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Native vs Hybrid Mobile Application Development Forms

mobile application development

Native vs Hybrid Mobile Application Development

The minute you consider putting resources into mobile application development, you’re instantly looked with different kinds of phrasing. What are web, hybrid and native mobile applications? All the more essentially, which is most suitable for you and your application?

One of the main choices you’ll confront is which sort of application to construct. Also, there is no authoritative answer. Your decision will rely upon a cluster of contending factors, including your financial plan and your due date.


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Top 10 Most Reliable Mobile App Development Companies in USA

United States is a leading country when one talks about mobile app development companies. The abundance of talent here is incomparable with any other country. There are more than 1000+ mobile application development companies in USA which provide services such as android app development, iOS app development, digital marketing, web development etc. As per various surveys, USA is the largest application development sector with potential to grow even further. It is definitely a herculean task to manually filter out hand picked companies which have a definite market value. Thus, to help you out, we have made a list of the top 10 mobile application development companies to make your search, for the one you should pick, easier.

Thus, continue reading for a list of the top 10 mobile app development companies to help you out.


Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Company: Choose the One with Right Acumen

Mobile App Development Company

Mobile Application has changed the way we live and has become a vital part of our life. In today’s life that is more isolated, the mobile app and mobile games is one of the most widely used means of entertainment for people, mainly those living in urban areas. This creates a good opportunity for application development. If you have a mobile Application idea that could entertain people in a completely new way, a mobile app development company would help you turn the idea into something that pays off for a long time.

Mobile App Development, a Big Opportunity for High Return

Over the last few years, the market for a mobile app has grown many folds. People of all age groups, today, increasingly rely on mobile apps for the entertainment and other purposes. With that, it seems a pretty good idea to invest in building a mobile app. But as the market is flooded with apps, there is tough competition for a mobile app to stand out of the crowd.


Web App Development

Benefits of PHP Laravel Framework in Web World

PHP Laravel Framework

PHP Laravel Framework

Laravel is a free open source PHP web framework that is used for web applications development. It is a top framework packed with amazing features that help build an excellent web app. Some of the features include modular packaging system with a dedicated dependency manager, several techniques used for accessing relational databases, utilities to help deploy apps and maintain them, and most importantly its orientation toward syntactic sugar. PHP Laravel framework provides a plethora of benefits that are as follows.


iPhone Apps Development

IPhone App Development Company – Hire iOS Developers

IPhone App Development

Since the launch of iOS 5 which has promised double the number of features offered by the last version iOS 4, there has been a sharp rise in the number of app development companies providing iOS and iPhone app development services. iOS developers can build innovative apps that best utilize the features of the latest platform. Choose a company having the strength of at least 50-100 employees expert in different areas of app development such as graphic design, UI design, programming and quality testing.


Mobile App Development

Hire Mobile Application Development Company USA

Mobile application development company USA

Mobile Application Development Company USA

In today’s life, mobile devices especially Smartphones have become a real necessity for every one of us and its uses are now not confined to just calling and receiving messages. The usefulness of Smartphone extended to many activities like chatting, social networking, playing games, online shopping, bank transactions and much more. All these activities became handy because of Smartphones only. Nowadays Smartphones comes pre-loaded with smart applications which make your professional and personal tasks easy to perform. We are one of the top notch mobile application development company USA offering development service for ios and android platform.


Web App Development

Benefits of PHP Application Development

PHP Application Development

With the widespread access of internet and the coming of a wide range of at affordable cost, the people are spending a chunk of time over their Smartphone. Be searching information or products or shopping goods, the internet has emerged as the single most convenient and effective tools for millions of people across the world. If you want to target those people using the Internet to meet more of their needs in daily life, it is a good idea to have a responsive website application. And that is what PHP is all about. Here is a crucial insight into some great advantages of PHP application development and how to find a company that can take on your project effectively.


iPhone Apps Development

Things to Remember while Designing iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

According to Statistic, as of June 2016 Apple’s App Store has over two million apps available to download, making it the second largest application store in the world. And as you read this, thousand other application ideas are either being conceived or in pipeline ready to be launched on the store. Designing and executing an application are two crucial phases in iPhone apps, wherein both are inter-dependent. So unless your design is solid, shaping up your application can give you sleepless nights. Don’t worry; this blog has got you covered to start-off with your iPhone apps.

Here is a list of essential elements to remember while designing an iPhone Apps:

Maturity of the platform

3D touch, multi-tasking, new fonts, auto layout, stack views and adaptive layouts are some of your handy tools and techniques for an advanced and perfectly compatible iPhone application. Make sure to use them wisely while setting up the base design of your application.

Points & Pixels

The device iPhone has primarily four resolutions- 320 x 480 pt(iPhone 4), 320 x 568 pt (iPhone 5), 375 x 667 pt (iPhone 7) and 414 x 736 pt (iPhone 7 Plus). While designing the application for iPhone, it should be remembered that the layout doesn’t scale itself but expands based on the assigned resolution. Additionally, elements inside it remain intact. So, a design should be such that it transcends and adapts to the screen resolution for which the points and pixels are of utmost importance.

App Icon

The branding of the app is fulfilled by the app’s icon and so is an indispensable element while designing an iPhone Application. Since it’s the first thing that your users will see, it should be convincing enough about what your application is. Plus, it appears on multiple places like Home Screen, the App Store, in spotlight and in settings. So it is advisable to work ardently on its icon design, icon grid, colors and shape.

Sketch it up

Visualizing pre-hand and sketching up the layout of the app is very useful while execution comes into picture. Pictures and jot on the paper as how the app would look like, what information it would present, the interface it is going to provide and the flow of information, images, text, etc. Sketching will make your task easy and you’ll be right on your schedule too.

So, there you go. Get started with your application. Good luck!


Android Apps Development

Looking for an Android Application Development Company in UK?

Android Application Development company in UK

Android Application Development Company in UK

With the rise in the number of Android powered devices in the market along with the adoption of Android on large level by mobile makers, there is no doubt that Android App Development is a service which no company can avoid. AppSquadz Technologies understands this fact well and thus endeavors to cultivate exceptional solution for Android based applications. Their fervent and adaptive nature has made the leading Android Application Development Company in UK.

The talented Android app development team of AppSquadz Technologies is capable of developing engaging apps for Android devices such as phones, tablets, wearable and phablets. They optimize the design of the app as per your requirements so that the user experience in the app is personalized and has a least learning curve.

Their team of product managers will work with you starting from conceptualization of your application to the deployment on the app store based on the platform you developed it for. They will help you craft an Android application which is robust and scalable; designed with a UI that competes the best applications available in the market.

Whether you are planning for an application which will improve the productivity of your organization’s employees, or a multimedia based application which aggregates content and streams it to the users, or even a contest based app to interact with customers in your store, AppSquadz Technologies can help you cultivate a solution which will not only give your customers a cutting edge experience but also maximize your ROI. The company houses industry’s best tools and technologies along with top Android mobile app developers to bring unique and exceptional solutions for your project within time and within budget.

Being an agile mobile app development company in the UK, AppSquadz Technologies follows a simple process for mobile app development:

  • They define your business objective. Then, they conceptualize the mobile app and outline the application flow.
  • After that, they develop and deploy the mobile app on the app store as an enterprise app or as a downloadable app, depending as per your specific requirements.

To find out how AppSquadz Technologies can work together on an Android application for your business project, get in touch with them through their website –


Mobile App Development

A Brief About Mobile Application Development Company in UK

Mobile Application Development Company in UK

Mobile Application Development Company in UK

In last couple of years, there has been a great rise in recognition of Smartphone Applications. People love to spend most of their time on applications. The recent figures of spike in the number of mobile applications clearly prove the fact. Bearing these facts in mind, AppSquadz Technologies offers customized mobile application development services as per to the requirements of the clients. We are a mobile app development company that has a successful track record of developing vast range of mobile applications including services such as, Native & Cross Platform Applications Development, Mobile Applications Porting & Migration, and Quality Testing & QA. It is because of these amazing features that AppSquadz Technologies has been able to be the best mobile application development company in UK and there is lot more that is yet to be explored.

Native Mobile Applications

AppSquadz Technologies is a reliable Mobile Application Development Company in UK offering swift, steadfast, and stout mobile applications for Smartphones. The User Interface is receptive and sleek for incredible response and user-experience. Native Applications are explicitly designed and coded for a single platform which can utilize all the features of the target devices and operating system.

Cross Platform Mobile Applications

We provide Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Services for businesses to build “Ready to market” mobile applications enabling them to quickly introduce their applications on different operating systems. Cross Platform Mobile Applications are helpful as they minimize costs; saving up to 60% of the development cost, thereby enhancing the time of development.

Mobile Applications for Porting and Migration

Our Mobile Application Porting & Migration services help clients in promising the performance of their applications on different versions and platforms of operating system. We optimize the mobile applications for varied platforms and devices with the help of advanced technologies and development strategies without compromising on data and performance index. These services not only minimize time for new product market but also enhance customer base and satisfaction.

Testing and Quality Assurance of Mobile Applications

AppSquadz Technologies is among the supreme Mobile application development companies in the UK and we very well understand that mobile applications Testing & QA is lot more than just the simple software testing automation. Therefore, we provide exceptional services and to achieve the top quality bar, we test the functionality of mobile apps in the mobile ecology; before sending it off for the launch.