How is Artificial Intelligence making a difference in Healthcare Industry?

Artificial Intelligence

The world is entering a completely digital century from this time, the few decades have brought a great revolution in technical aspects of growth and development up to a very high level. Artificial intelligence has changed the world in every way, even highly literate people are completely dependent on the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is the composition of various useful apps including alarm, calculator, camera, social media, etc. that are the basis of people’s life now. Health care applications are one of them, the fitness apps, wearable technology app integrated to monitor activity recorded by wrist bands and other wearable devices. ---------


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Ways the Wearable Devices Transfiguring the Healthcare Industry

Wearable Devices

It may be surprisingly shocking that wearable devices have been around for centuries. Since then, mobile application development companies have been engaged in developing wearable mobile apps. In today’s world, the popularity of Wearables has shifted to the healthcare industry also. There emerged the need for the Wearables ultimately as people are a bit busy and can’t take care of their well-being in a conventional way.

The Emergence of Wearables- need for Wearable Technology

These devices are the perfect solution which is worn continuously on the body that monitors several health parameters, and suitably transmit information about the health conditions to the users and doctors. In the last four years, the use of wearable technology has tripled because of the increasing demand of consumers More than 80% of users are willing to use fitness Wearables- a study from Business Insider Intelligence stated. ---------