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Digital revolution has a great impact on our life – be professional or personal.  It is hard to imagine a life today without access to digital tools. From searching information, internal communication to connecting with people across different locations, digital revolution has made it all incredibly convenient and fast. Every business outfit – no matter what they do – is increasingly resorting to getting mobile applications, particular android app that has the largest users across the world.  AppSquadz as a top Android Apps Development Company in India explicitly tells about the benefits of android enabled apps over apps with other OS.

According to the firm, android has more potential to explore wide market. In other words, building an android app will allow businesses to reach to a wide range of audiences across the globe. Studies show that Android has the large market share in terms of the number of users.  Hence, businesses that invest in the Android target more users.

In this age of digital revolution, just building an app is not the way you can get your business take off and go ahead of competition. You need a mobile app that is designed in a way that boosts your ability to market your brands and reach wider section of digital audiences.  According to a new report, Android delivers 12 percent more as inventory compared to iOS and other platforms.

Top android apps Development Company in India & USA aims to build android apps that are more agile and provides fast turnaround. Android provides the best ability to adapt quickly to changes. And this is why renowned developers of the world use this platform to develop a mobile application. Working with a renowned android app development company gives you a large gamut of benefits for your mobile app project.

  • Flawless App development
  • Project completion in timely and professional manner
  • App designed in a way that helps in optimizing the app
  • Seamless communication ineffectively manner
  • And the most importantly, guaranteed of data privacy and security

In addition, working with Android apps Development Company in India & USA gets you much more benefits. A long term relationship is one of them and the company provides special offers to their loyal clients.  Also, you can hire dedicated developers for your project and you will not need to worry about the resources needed to build a mobile application.



Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Apps Uninstall Rates

Mobile App Development Company

So you have developed an amazing mobile app, marketed it well and downloads have started to pour in.

But wait a minute…

Your user count is still low and not growing.

If that sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Now that’s a worrying statistic.

Don’t know why users are uninstalling your app soon after downloading it.

If you like to promote your AppAppSquadz a prominent mobile Application Development Company provides some basic tips for helping your app to appear in Google’s ‘app pack’ search results.

Here’s reason!

There can be lot of reasons why your mobile apps are being uninstalled by your users, some of the reasons are stated here.

    1. Notifications: Most people can’t resist checking their phone when a new notification comes in and become quite disappointed if it is not important or something they care about. Mobile Apps that frequently push notifications about their updates or to ask for a good review or anything that is too pushy at that moment is more likely to get uninstalled.
    2. Slow loading times: Our attention span is decreasing continuously, and if something is taking too long, we tend to switch to a faster alternative. If your app takes more loading time, there is a high probability user will bid a goodbye to them very soon.
    3. Bad UI/UX: Similarly, if the app does not offer an easy and accessible way to do things, users are more inclined to switch to another option rather than learn and adapt.
    4. Unwanted resource usage: Applications that are themselves slow are bad enough, but if an app is slowing down other things on the phone, then users are going to get rid of it quickly. Users are even less tolerant of apps that use precious data while not actually running.
    5. Too many updates: While users tend not to be opposed to apps updating on their own, frequent updates tie into the concerns about notifications, slow loading times and unwanted resource usage. If a user needs to download a new update almost every time they use the app, then they internalize it as part of the app’s loading time, leading to deletion.

How Can You Reduce App Uninstalls?

So, what to do make your mobile apps on your user’s device? Even with a lightning-fast app, an excellent user interface, and no intrusive notifications and frequent updates, you are not guaranteed to reduce app uninstalls.

However, here is some things that you can do to keep your users engaged with your mobile application month after month.

    1. Understand your customers well:
      The most important step in reducing app uninstalls is to understand your target audience. Look at reviews and ratings of your app as well as those of competitors. Often, users will tell you the reasons.

In-app preferences and usage behaviors can also tell you a lot about how your users interact with the app. For example, if many of your users are frequently disabling some of the notifications, then maybe others are uninstalling your app for the same reason.

    1. Measure app engagement:
      It is impossible to improve the users’ engagement with your app and reduce uninstalls and abandonment if you don’t have data on just how engaged your users are. It is important to establish what the benchmarks are for your app’s particular genre and audience, and then regularly compare your app against them. This can often put you ahead of the curve when it comes to spotting issues that could lead to app uninstalls.

If you see the average session time for your users drop from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, then that is a sign that something in the app’s user experience or value proposition needs to be tweaked before you start losing users.

    1. Be consistent with app updates:
      Adding a new functionality, maintaining security standards and fixing bugs or unintended behaviors through updates are all important parts of retaining your user base and help reduce your mobile app uninstall rate, but frequent updates can also drive users off by interrupting their flow and adding extra loading time to your app.

Release updates for your application, but be sure not to make them too frequent. The timing depends on your users’ particular use patterns. If it is an app that they use multiple times a day, an update once every week or two should be fine, but if your users are only using it a few times a week, waiting a few months between major updates might be the better option.

    1. Measure the KPIs:
      Keep track of your application’s key performance indicators before launching, such as loading times, resource usage and launch rates to see where your application is experiencing technical bottlenecks. If your application slows down or starts crashing more often, fixing it is a priority since it can result in losing users. It is also helpful to keep an eye out on the KPI’s of competing applications.

If a competitor’s app reduces loading times significantly in an update or starts using fewer resources, it could affect your user base. Following suit, or finding another way of giving your users more value, could be necessary to avoid app uninstalls in such a case, but knowing about it early can help you keep those customers and not have to try to win them back.

    1. Provide ease of support:
      Make it easy for your users to get in touch with you, whether through the app itself, a website or even social media. If your users feel that they can easily contact you and get a response, they are more likely to tell you their concerns before abandoning the app.

Even those users who have already uninstalled the app can be a valuable source of information on how to improve your user experience or value proposition. By following up with those users and re-engaging them through additional marketing, you may learn more about how to reduce your apps uninstalls and possibly even win many of those customers back by listening to their concerns.

    1. Be personal:
      Your users are more likely to continue to engage with the app and are less likely to uninstall it if they feel that there is a person on the other end with whom they have a personal relationship.


    1. Participate in a regular engaging dialogue:
      Your users are important stakeholders in your app’s development, and it is important to make them feel like they are. This can be as simple as adding a comments section to your app’s website or having a member of the customer service or marketing team engage regularly in discussions of your app in online communities.

Let your users know what new updates are coming up with the app and show that you value their feedback. If your user community feels that their views are taken into account in the development process, they are more likely to stick by you even through rough patches in the app’s lifecycle.

    1. Minimize distractions:
      If your application has a good UI and UX base, then your customers are ‘in the zone’ while they are using it. However, any distractions can cause them to stop what they are doing and move on to something else. That is one of the top reasons why things like in-app ads, popups and auto-playing videos are often the reason for app abandonment.

Make sure that your user experience is streamlined and don’t get in the way of the customer using your app. Try to avoid pushing notifications or playing advertisements while the user is in the middle of something, especially if it is a multi-step process.

    1. Stand with your USP:
      There is a reason why you created your app in the first place – it does something that no other app does quite as well as it does. That is your unique selling proposition, and it is the reason why your users choose your app over your competitors.

By making sure that your selling proposition is still unique and offers your users value, you can continue engaging both new and current users. It also determines where you should focus on optimizing your user retention strategy. If your USP is to be the fastest, most lightweight app in that sector, then you need to pay extra attention to your performance and loading KPIs, for example.

    1. Assure customer privacy:
      Not securing customer data properly is an easy way to lose a lot of users in this very security-conscious era. 43% of users report uninstalling apps over privacy concerns. Make sure that your security policy and privacy policy is up to date and very easily accessible to your users.

Assure them that you will only collect the information necessary to make the app work and that you only store it when necessary using secure methods. If your customers feel that they can trust you with their data, then they are less likely to switch over to a new and unknown competitor.

The application provides a regular update to the mobile user who has installed it. Thus, providing benefit to our clients (by increasing the business) and their customers. We provide highly prompt and crafted solution to our clients. Thus, providing them maintained service. We are having a dedicated team to provide the application manual of the application developed and top android application developers for development. Thus, with the above advantage we are ready to help everyone. So, hire dedicated android developers AppSquadz Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Contact: +0120-4238296, +91-9717270746 Email us:



Android Apps Development

Android Application Development Company: Building a Great App

android application development company

With Apple app market for developers reached for around $10 million, everyone be it small businesses or individuals is planning to invest in app development. But those looking to cash in this way will have several hurdles. Successfully developing an app is really difficult and challenging for small businesses. Choose the right android application development company to get your app developed and stand out of the crowd.

Building a Android app

The process of app development is not a cake walk. And for a mobile app to stand out of the crowd and best meet your business requirements, you need to have the right strategy in place from the day first.

First of all, if you are not going to have an in-house team of developers, you need to choose app developers who have good hands on creating mobile applications for businesses in diverse verticals. When outsourcing your project, it is a good idea to put together a project brief, establish a project timeline and check in regularly to monitor progress.

Know what you want and your business requirements are before you kick off your search for a top android app development company.  Keep in mind the goals you want to achieve with your app and make sure to include features into your app that allow for an effective marketing on social networking sites.

It is a good idea to have a brief conversation with developers before you hire. Discuss your project and goals you want to achieve through your mobile application. Also, try to talk about their past experience and make sure they have good hands-on creating business apps you are exactly looking for.

Secondly, getting your app approved is another challenge that you will have. If you are building an iPhone app, make sure it is developed as per iOS Human Interface Guidelines and the Apple Watch Human Interface guidelines in case the app is for wearable devices.

But if the app is built on Android, you should follow Android launch checklist. You should take a time to thoroughly understand the Google Play Store policies and agreements. Keep in mind how Google Play Store test for quality and determine an app rating. Make sure your app follows the maximum size requirements, which is 100mb for Google Play Store.

And at the last, you should have a strong strategy to get your app stand out of the crowd. The market is full of apps, with a number of apps being launched each day. So it is very important that you have an effective app store optimization for your mobile application. Choose  AppSquadz one of top app development companies in India and USAthat has successfully built a number of apps for businesses that rank well in the app search results.


Android Apps Development

Android Application Development Company: Grow Your Business with a Mobile App

Android Application Development Company

Over the last few years, Smartphone users have grown exponentially all over the world. Of which a majority are android-enabled Smartphone users. According to studies, Android is the most widely used application development framework, accounting for 84.6% global Smartphone market share. And the market share is likely to expand more in the near future, with leading mobile brands offering Smartphones with better features for affordable prices. With that, it is obvious that the demand for a good android development company is going to fly high.

 Is it the need of a mobile app for business?

According to studies, people spend more time on their Smartphones. And a large part of the spent is on using application. Mobile applications are going to be the most preferred way of browsing information products, info, services, shopping online or getting an appointment. This makes it vitally important for businesses to build a mobile app. Here are some prominent advantages of using a mobile app for businesses. It helps you:

  • Build loyalty
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Increase your visibility
  • Increase your accessibility
  • Increase sell-through
  • Increase exposure across mobile devices
  • Connect you with on-the-go consumers


A mobile app is a great tool that allows fast and hassle-free access to your inventory. Also, users get instant notification of special events, discounts, offers, launches, etc, which help make a stronger bond with customers. Users can get to whatever they are looking for just by touching the right icon. Thus, it saves them a good deal of time and effort, which results in a better relationship with customers. A mobile application is the best escort for users and helps them get to your store. Also, with a mobile app, users can make a fast, seamless appointment scheduling.
Why should you build an android mobile app?

Hope, you now understand why you need a good mobile app for your business. But why should businesses prefer android over other frameworks to build their mobile application? According to studies, android has the largest market share. It accounts for accounts for 84.6% global Smartphone market share. In addition, android is easy to use and provides a plethora of possibilities for customization. Whatever your business requirements, android can meet all your expectation precisely.  Being open-source, it is free. And android apps are easy to approve. In addition, there are much more reasons why you should choose android over others. Find an android application development company like AppSquadz that holds a good reputation in the market, expertise in android and world-class resources required to create a high responsive android mobile application.


Android Apps Development

Benefits of Android App Development USA

Android App Development USA

Android App Development USA

A lot of Android application developers have entered in the industry in the recent past. As a matter of fact, there are numerous strong reasons associated with this. Android is an open source platform that enables the developer to have an edge over his opponents. The community of developers is persistently working on different apps and feeds it with the latest technical and sophisticated advancements. This makes sure that the Android platform is less susceptible to breakdowns, apart from being free of bugs. We have mentioned a few benefits associated with Android app development USA.

Maximum Earnings with Minimum Budget

It is very affordable to invest in an Android powered system. Also, you can easily get an experienced Android app developer at cost effective rates. Android includes no licensing charges and you can easily develop advanced apps with least outlay. Loads of innovative apps are now being made with Android, used by millions of devices across the globe.


There is no restriction as far as developing apps for Android is concerned. Android application developer can craft numerous applications, without the need of license expenses. Apart from that, a simple SDK construction does not ask for more resources. You can provide multiple revisions to your clients. Alteration programs are easily and freely available, which will further minimize the costs of development. Businesses have garnered a lot of profits from Android based programs, particularly mobile phone suppliers and wifi workers.

Advanced Integration

Android app development is suitable for all sorts of inter-app integration. In a situation where you have numerous programs and wish to unite or cross-promote them, Android is undeniably a perfect platform. Android technology is ideal for every closely weaved connection between different software apps. A lot of developers have been using Android to innovate apps.

Better Syndication

You can make use of a lot of techniques when it’s about developing Android based apps. With Android, it is possible to disperse different sorts of retailers by using syndication programs. For example, clients can disband Google to personalize your offer and market your products or services. There are numerous solutions revolving around Android based apps, helping you build advanced Android applications.

As per your budget, you can hire Android application developer to develop innovative apps for your business. Before you hire a developer, you should make your own research in order to formulate the best Android app. Technology keeps on changing at a swift pace and it is very crucial to hire a developer who is well versed of such changes, so as to make sure better compliance of your Android based apps.

AppSquadz Technologies specializes with Android App Development USA. With years of experience, the company has assisted hundreds of clients across the globe by developing remarkable mobile applications as per their requirements.


Mobile App Development

Why Android for Mobile App Development USA?

Mobile app development USA

Mobile App Development USA

Android is an open source operating system owned by Google. Since the inception in 2008, Android has become the most preferred substitute to traditional operating systems, especially when it’s about mobile devices. This is the reason Android mobile app development USA has become an essential part of many business which want to get noticed, reached out to more customers, and provide the top-quality customer service. There are numerous advantages of developing an app for Android devices, most importantly flexibility. App migration is trouble-free, and app developers can easily manage the system resources.

When you have an Android mobile application for your business, you can easily make it available in Google Play Store. Play Store has millions of applications (and counting) to date. This shows the vastness and popularity of Android apps with billions of users across the world. A reputable Android application development company with years of experience in developing mobile applications for this OS should be capable of helping you get started in creating a custom and robust mobile application that can help in boosting your ROI and enhance your customer service.

Android mobile app development is reasonable, which makes it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that may not have sufficient resources to invest in applications for another operating system. The open source nature of Android is the reason that Android mobile application development requires a lesser investment. This means that developers can use the software development kit easily and build applications based on Java, leading to a development method which is easier to master and conduct. Similarly, developers can easily make the application more intricate at a more reasonable cost.

Application development for Android tends to have quicker turnaround. The stages usually comprise only three steps:

  1. App development
  2. Testing
  3. Deployment to Google Play

Seasoned developers practice a graceful approach for building Android mobile apps, and they provide further support and maintenance for your applications. So you need not to worry about conducting episodic updates and inspecting bugs and other vulnerabilities by yourself.

Android mobile app development USA can be practical for a business that is integrating a BYOD policy. With Android, a company can find it more reasonable to adopt a BYOD policy, since many Android devices are priced reasonably, and the cost for development of app can be lower. Developers can build an app that have varied functions for business, while ensuring that it is secure.

AppSquadz Technologies is a top-notch Mobile App Development Company in USA. They offer innovative, interactive, well-designed, and dominant mobile app development USA solutions for small and enterprise levels. They have a remarkable track record of associating with worldwide clients and helping them by rendering out-of-the-box mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. They help clients in hiring their experienced and knowledgeable developers for mobile app, games and website development.


Android Apps Development

Looking for an Android Application Development Company in UK?

Android Application Development company in UK

Android Application Development Company in UK

With the rise in the number of Android powered devices in the market along with the adoption of Android on large level by mobile makers, there is no doubt that Android App Development is a service which no company can avoid. AppSquadz Technologies understands this fact well and thus endeavors to cultivate exceptional solution for Android based applications. Their fervent and adaptive nature has made the leading Android Application Development Company in UK.

The talented Android app development team of AppSquadz Technologies is capable of developing engaging apps for Android devices such as phones, tablets, wearable and phablets. They optimize the design of the app as per your requirements so that the user experience in the app is personalized and has a least learning curve.

Their team of product managers will work with you starting from conceptualization of your application to the deployment on the app store based on the platform you developed it for. They will help you craft an Android application which is robust and scalable; designed with a UI that competes the best applications available in the market.

Whether you are planning for an application which will improve the productivity of your organization’s employees, or a multimedia based application which aggregates content and streams it to the users, or even a contest based app to interact with customers in your store, AppSquadz Technologies can help you cultivate a solution which will not only give your customers a cutting edge experience but also maximize your ROI. The company houses industry’s best tools and technologies along with top Android mobile app developers to bring unique and exceptional solutions for your project within time and within budget.

Being an agile mobile app development company in the UK, AppSquadz Technologies follows a simple process for mobile app development:

  • They define your business objective. Then, they conceptualize the mobile app and outline the application flow.
  • After that, they develop and deploy the mobile app on the app store as an enterprise app or as a downloadable app, depending as per your specific requirements.

To find out how AppSquadz Technologies can work together on an Android application for your business project, get in touch with them through their website –


Android Apps Development

Appealing Benefits of Android App Development

Benefits of Android App Development

Looking for mobile application development but not sure whether you should choose android or should go for some other platforms? Like many businesses, you would also prefer android for your mobile application development but still may feel unsure that why you should choose this technology itself. Do not worry at all. Just go through this post that will showcase you some of the most eminent benefits of the great Android technology for mobile application development requirement. Some of the significant benefits of android app development are mentioned below.


Android Apps Development

Hire Top Rated Android App Development Company in UK

Android App Development Company in UK

Android App Development Company in UK

AppSquadz Technologies is a top rated Android app development company in UK, fueling innovation in business mobile engagement stratagem. Being a fervent Android application development agency, they are persistently helping enterprises, SMEs and startups transform their ideas to reality. With an immense experience in Android app development services, the company believe in uniting swiftness, skills, sophistication of execution and technological expertise – leading to engaging and interactive Android mobile applications.

AppSquadz Technologies houses a talented team of brilliant Android UX/UI designers, developers and mobile experts who are capable of rendering high-quality Android app development services. Our squad adapts quickly to frequently changing business and technology by developing Android apps customized to match strategic business objectives.

AppSquadz Technologies is a company of dedicated experts of their respective fields, assisting businesses seamlessly achieve their mobile app objective. Their true endeavor of inventive excellence has been recognized by many renowned clients.

At AppSquadz Technologies, they believe in innovative thinking, building exceptional mobile experiences. Their exclusivity lies in their potent technological proficiency and best practices following mobility principles. They are a dedicated Android App Development Company in UK, collaborating with varied list of clients across the world. With a dedicated squad of Android developers, they work to bring the best possible mobile experience, serving clients in accelerating their mobility strategies.

AppSquadz Technologies is a true champion in Android app development vertical, and this is the reason that businesses of all sizes trust them. They drive innovation to help businesses realize the real power of mobility. Their “mobile-centric” strategy allows enterprises exploit the infinite potential of mobility, building valuable assets for businesses. To make sure that business productivity is seamless, the company abides with best-in-class Android development, security policies and quality leveling to global standards. AppSquadz helps their clients implement these capabilities, making them stand ahead among their opponents.

So, if you have an idea for the next Android app, AppSquadz Technologies is capable of helping you transform your idea into life. Whether your app idea is targeted to consumer market or business, they have the experience and expertise to build quality-packed Android applications at a reasonable price.


Android Apps Development

Hire Service from Top Android Application Development Company

Top Android Application Development Company

Being a top Android Application Development Company, AppSquadz Technologies don’t need any introduction. When talking about different Android application development companies, this company name always charts the list. The services offered by the AppSquadz undoubtedly are the best in class. The company accommodates industry’s best Android experts to stay ahead in the stiff competition of mobile app development.