How to Re-download Old Images & Videos on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is an essential part of our ordinary verbal exchange, and any loss of statistics is tremendously irritating. Losing your WhatsApp photos and videos is sort of a nightmare. However fantastically it happens often than you realize, and restoring these deleted WhatsApp snapshots and WhatsApp videos is not smooth until you have a strong answer like a Re-download image and videos on WhatsApp.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp images/pictures selectively on iPhone?

There is a couple of recovery software to be had in the market. However, to get the validated results, you need to attempt dr. fone – recovery (iOS), the arena’s 1st iPhone and iPad statistics recovery software. This software gives entire solution for the repair and restoration of deleted records which includes contacts notes, messages, pix or even WhatsApp facts from an iPhone or iPad.

Immediately get deleted WhatsApp pics from iPhone

  1. Download dr.fone and release it in your laptop, and click on recover.
  2. Connect your iPhone for your pc thru a USB cable, then choose to get better iPhone records.
  3. Tick “WhatsApp & Attachments”.
  4. Click on “begin experiment” to scan the deleted WhatsApp images.
  5. While scanning completed, the recovered items will seem in categories.
  6. Pick the items you need to get better and click on “recover to laptop”.

Repair Deleted WhatsApp pictures/pictures from iTunes Backup

Step 1: download & launch dr.fone – recover (iOS)

  • Download and launch the software program, click Recover.
  • Choose to get better iOS records and then pick get over iTunes Backup document tab.
  • All of the iTunes backup documents in your pc could be displayed.
  • Select the folder containing your deleted WhatsApp photos.

Step 2: WhatsApp pix Recovery

  • When the process has concluded, review the data and choose the WhatsApp files you want to recover.
  • Tick on “Recover” to save the file to your computer.
  • You could additionally immediately keep them for your iPhone.
  • Now you can Re-download image and videos through WhatsApp.

Recover deleted WhatsApp pictures/videos Selectively on Android

Step 1: Don’t Overwrite

  • while you lose WhatsApp information, do not overwrite it. Never update documents or ship messages else, you may lose the facts all the time.

Step 2: download and release dr.Fone – get better (Android)

  • download and install the software in your pc
  • connect your Android Apps tool to your pc the usage of a USB cable.

Step 3: Debug the device

  • permit debugging of your Android tool.
  • For debugging, follow the instructions of dr. Fone – recover (Android).

Recover WhatsApp pics from Backup (Android)

Usually, we accidentally delete photos and regret later. But, you do not need to feel dissatisfied approximately the lost gadgets as you could get better them the use of car-backup that WhatsApp creates every time you use it.

The simple technique just requires uninstalling and re-putting in of WhatsApp to your phone. This can enable WhatsApp to get better all of the deleted records using car-backup. Check out the easy steps to accomplish the assignment in no time.

Step 1: Uninstall WhatsApp from your device

Step 2: Re-install WhatsApp for your device

Step 3: click “repair” when requested.

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