Case Study

Case Study: ‘Gullak – Expense Manager and Money Saver’


GULLAK – MONEY MANAGER helps you keep track of your expenses and income. It manages your money more effectively and helps you to SAVE up to 30% of your monthly expenses. It’s a very good finance planner app.
Gullak – Money Manager is an integrated expense tracker designed to help you track your expenses, income, bills-due and account balances. It is easy to understand and the best way to record your financial data. Crossing over 1 million downloads in the different app stores.

Business Need

Our Client wanted to get an app that work on both platforms i.e iOS and Android. They wanted a user-friendly app which is easy to use and we all know competition in the app business today is so high, our testing team test our design so that users love to use simple, professional app. Constant update and improvements keep users satisfied and number of users are increasing day by day. So AppSquadz provide a online app which is user friendly. ---------