Role of Google AMP in Developing Splendid Web Apps

Google AMP in Developing Splendid Web Applications Google AMP in Developing Splendid Web Applications

Google’s another initiative called AMP- accelerated mobile pages works by increasing the speed of the web on mobile. This platform is being used by any browser, web page and web application to improve the mobile user experience. Being an open source project launched by Google and Twitter AMP aids in faster loading of web pages, increasing their performance and mobile visibility and further improving the search engine optimization. It consists of HTML, cache libraries, JS and various extensions which make a lightweight web page. The optimized code can work on mobile devices with limited resources across any platform. The code being open-source is available at GitHub for the developers who want to benefit with Google’s research.

Various platforms like Google, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and many more are using accelerated mobile pages to enrich the mobile experience. The efficient coding of AMP has managed to exclude the factors that lead to increased time while loading the images and content on web pages. The combination of mobile pages that load quickly along with the optimized content lends a better mobile UI/UX.

Benefits of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Better speed:

The new project is aimed at curating an overall better experience for both the user and the content publisher on the mobile devices.  It delivers various ways in which the publisher can develop both rich and interactive content. With AMP, the pages load quickly, and when the user knows that the pages will load at a click’s speed, instantaneously, they tend to make more clicks and stay longer. Along with high page loading speed and better content for the users to read, the users remain a long time on the web page which further helps in generating revenues. 

The users and publishers are more satisfied. As the user gets to see what he wants then and there and the publisher gets more content views. Even the Google search engine is doing better than ever as people are happy to search more on it.

Better interaction

The protocol works by eliminating the use of CSS- external and internal style sheets and using just one style tag in the header of the document to limit the size of the style rules by 50 Kb. These limitations are meant to develop tidy pages by not loading unnecessary coding. Instead, Google provides important components like amp-img, amp-youtube, etc. Furthermore few components support animation, tweets and other app services which offer other interactive features and making web pages highly interactive.


For the smooth functioning of the code with Google’s new project, it provides a validator that checks if the code is easily understood and used. The AMP will point put as to where the code breaks the rules to code in AMP framework. The validator is assigned to make sure that the code doesn’t include CSS or third-party codes so that the pages always load faster.


Google’s new project understands that many of the websites are run for advertisement as they generate revenue. Therefore, it is no way trying to get rid of the ad played on sites. It works by making sure that the website using AMP will load the content first than any ad.


The usage of mobile devices has become common in everyone’s life. AMP is an essential tool that helps web pages to gain ranking and their search-ability increase on mobile web. Its well-organized codes are lightweight and easy to maintain. Our mobile app development company will customize your web pages according to your choice. Our app developers have a proper understanding of AMP development technologies.

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