Amazon India Rolling Out its Electric Delivery Rickshaws by 2025

Amazon India Rolling Out its Electric Delivery Rickshaws

This Monday, Amazon India announced it has begun to work on its electric vehicle (EV) delivery fleet in India that intends to introduce 10,000 EVs on the streets by the end of 2025. Isn’t it amazing? This move has been initiated as part of the company’s global Climate Pledge, as declared in September 2019. Additionally, the overall pledge endeavors to introduce one lakh electric delivery vehicles in action globally. This way, the move in India is the initial step towards accomplishing that object. ---------


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E-scooter App Development like Bird and Lime


E-scooters are in the news since they were launched and gaining a lot of popularity. The purpose behind the adoption of these e-scooters is to pave the way to go green (facilitating green transportation). Applications like Lime and Bird already exist in the market. Since these e-scooter applications are getting a massive response among the users, various companies are now launching new e-scooter app development solutions.

What is an Electric Scooter App?

Electric scooter app is an on-demand mobile app which allows users to hire an e-scooter. Just like Uber and Ola app, you can use e-scooter apps for booking your ride with an electric scooter that will furnish you with superior riding experience. The idea behind launching the e-scooter in India is booming as these e-scooters can single-handedly eliminate the cost of cabs, parking issues, maintenance and much more. ---------


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New York may soon be going to Witness the Idea of Legalized e-Scooters

New York may Witness Legalized eScooters

It is expected that the roads of New York will soon be packed with e-Scooters. Since the time Germany has allowed the e-Scooters to be on the streets; New York is poised to take it easy on the idea of legalizing e-Scooters. Soon two-wheeled e-scooter will be seen in the streets of New York. Various e-Scooters app development company has taken charge to provide a dockless electric scooter app for vehicle sharing platform.

The people much like the popularly trending e-Scooters because of its mode of operation through the crowd on the road. It can be operated on the sidewalks amidst the trees. No wonder, the eco-friendly ride offers many benefits on the environmental level and even affect the economy for good, it is still considered an under-rated option to commute. It is also because of the carefree attitude linked with the ride that bothers people walking on the sidewalks and makes it more accessible to accidents. ---------