What are the Steps to Make Apps Popular?

Everyone built with an innovative Idea, hired Top most mobile app developers and designers, and developed your Mobile app. Smartphones and their apps have today taken a high priority in everyone’s life. Today apps are varying from person mind depending on their interest, age, surroundings and Requirements. If you have a great idea for the app and you’re confident it could be popular. Every Developer dreams of experiencing the same kind of Success as apps like Instagram, Snapchat etc. Development and execution are only half the battle; marketing is only the key to make your app Success. Follow some steps to make your app Popular.

  1. A Beautiful Design can Sometimes be Complex–

    Everyone wants to create a great UI and in order to achieve that the design becomes very complex. In this case, if the implementation of the design goes difficult that not a very big issue but the same becomes difficult for user to understand, than it is really a major issue. So make your Design easy useable for users.

  2. App Icons and Colors–

    The small image that represents your app in the store is the first big chance for you to grab user’s eyeball. This is because human beings get easily and fast visual attraction. To know what users like a most, you should take a view at some of the most selling applications in an app store or Google play Search.

  3. Your App Title–

    After your icon, another important thing your customers will see is the title of your app. Always chooses those names which are easy to spell and pronounce. The name of the app can be a maximum of 255 characters and the name will be appear under your app icon on the phone can be a maximum of around 12 characters. So most descriptive words must make the start of an app name.

  4. App Store Optimization–

    ASO is simple doing of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store search results. According to Forrester, 63% of apps are disclosed through app store searches. It will play a major role for your app to rank higher.

  5. Positive Ratings and Reviews–

    Many surveys suggest that over 90% of users read reviews before buying an app. Self-select a group which is used the app regularly. It’s a better chance of positive ratings; people love free stuff and it’s better to use your app in starting make some reward for users. Try to engage social media users and their friends.

  6. Make some Improvements and Test your App–

    Make some time to spend on testing and see how your customer is satisfied or not. Get everyone to join to test your app, from your 12 year old nephew to your 70 year grandfather. Test each feature every time especially at the final time. Adhoc version need to be installed before you can test it.

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