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WhatsApp business app gets its ‘Catalog’ features help to showcase small businesses and startups

Business app

Whatsapp was owned by Facebook in recent years and released WhatsApp business app for easy navigation on business purpose. Now the app is introducing a new feature expanding its capabilities dedicated to the business owners. Whatsapp is helping out businesses to reach their customers with the help of smartphones and another device like a tablet. Inspiring e-commerce app development companyintegrating into their apps. The new catalog feature in WhatsApp business app allows a showcase to the service providers. This feature offers a section to the businesses where they can upload details of products and services. Customers can reach directly to the businesses and browse photos, prices, and descriptions help to make their purchase decision. ---------


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Augmenting the Future: Exploring the Practicality of AR Apps

AR Apps

Augmented reality (AR) has become more common in the world of games and entertainment these days. Gamers adopted this technology as this technology allowed for more immersive experiences. AR-based applications such as Pokémon Go, Zombie Go, etc. went viral in no time and kept users hooked onto the game. Regardless of this, AR has struggled to gain widespread adoption outside the gaming and entertainment domains. Here we will be exploring how AR apps will bring a revolution to the other industries too who are deprived of AR apps and feel isolated. ---------


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Top Magento E-Commerce Development Trends in 2019

Magento E-Commerce Development

Over the years, the e-commerce trade has gone under considerable transformation. It has very eloquently embraced the various technologies which have transformed the way people shop online. The websites must acclimatize to the dynamic behavior of the online customer to remain ahead in the race of e-commerce development.

Magento is a framework that is widely used by the e-commerce development company. Magento E-Commerce Development has managed to blow the world’s socks off by providing the perfect ways to develop online e-commerce stores. Magento development company even offers web promotions of the websites using SEO schemes. ---------


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Progression of Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

It’s expected that there will be more than 4.8 billion people using a cellular mobile phones before the end of 2016. A late report noticed that 39 percent of every mobile user in the U.S. had made a mobile payments in 2015. This is up from 14 percent in 2014 and by my estimations will in the 70 percent range by 2017.