AWS launches Amazon AppFlow: Its New SaaS Integration Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) on 23, April 2020, (Wednesday) has announced the launch of its new third-party application which is AppFlow. Amazon AppFlow is one of the fully managed services that allow the data between the third party that assist you to create custom code. This new integration service assists customers and thus makes it easier for the developers to transfer the data between the SaaS applications and AWS such as Slack, Google Analytics, Marketo, and more.

Unlike the competitors, AWS (Amazon Web Service) is highly positioned with these services more and more as the data transfer services can help to automate the workflow. This data flow can be bidirectional in many ways and therefore, this announcement can be mostly focused on moving data from SaaS applications and can be read out for more future analysis. This AWS AppFlow offers a very easy and intuitive way to its customers thus merging with the data from AWS and SaaS applications, even though it does not move across the public internet. With the help of these mobile applications, the customers can help to bring together and can assist to manage the petabytes, megabytes, and exabytes of data spread all over the globe in applications. ---------