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Augmenting the Future: Exploring the Practicality of AR Apps

AR Apps

Augmented reality (AR) has become more common in the world of games and entertainment these days. Gamers adopted this technology as this technology allowed for more immersive experiences. AR-based applications such as Pokémon Go, Zombie Go, etc. went viral in no time and kept users hooked onto the game. Regardless of this, AR has struggled to gain widespread adoption outside the gaming and entertainment domains. Here we will be exploring how AR apps will bring a revolution to the other industries too who are deprived of AR apps and feel isolated. ---------



Snapchat and Spotify Collaborate for Diwali Theme Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Snapchat and Spotify have coupled together for the Diwali-themed Augmented Reality lens, which solely works at a single location: The Gateway of India in Mumbai. It will revive the important bend milestone as it moves- broadens, inclinations, and turns, in the particular sense- to the beats of Spotify playlists to be explicit “Diwali Shuffle”, “Diwali Drive”, or “Diwali Bash”. It acts primarily just like any other Snapchat Lens. Open Snapchat when you are close to the Gateway of India, tap on the bolstered Spotify point of convergence in the location of convergence carousel, and after that point your camera at the milestone. It will be available for the coming next ten days until October 23 at the Gateway of India in Mumbai. ---------



How Augmented Reality Assists your Mobile App to be Ahead of the Curve?

Augmented Reality

Today Augmented Reality (AR) has become increasingly commonplace as more companies are leveraging this technology. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are cousins, where AR combines digital factors with real-life and VR build an entirely digital world. The market has beheld a growth in the application of AR for mobile apps ever since the use of Augmented Reality on Pokémon Go and Snapchat app pushed AR into the public’s notice. AR succeeded to grow as the mainstream illustrating a powerful potential to benefit various industries verticals, while other influential technologies were hogging the limelight. As per the recent reports from Statista, the global A.R. market is supposed to grow from $3.5 billion in 2017 to $198+ billion U.S. dollars in 2025. Although AR is yet in the development stage, quick adoption and implementation of it can help your mobile application to stand ahead of the curve. ---------


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Internet Of Things and other Trending Technologies: How are they Connected?

Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things has finally entered into many of the industries, and it has popped the bubble of buzz around the same. As of now, there are around 31 billion devices around us that are connected and help in performing daily tasks for us. It is because the products are completely focused on the needs and the requirements of the customer, it is extremely popular. The development of IoT product has taken over the world and many app development companies now, are providing that as a service.

There are typically two types of devices in IoT, one is a device that will read the data around you using sensors and it will provide that as the data. For instance, the thermostat of the air conditioner. The second type of device is the one that actually performs some action and these could include the actuators and locks for instance. Since IoT is not the only prevalent technology in the world right now, let us see the magic it creates when combined with other trending technologies. ---------