Snapchat & Spotify Collaborate for Diwali Theme Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Snapchat and Spotify Collaborate for Diwali Theme Augmented Reality

Snapchat and Spotify have coupled together for the Diwali-themed Augmented Reality lens, which solely works at a single location: The Gateway of India in Mumbai. It will revive the important bend milestone as it moves- broadens, inclinations, and turns, in the particular sense- to the beats of Spotify playlists to be explicit “Diwali Shuffle”, “Diwali Drive”, or “Diwali Bash”. It acts primarily just like any other Snapchat Lens. Open Snapchat when you are close to the Gateway of India, tap on the bolstered Spotify point of convergence in the location of the convergence carousel, and after that point your camera at the milestone. It will be available for the coming next ten days until October 23 at the Gateway of India in Mumbai.


The Diwali-themed, Spotify-driven Snapchat lens is a part of Snapchat’s “Landmarker” experience which was incipiently launched in April this year with five locations. The locations are namely-

  1. The Eiffel Tower in the Paris
  2. The Buckingham Palace in London
  3. The US Capitol, Washington, D.C.
  4. The Flatiron Building in New York, and
  5. The TCL Chinese Theater, Los Angeles.

Furthermore, it then extended to India in August with Agra’s Taj Mahal and the Gateway. By growing its India-centric features, Snap Inc. wishes to see more Indian users on board. Snapchat has collaborated up with different brands for themed activations previously as well. The collaboration included HBO for Game of Thrones’ final season, and Sony Pictures for Spider-Man: Far from Home, the Marvel movie.

For those thinking about how Snapchat assembled these “Landmarker” Augmented Reality focal points, their architects didn’t visit the landmarks to make a 3D model. Preferably, said 3D models are produced using client-submitted photographs and recordings to Snapchat’s “Our Story” area, which are accumulations of a spot, occasion, or subject in addition to other things.

“We needed to outfit Spotify’s clients with an encounter that they would need to impart to companions in a split second. Along these lines the possibility of the Gateway of India in Mumbai moving to the beats of Spotify’s Diwali playlist was conceived,” Snapchat’s head of business system and promotion monetization for India, Tarika Soni, said in a readied proclamation. “This is the first-historically speaking brand coordinated effort for Snapchat’s as of late propelled ‘Landmarker’ Lens in Asia.

Snapchat clients in Mumbai will be energized and amazed by this actuation when they go to the Gateway of India to see it. This is because it has now become active as it moves the whole physical world closer to the more advanced world via Augmented Reality.” “Spotify is continually hoping to bring fun encounters upgraded by music, to buyers,” Spotify’s head of promoting for India, Neha Ahuja, included. “The AR focal point will let customers share a couple of our playlists curated for Diwali, with their friends as well as family.

As a brand, we are continually hoping to accomplish new things that keep us associated with Gen Z and the twenty to thirty-year-old, and this enactment at the Gateway of India is particularly cool since this is a first for any brand in the nation.”

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