the Worldwide Developers Conference will commence on June 3 to continue up till June 7.

Rumors from credible sources throw light on the features that are expected to show up in the upcoming latestios operating system that is already being developed in California. At the June debut, several leaks are expected to be seen deciding the new look of the UI. It is possible to receive the all new dark mode, and a new volume interface. The iPad will have new multitasking abilities, fresh un-doing, and redoing gestures, expect to have a merged panel for Find My friends and Find My iPhone. The restructured Reminder and Mail apps, with few cross-platform abilities for the iPhone app developers to quickly transfer the apps to the Mac, are some of the upcoming features. Let us even expect to know about the official launch of the forthcoming release of the iPhones. ---------