Speaking Tree: India’s first Spiritual Social Network



Speakingtree.in is India’s first spiritual social network, where over 5,00,000 spiritual enthusiasts have embarked on their spiritual journey under the guidance of world-renowned spiritual masters like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Deepak Chopra, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Andrew Cohen, Maulana Wahiddudin Khan, etc. Spirituality means something different to everyone – for some, spirituality is about practicing religious rituals and visiting temples, churches and mosques; while for others, spirituality is far more personal, like getting in touch with their spiritual side through meditation, prayer, yoga, and mindfulness. Indeed, spirituality can release mental blocks, let ideas materialise, and make your life artful!

The App allows you to watch satsang videos, browse through good thoughts, read inspiring spiritual quotes, express views, share experiences and connect with renowned Masters to learn more about inner peace, life, spirituality and mythology.

The Daily Spiritual Dose promises to revitalize your mind and stimulate your soul!

Business Need

Our Client wanted to get an app that work on both platforms i.e iOS and Android. They wanted a user-friendly app which is easy to use and we all know competition in the app business today is so high, our testing team test our design so that users love to use simple, professional app. Constant update and improvements keep users satisfied and number of users are increasing day by day. So AppSquadz provide a online app which is user friendly.                                     

Dynamic Features

Features of Speaking Tree Android App:

  • Get spiritual thoughts
  • Daily motivational quotes
  • Watch Satsang Videos
  • Express your views & thoughts
  • Share your experiences
  • Connect to spiritual gurus for inner peace
  • Learn to meditate with Hindu gurus, saints, spiritual teacher’s
  • Learn meditation techniques
  • Inspirational & Spiritual Quotes
  • Religious verses of spiritual leaders


Everyone is want to relax sometime, but nobody have enough time to visit any yoga centre and any spiritual centre. So we provide an App i.e is very efficient to use and use for a long time. That’s why we add some masters in this app.

Some of the masters on speakingtree Spirituality app are:
– Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
– Deepak Chopra
– Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
– Andrew Cohen
– Maulana Wahiddudin and many more
– Customize alerts as per your convenience.

Relationship with AppSquadz

AppSquadz Technologies Pvt Ltd was begin the Era of mobility. Speaking Tree was one of the Premium Client, the future of the world will be high-tech. AppSquadz has been at the forefront of mobile app development. As the World class apps from our team to the client will help to strong our relationship. It presents a great opportunity for us to build innovative and intelligent applications that can solve real world Challenges. As we are not only provided apps on lower costs, we also build new innovative development Strategies. As Commitment to Quality are in our DNA as also TaxiForSure we ahead with a good understanding and maintain our dignity in the market. As Speaking Tree achieve Big Goals in Less Time.

Speaking Tree Android App is one of the Best Android App for spirituality & Spiritual thoughts on your android mobile.

Success Story

SpeakingTree.in is India’s first spiritual social network, where a large public is get together and share their views. AppSquadz main motive is to through meditation, prayer, yoga, and mindfulness. Indeed, spirituality can release mental blocks, let ideas materialise, and make your life artful!


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