Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be Re-Release to the Public

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The story of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 seems to be creating a turning point. Samsung has announced that it is going to re-release its much-controversial Note 7 back into the game as refurbished model. The company last year announced that it is going to dispose of the Note 7 models safely. However, now the company has revealed its plans to launch them back to the market  in a newer and safer form. This move is seems to be taken after considering the vocal environmental concerns over its earlier plans to dump all the handsets at once.

As per the company, the motive behind re-releasing refurbished devices is being done mainly to minimize any sort of environmental hazards. Furthermore, the company also stated that that the handsets won’t be brought to the US as refurbished models. The details and other information related to the product like name, specification and price will be revealed when the device is made available.

The device is expected to be launched with a battery having less capacity compared to its earlier model. This move is taken to prevent the past mistakes that the company made when rectifying the issue by calling back the models. Also, Samsung seems to be still working on those specification specifics. Undoubtedly, this is perhaps the last thing the company wants to be looking forward to with such a crucial week for them. While Samsung is all geared to announce the Galaxy S8 model on Wednesday, its first big release since the fiasco of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model.

Samsung has made these months counting for the release of its new handset implementing its newly established safety guidelines, beginning with a international press conference in which it talked about its researches and concluding with a remarkable ongoing ad campaign. Finally, the company managed to steer clear of February’s press conference protester. Well, the more about the fate about the Galaxy note 7 will be unveiled when the company officially introduces it to the public. While the safer Note 7 will hit the market soon, with the launch of Galaxy S8, Samsung will be trying to make people forget the Note 7 chapter.

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